A Brief Ben Cohen Encapsulation

He’s probably overtaken David Beckham as the favorite son of this blog, in no small part thanks to photos like these, which manage to capture huskiness and sexiness and manliness in one fell swoop. Not that Mr. Beckham doesn’t still do so, but not in quite the same straight-ally form. For that, we are forever grateful and appreciative.

Ben Cohen has been a stalwart presence here, and he’s got a new calendar about to be released, one which contains his first-ever centerfold. How we ever survived without a centerfold before this blows my mind, but that’s the effect Mr. Cohen has had on most of us over the years. Let’s just be thankful that it’s here now.

As for his previous appearances here on this site, allow me to direct you to the only ones you need to view: this definitive pictorial, and this more resonant straight ally piece. Between the two you’ll find more than enough fodder for whatever you had in mind.

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