A Big, Belated B-day Wish for Ben

We missed a very big birthday here a few days ago, and I feel terribly about it because the recipient was gracious enough to offer me a birthday feet when I begged for it. This is my homage to Ben Cohen to make up for it, and to wish him a very Happy, if belated, Birthday! He turned 37 years young on Monday, just a few weeks (ok, and several years) after me.

Mr. Cohen, as a devastatingly handsome straight ally and rugby star, has garnered quite a few posts over the years, and here’s another notch on that bedpost in honor of his birthday. To my disappointed knowledge, Ben Cohen has never done any serious nudity, but he’s been kind enough to offer glimpses of what he’s got in several calendar and underwear shoots, so I’m not complaining. Just cajoling. Nudging. Hinting. Ben Cohen’s full monty would be a lovely Christmas gift idea. Ben Cohen’s naked butt might be even better. Whichever he may deign to do in the near or far future, we’ll love it all.

In the meantime, for other sorts of revelations, I’ll be checking out his recently-released autobiography, ‘Carry Me Home’. He’s got several moving stories, and lots of inspiration, not to mention the fact that he’s simply a good guy. Sounds simple, but they’re getting to be a rare breed. Thank you, Ben, for being an ally, a hero, and a force of hope for a better world.

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