Holiday Decorations Not Seen Since the 90’s

holiday dec001

The last time I decorated the Boston condo for the holidays was way back in the late 90’s. Yes, it was another millennium ago. It must have been for a Christmas party I was hosting when I lived in Boston at the time. Since then, I haven’t been at the condo enough to justify any sort of holiday decorating, but that changed this year when I got back into the spirit for the Holiday Stroll (recap of that is forthcoming). It will also come into play this weekend, when I head back to Boston to host a Holiday Children’s Hour for Suzie’s and Alissa’s children. [Operative word: hour.] I’ve been told it’s ridiculous to expect kids to adhere to a deadline of an hour, but that’s why kids are so unruly. No follow-up or follow-through. I can do both. Not that I plan on it. This holiday season I’m surprisingly mellow. (It may have something to do with this persistent cough that I can’t shake. You’d be surprised how much less I care about when my sole goal is to make it through a work meeting without coughing my lungs up. Perspective.)

This time the decorating has definitely put me in the Christmas spirit, and I’m actually looking forward to having a couple of excited kids opening gifts and drinking hot cocoa (with mini-marshmallows if Suzie remembers to bring them) in the condo for an hour. It’s a cozy space, and I’ve decked it out as splendidly (if simply) as the small environs allow. Maybe we’ll do more next year, for now this will have to suffice.

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