Presidential Recap

Today is a day off from work, so I’ll likely be home puttering about and sleazing across Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. A couple of years ago I did an entire day of live blog posts, with photos taken at each stage, and descriptions given of every minute. That was a bit much – as tedious for me as it probably was for you. I may try it again in slightly easier form, but today is not that day. I’m sleeping in, but here’s a recap of the past week and its mid-winter/mid-February insanity.

Kicking off the week was a brilliant performance by Kristin Chenoweth at Proctors Theatre. She knows about Popular.

I decided to bite the shameless bullet and post what I wore to The Gay Soiree. I still love it.

We put the new kitchen to its first major test, with this Vietnamese chicken curry, in preparation for a fun weekend with Josie. We need the company, and the talks.

I think I’m gonna love this.

The Olympics got sexy with the likes of Christof Innerhofer, Jeremy Abbott, Louis Smith, and Gus Kenworthy.

It was Valentine’s Day, but I decided to go a different route than usual.

The Madonna Timeline returned with one of my very first favorite songs.

So ten years, what’s… what’s the big deal?

Various other hunks took off their shirts to keep things warm and toasty, beginning with Darren Criss, continuing with Andrew Christian, Marco Dapper,  and a naked Dan Osborne  (bonus shot with a Speedo-clad Tom Daley)before finishing with a healthy bit of shirtless Ben Cohen. (Oh, and a few more shots of Dan Osborne/Tom Daley in their skimpy swim attire.)

Sometimes you have to let the words fall out.

And for those looking for a holiday treat, I’ll show off my ass in the next post. Anything for Mr. President.

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