Let It Snow! Let It Blow! The Holiday Card 2014

“And the mist of snow, as he had foreseen, was still on it – a ghost of snow falling in the bright sunlight, softly and steadily floating and turning and pausing, soundlessly meeting the snow that covered, as with a transparent mirage, the bare bright cobbles. He loved it – he stood still and loved it. Its beauty was paralyzing – beyond all words, all experience, all dream. No fairy-story he had ever read could be compared with it – none had ever given him this extraordinary combination of ethereal loveliness with a something else, unnameable, which was just faintly and deliciously terrifying.” ~ Conrad Aiken, “Silent Snow, Secret Snow”

This year’s holiday card takes its theme from my hair: white. Blow and go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. That’s right, I’ve gone all blustery and Whitney on you, but for theatrical purposes only. (I made an alibi video of how the card was created in case Andy decided to press any sort of charges on the drug cartel in his basement. Let’s just say Arm & Hammer was the sole supplier for all the supposed fun.)

This sets the stage for next year’s tour, so if you don’t like what you see here, come back at some point in 2016 because it’s only going to get rockier. Sometimes you have to go dark to see the light. Happy Holidays!!!

“Just why it should have happened, or why it should have happened just when it did, he could not, of course, possibly have said; nor perhaps could it even have occurred to him to ask. The thing was above all a secret, something to be preciously concealed from Mother and Father; and to that very fact it owed an enormous part of its deliciousness. It was like a peculiarly beautiful trinket to be carried unmentioned in one’s trouser-pocket – a rare stamp, an old coin, a few tiny gold links found trodden out of shape on the path in the park, a pebble of carnelian, a sea shell distinguishable from all others by an unusual spot or stripe-and, as if it were anyone of these, he carried around with him everywhere a warm and persistent and increasingly beautiful sense of possession. Nor was it only a sense of possession – it was also a sense of protection. It was as if, in some delightful way, his secret gave him a fortress, a wall behind which he could retreat into heavenly seclusion.” ~ Conrad Aiken, “Silent Snow, Secret Snow”

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