Our Christmas Tree

This is our Christmas tree for 2012. It’s usually done with colored lights, but I begged and pleaded that Andy let us do it in white lights to match the rest of the decorations this year. Before he had a chance to answer, I strung it myself. It’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. Personally, I think it’s just as lovely, and much brighter than usual. Next year he can go back to the full-color version since the tree is usually his thing.

While trimming the tree used to be my favorite thing to do, since I grew up, I stopped bothering with it. I’m not sure why. Sometimes the things we think will be the last to go are the first to be forgotten. When I lived in Boston I never had a Christmas tree, not even a tiny Charlie Brown version – it just seemed like too much work for such a small thing.

If I were to end up in Boston again, I would most definitely get a tree for the holidays. In fact, the last time I was in town I was tempted to get one for the condo just for the scant weekends I’d be there this month. (Kira rightly argued against it.)

No matter what else is going on in the world, waking to the smell of a fresh Christmas tree in the living room will always make things just a little better. That’s something that will never go away.

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