Inhabiting the Moment

On JoAnn’s visit here this past weekend, we got around to discussing the way we lead our lives, and she mentioned that she needed to learn how to take things as they came, rather than being constantly concerned about what is next. I have the same issue, living in the future as opposed to the present. Every once in a while I’ll catch myself, force myself to slow down and admire that instant, make the most of that moment, and I can do it. Whether that’s sitting down in silence to have a piece of Scottish shortbread and a cup of tea, or turning off the stereo and pausing to look out over the winter landscape in silence. Those brief calming moments of quiet are too few and far between, and I’m trying to elongate and spread them out so much that they become a way of life. It would bring a sense of peace to things.

Both JoAnn and I need to focus less on what is about to happen, on what may or may not happen, and experience what is happening. A plunge into the present moment. A realization of the here and now. A connection to this world.

We belong.

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