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Hunk of the Day: Timmy Thok

timmy thok 101

Born in Thailand, Timmy Thok is a Cambodian and Thai model who recently added Andrew Christian to his roster. His family came to America – to my beloved Boston no less – to escape war, and this country has been a little cuter ever since. His work with Mr. Christian involves public appearances, so be sure to watch out for him at a hot event where the preferable wardrobe is nothing but a pair of underwear.

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Hunk of the Day: Ruben Baars

Ruben Baars 101

Today’s fitter-than-fit Hunk of the Day hails from Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Ruben Baars has been working out since he was 17, which should come as no surprise. To be honest, I thought he came out of the va-jay-jay with a barbell in hand, so honed to perfection is his physique. He’s been modeling since 2008, which makes him a veteran of the smoldering gaze exemplified here.

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Hunk of the Day: Ludan Theron

ludan theron 001

His motto is, “Whatever the mind can believe and conceive, the mind can achieve.” Though for most of you, the mind is the last thing you are considering when gazing upon the form of Hunk of the Day Ludan Theron. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Mr. Theron was discovered by a photographer who immediately shot him in the model’s own home. Since then he’s made a name for himself in the modeling world, conveying innocence, charm, playfulness, desire, sensuality and vulnerability in a single pose.

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Hunk of the Day: Warren Carlyle

Warren Carlyle 001

Long a champion of the hairy and hirsute, this blog is happy to present Warren Carlyle as the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Carlyle has a pretty patch of chest hair that works wondrously on film, playing up shadows and leading the eye to other patches of beauty. Like fellow hairy hunks Ben Cohen and Jared Allman, Carlyle is leading the way back to a gorgeous masculinity that almost went by the wayside in the 90′s and 00′s. Let us return to a more natural form, to a more mature notion of handsomeness, and let Mr. Carlyle lead the way. Check out more of him at his website

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Hunk of the Day: Sacha M’baye

Sacha M'baye 100

Summer may be drawing to its close, but not before a few more days of hotness, exemplified by Hunk of the Day Sacha M’baye, who made a splash in a recent H&M ad campaign. I have an H&M swimsuit, but I don’t look nearly as good in mine as Mr. M’baye looks in his. As a wise woman once said upon discovering that her crush was married, “That’s one of life’s little fuck-overs.” Amen.


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Hunk of the Day: Nate Gill

nate gill 101

First things first: Hunk of the Day Nate Gill was born a few days AFTER Madonna released her ‘Like A Prayer’ album in 1989. Yeah, 1989. For a 40-year-old like myself, that’s just inconceivable, but conceived he was, and out he came. Cut to a couple of decades later and he’s your Hunk of the Day. Mr. Gill, congratulations. You came about in a very good year. Of course, it took the magic of Bruce Weber and his work for the Abercrombie catalogs to put Mr. Gill on the male modeling map. I used to dream of being photographed by Mr. Weber, but such dreams were not to be… I digress. It’s not 1989 anymore. There’s a new regime of hotness now, headed up by Gill himself.

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Hunk of the Day: Jess Vill

jess vill 101

Maybe it loses something in the translation, but ‘Mister Men France 2014′ lacks the punch its holder has, so here’s a Hunk of the Day honor for Jess Vill to make it all better. Mr. Vill clearly has a lucrative modeling career before (and behind) him so he doesn’t need the support of my little website, but everyone loves some good old-fashioned ego-stroking. Congrats to Dear Jess.

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Hunk of the Day: Kelly Kilpatrick

Kelly Kilpatrick 100

There’s something endearing about a young man who is so openly honest about wanting to better himself, to be more than where he came from, more than the sum of his parts, that it only adds to the appeal of an already-physically-fit specimen like Kelly Kilpatrick. Currently represented by Crew Models International, Mr. Kilpatrick used modeling as a means to advance into worlds his upbringing would never have allowed. He’s largely succeeded, having been featured in numerous ads around the globe, and now looks poised to conquer his next adventure in fine form. Congrats to Kilpatrick on being named Hunk of the Day.


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Hunk of the Day: Ellis McCreadie

Ellis McCreadie 01

Unlike some fame-hungry media-whores who will do anything and everyone for attention (I won’t mention any Kardashians), the most effective models are those who don’t dominate with their off-screen antics. Naomi Campbell notwithstanding, a successful modeling career seems to be built on variety and reinvention, and the tricky ability to be the physically-perfect embodiment of who we most want to be. That requires a certain blank-slate aspect, combined with beauty, and that’s a tough fine-line to straddle. Luckily for us, Hunk of the Day Ellis McCreadie knows how to straddle things. See below.

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Hunk of the Day: Genaro Perez

Genaro Perez0

Represented by Red Models New York, this is Hunk of the Day Genaro Perez. A male model for the new world, Mr. Perez strikes a few stunning poses and obliterates mundane notions of masculine beauty. I like a model who challenges conventions, especially when it’s done in such a gorgeously elegant manner. Displaying an uncanny ability to morph into looks of stunning breadth and variety, Mr. Perez carries a chameleonic calling card that should cement his growing status in the modeling world.

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Hunk of the Day: Jake Jensen

jake jensen 001

Here is a male model who has not gone too crazy with the plucking and manscaping that has flattened the once-far-more-varied landscape of the ideal of male beauty. The hirsute among us seem to making a comeback of sorts when it comes to mainstream appeal, and soon the hairless perfectly-pumped bodies that America has been placing on its pedestal of late will be on the way out. One gorgeous specimen bridging the two worlds is Jake Jensen, and here he is as Hunk of the Day.

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Hunk of the Day: Joshua Joles

joshua joles 100

Hailing from the heat of Phoenix, Arizona, Hunk of the Day Joshua Joles honed his body to its model-perfect form initially through some serious hockey-playing. Heat and ice are a lethal combination, as evidenced by these chiseled muscles and blushing cheeks. I don’t know if it’s more dangerous to be in front of the blinding lights of a flash bulb or gliding across the ice in protective armor. Both have their risks, both have their glories.

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Hunk of the Day: Norbi Novak

norbi novak 00

New York City male model Norbi Novak has a fun name and a killer physique, and beyond that does it even matter anymore? Here is Mr. Novak taking his first bow as Hunk of the Day, an honor bestowed upon those with exceptional beauty in some way, shape or form, or all of the above in this particular case.

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Hunk of the Day: Kevin Baker

kevin baker 1000

For Kevin Bacon, there should be a new game: six degrees of Kevin Baker. He’s the Hunk of the Day, and in this black and white photo collection he proves he can bring home his own brand of bacon with a sultry gaze and subtle pout. A male model with a rumored NSFW video past (the greatest kind of guilty there is), Mr. Baker brings a chiseled glow to his portfolio. As I’ve always said, if you can’t take the heat, get away from the Baker.

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Hunk of the Day: Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco 100
Confession: I’ve never watched an episode of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ If this is the show that Tyra Banks hosts, then I’ve seen the clip of her lashing out at a model who she feels isn’t performing at her best (a wee bit frightened of Ms. Banks at this point), but aside from that viral plague I’ve managed to miss out on most of this show. Bad gay, I guess. Nyle DiMarco, the Hunk of the Day, may turn that around. (Well, I’ll probably just watch clips again, but it’s something.) Mr. DiMarco is the show’s first deaf contestant, but that’s sort of beside the point when you’ve got a perfect patch of chest hair as this guy has. At any rate, it’s good to see someone with a disability so gorgeously represented on television.
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