That Stunning Madonna Layout

mad harpers 7001

Yesterday’s return of the Madonna Timeline is fortuitously timed to coincide with her latest Harper’s Bazaar cover story. It’s easily her best photo shoot in years, reminiscent of her ‘Bedtime Stories’ period, with a lace-filled, bead-addled soft sensuality that revels in its own sumptuous beauty. This is the Madonna that many of us like best – gorgeous, sexy, and slightly provocative, with a feel that’s both new and nostalgic. It’s a tough hat trick to pull off, yet she’s been doing it for three decades. There are tantalizing hints of a new album, but the new movie she’s set to direct (‘Loved’) sounds like it will be her next creative endeavor.

There’s an exquisite video snippet of this photo shoot that Madonna recently posted as well, and it’s insanely beautiful. She remains, as ever, her own living work of art. I love when she embraces her glamorous side. There is enough ugliness in the world today. We need beauty. We need art. We need a government with a heart!

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