The Most Shocking Holiday Card of Them All

I never thought I’d see the day when I shared top-billing with a couple of babies, but everyone was right – it’s different when they’re related to you, and you look into their eyes and see a little bit of your childhood, a potent blast from the past, and a thrilling peek into the future. This was taken over the summer, on one of my first babysitting attempts. They sat in that Radio Flyer as I pulled them all around the backyard and the block, content to watch and ride in the summer sun.

The sweetness of blooming privet hedges floated in the air, and the breeze was light and cool. Ahead of us the summer sprawled onward, with its promise of carefree laziness and hazy laughter – the promise of a new pair of childhoods being borne out upon the same backyard where my brother and I used to play.

There was no other image I wanted to conjure or create that would so perfectly encapsulate the year, and what I held most dear, than this one. We’ll return to our regularly-scheduled raunchiness and debauchery in 2012. For now, let there be peace and wonder.

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