It Was New Year’s Eve…

And it was my fault for asking Suzie to bring the hats and party favors. Luckily she brought some fun boys too, and somewhere between the fondue and pistachio cake a good time was had by all. Our traditionally-eclectic New Year’s Eve menu consisted of the aforementioned Savoyarde fondue, and then a joint-main course of kimchi fried rice (topped by a perfectly-fried egg, courtesy of Suzie’s special pan) and a bowl of home-made pho (courtesy of eight hours of simmering).

This is the third year in a row that we’ve spent in such quiet, pre-midnight fashion, and I find myself enjoying this sort of evening much more than a wild and crazy party that would have us out until 1 AM. Old(er) age does that I guess, and I’m not sorry that it’s so.

Besides, I can’t wear this hat out in public. The balloon makes it too unwieldly.

Plus I’d be afraid a strong gust would blow me away Mary Poppins-style.

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