Smells Sexy Like Ben Cohen

Nobody told me that Ben Cohen had a new cologne out, not even the man himself, and we’re usually relatively tight. (Hey, the guy wishes me Happy Birthday when it’s my birthday!) I have seriously mixed feelings about this venture, however, as much as I am enamored with the man whose pretty face graces the bottle. I don’t know how it was produced, or who Mr. Cohen worked with, so there’s a chance it could be wonderful. Sarah Jessica Parker made her debut celebrity fragrance into something that was both popular with the masses and more than a few perfume connoisseurs, but that is the rare exception. For every lovely Parker, there’s some gaudy and god-awful Britney Spears massacre.

David Beckham has a few scents out there, none of which I’ve sampled. (For some reason I never think to sample cologne when I’m in a CVS.) Personally, I think it’s much safer to simply be the face of the product, rather than put yourself out there as the creator and namesake. (Think Nick Youngquest and Scott Eastwood. Be the face, not the name.) The arena into which Cohen spritzes his stuff is sacred ground, and for someone who worships at the altar of Tom Ford and bows down before Hermes and Amouage, it’s going to take a lot to impress. That is nothing against Mr. Cohen.

To give you an idea of how fussy I am when it comes to fragrance, I didn’t even like Madonna’s ‘Truth or Dare’ perfume enough to purchase it for myself, and I pretty much like everything she’s done. (I’ve got a goddamned children’s book she once wrote as proof. FYI, ‘Sex’ was a much better read.)

But until I try Ben Cohen on for myself (and I am anxiously awaiting a personal invite, ahem), I’ll zip my lips and simply enjoy him wearing it, with preferably nothing else.

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