Merry Christmas! (With Links for the Lonely)

Last Christmas sucked for me, so I’m heading into this day with zero expectations of holiday merriment. I find the years in which I expect nothing end up being filled with happy surprises, or at least the absence of disappointment and sadness, which at this point would be more than fine. For those who find themselves alone, or surrounded by people who don’t understand or care to get you, here is a link of holiday links that run the gamut from fun and frothy to doleful and serious, with some sexy Santas thrown in for good measure. After an early Christmas lunch with the twins (the rushed schedule one of the joys of a post-divorce family) Andy and I will come back home and have some idle time on our hands. I will likely jump into cleaning mode (the New Year always makes me antsy as to getting things cleaned up) but I may find myself looking for something to read. If you’re in the same boat, allow me to offer the following links to keep you in (and sometimes out of) the holiday spirit.

One of the very first ‘holiday’ posts I ever did here was this memory of my favorite Christmas decoration – a miniature mouse house. Efforts are underway to create an updated version, but my brother is involved so it won’t happen until next year at the earliest.

Her Mr. DJ, put a Christmas record on!

I hear those sleigh bells jingling

Holiday Card 2011.

The ox and lamb kept time.

Christmas with my brother, because that’s what it’s all about.

Ghosts of holidays past.

Deco World.

Through the holiday portal.

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

This was part of the second Holiday Stroll with Kira, I believe, which, according to my best calculations, began in 2011.

Believe in your dreams come what may.

Santa porn.

Even if Christmas is about the children.

I prefer white lights for Christmas trees, but since Andy is charge of the thing he gets his choice. Usually, except in the case of this particular Christmas, when I put them on myself and made perhaps the prettiest tree we’ve ever had.

“I really am a mean and despicable creature at heart. It’s so difficult to really change.

When Andy was Santa, and I sat on his lap.

Some traditions last only a few years.

Some posts are timeless.

Some holidays bring tears to the eyes.

Christmas is all about the sparkle.

The Holiday Stroll 2013 – Part One and Part Two.

Sexy Santa.

Solitary Wintersong.

Holiday Card 2013.

A Madonna holiday.

A year without a Christmas… tree.

A Christmas bear.

A Christmas waltz.

Holiday Card 2014.

The Holiday Stroll 2014.

Fall on your knees.

When family doesn’t comfort you on Christmas… you find new ways to dream.

A Christmas song not forgotten.

All this time I’ve been… Snoopy?

Holiday Renaissance in Boston.

Holiday Parties of the Past.

Holiday Card 2015.

The Holiday Stroll 2015 – Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

And this year’s newest event: the Boston Holiday Children’s Hour. Because sometimes you have to make your own families, which doesn’t diminish the holiday love in the least.

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