Manscaping by Ben Cohen

ben cohen groom 1

I can think of no one more brilliant than Ben Cohen to come out with a few male grooming products. Mr. Cohen has been celebrated for his hirsute hotness, but even the hottest guys need a bit of manscaping from time to time. To that end, he’s offering a line of grooming products to help the hairier among us to keep things under control. (I’m all for a natural look, but there are limits to how much hair actually looks good. If you can braid it, it’s got to go.) Sadly, these grooming tools are not yet available on these shores, which is another reason to go to London. Perhaps I can persuade Mr. Cohen to send me a sample so I can test it out for the American market and do a proper write-up. It’s the least I can do.

Actually, scratch that – if I ever get in touch with Ben Cohen it will be to request a pair of his underwear. (Not his actual underwear, but a pair from his underwear line. Oh who am I kidding?)

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