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Hunk of the Day: Derek Yates

Derek Yates 1

In addition to his work as an actor and model, and his interest in fitness and design, Derek Yates is also vying to be Ellen’s gardener. (I would too, but it would be on merit rather than fitness. I know flowers, but I don’t know how to say no to dessert.) Mr. Yates can add Hunk of the Day to his laurels, and rest on that for a while.

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Hunk of the Day: Josh Kloss (And Some Pretty Friends)

josh kloss 1001

There have been many a male model featured here of late, and of always. It’s just the sort of guy candy for which this site has, for better or worse, become known. A quick list of former featured pretty men includes the following:

Today’s honor, however, goes to Josh Kloss, a model who also dabbles in acting and directing. Introducing Mr. Kloss, who turns the black and white into full-blown color. Just watch…

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Hunk of the Day: Diego Furoni

Diego Furoni 102

Brazilian male model Diego Furoni has been nicknamed “Bunda Grande” based on his ample assets. I’ll let you look that up if you are so inclined. Mostly, though, he’s just here to look pretty as the Hunk of the Day. If we can objectify women like we do, it is this blog’s aim to equalize the world by doing the same to men. We are nothing if not noble about it.

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Hunk of the Day: Keith Carlos

keith carlos 101

An American football player (wide receiver no less) and a competing member on ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ (which seems to be producing a bumper crop of Hunks of the Day) this is Keith Carlos. It’s always a thrill to see a sportsman doing some modeling work. (Hello David Beckham, Ben Cohen, and a naked Nick Youngquest.) It makes sense too, as when someone is good at a sport, they’ve usually got the body for modeling work. Mr. Carlos is further proof of this.

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Hunk of the Day: Tarik Kaljanac

Tarik Kaljanac

Bosnian male model and fitness trainer Tarik Kaljanac heads up this Hunk of the Day feature, and proves that a hint of male nudity is always hotter than the whole enchilada. Not that anyone would mind seeing Kaljanac’s whole enchilada, but there are other sites where you can find that. Contrary to popular belief, this site has never been all that NSFW. However, labels will be labels, and male models will be male models, and I’m not sorry any of it is so. Mr. Kaljanac came to prominence in 2010 when he was named victor in a Mr. Universe Model contest.


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Hunk of the Day: Joey Chanlin

joey chanlin 100

Male model Joey Chanlin flexes his muscles and is anointed Hunk of the Day for this 6th of November. Mr. Chanlin currently resides in San Francisco, CA, where he models as if to the manner born. Such poise and confidence are to be expected from a specimen of such honed perfection, and such beauty can make the world sigh in appreciation.

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Hunk of the Day: Matthew Smith

matthew smith 101

I’m a bad gay in a lot of ways. Let’s begin with the television I watch, or don’t watch, as the case may be. I’ve never seen an episode of ‘Project Runway‘ or ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ or ‘The X Factor.’ But certain moments from those shows do reach my sheltered eyes, such as the Hunk of the Day, Matthew Smith. I’ll bet you’re glad that I don’t live in a complete shoe-box, and that something as incandescent as Mr. Smith makes it into my darkest nether regions. I digress…

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The Fine, Fine, Super-Fine Philip Fusco

phil fusco 202

Fan favorite Philip Fusco fills out these photos quite finely, and looks even more fit out of uniform. To that end, there are a few of him fittingly in nude form as well. Mr. Fusco has made quite a splash on this site in a short amount of time – and I’m making up for years of not featuring him with a rash of posts that started with this gratuitously grand entry here, and his initial Hunk of the Day honor here.

Thus far no one has complained about the sexy excess. Come back for more. Also, be sure to check out Mr. Fusco’s own website at PhilCity ~ where fitness, health, and lifestyle come together in one explosively sexy arena.

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An Epic Hunk of the Day: Philip Fusco

phil fusco 001

After being unblissfully unaware of Philip Fusco, this blog has certainly made up for it in the last week, culminating with today’s official crowning of Mr. Fusco as Hunk of the Day. Earlier, you got to see his very first pictorial here, and a couple of days later he was the face (and more notably the body) of a weekly recap. Based on the reactions, he may be the next David Beckham or Tom Daley of these parts, with his very own Category. (Lest anyone think we’re going overboard too soon, he’s nowhere near Madonna territory, so relax.) As for this post, here’s to the first of the Fusco Hunk features – there likely will be more.

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Hunk of the Day: Lance Parker – Once Bitten, Twice Guy

Lance Parker 1

The title of this post refers to the fact that this marks Lance Parker’s second appearance as Hunk of the Day. That’s a rare honor, but Mr. Parker appears worthy of the second coronation. Those tan lines are worth a second look too. (I credit Tom Ford and Paul Richmond equally for my love of a good tan line.)

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A Gratuitous Philip Fusco Pictorial

philip fusco 100

Perhaps he should have been crowned Hunk of the Day (as he hasn’t yet been so honored) but for now this is just an introductory post to Philip Fusco, because sometimes things have to be earned (or at least timed to promote a project of Mr. Fusco’s choosing should he deign to reach out to me.) I think that on a lazy October Saturday, this should be more than ample homage to Fusco, and to his back and front.

Jury’s out on which is his finest asset. Your thoughts? Opinions? Requests? We’re open to all. (And though Victoria Beckham has compared her husband’s appendage to an exhaust pipe, Mr. Fusco may be giving Mr. Beckham a run for his plumbing.)

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Underwear by Calvin Klein

ck underwear 100

Long before David Beckham took off his trousers for H&M, before Cristiano Ronaldo disrobed for Armani, before Ben Cohen stood up in his briefs, there was only one underwear giant in the game: Calvin Klein. The male model who happened to be fronting the brand became a celebrity solely through this Calvinization. When you got Kleined, you got it all. (See Marky Mark’s transformation into Mark Wahlberg.) Here’s a look at some of the notable names who have filled out the bulges of Mr. Klein’s briefs.

In the beginning was Marky Mark himself, whose 90′s ads with Kate Moss set the tone for the decade. Raw, minimalist, moody, and brooding, these were a far cry from the original bright blue sky background of Mr. Klein’s early underwear ads. As such, they struck an iconic chord, one which reverberates to this day.

Antonio Sabato, Jr. brought back the smile, and the sexiness, but never quite moved beyond the modeling gig to anything substantial. Still, his body of work endures.

Travis Fimmel and his long haired grungy looks closed out the decade in fine form, even if he wasn’t quite my type. There’s someone for everyone.

Freddie Ljungberg, a Swedish footballer, brought some sport back to the underwear game, a precursor for the David Beckham craze to come.

Jamie Dornan may be doffing any sort of underwear for his racy role in ’50 Shades of Grey’ but a few years ago he kept them on for a stint as Calvin’s bulge boy.

Kellan Lutz filled those boxers briefs a short while ago, but by then Mr. Klein and his underwear line had become one of many. While Calvin Klein remains a potent force in the underwear world, new and fresher upstarts like Andrew Christian have stolen a bit of that thunder. It may take someone like Tom Brady to put Mr. Klein back on the map. But don’t count Klein out yet…

Even though he’s not officially a model yet, Nick Jonas made his first splash as an adult by flaunting his body in a pair of Calvins, harkening back to Mr. Wahlberg’s very first crotch-grab.

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Hunk of the Day: David Terzian

David Terzian0

Sometimes you don’t have to do much to make a big impact.

Sometimes you don’t have to move mountains or change the world.

Sometimes you just have to stand still and look beautiful and the world changes for you.

Sometimes the Hunk of the Day, as in the case of David Terzian, can be a mirror for whatever you want or need to see. That’s the point of a male model, reflecting light and dark, joy and pain, pleasure and masochism - and all in such wondrous poses.

The audience is left to make its own decisions and judgments.” ~ Madonna

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Hunk of the Day: Colin Brazeau

Colin Jerel Brazeau0

This is one special Hunk of the Day, not solely for purposes of beauty and physical attraction, but in education and well-roundedness. (He plays the viola – and quite well.) Colin Brazeau is a student working on his B.A. in Communication Studies with a certificate in Classical Viola Music Performance and a focus in French Language and Literature at Northwestern University. How many of us have done even one of those things? Even more impressive is his LinkedIn profile, in which his pursuits are expounded thusly:

His overall program of research focuses on the impact that the new wave of Online Social Media has had on adolescent social behavior. More specifically he examines the changes in levels of narcissism, co-dependency, and overall self-image with increased Social Networking Site usage.

Finally, someone who’s studying something with relevance to today’s world. I can’t wait to see what his research uncovers.

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Hunk of the Day: Joross Gamboa

joross gamboa 1

I’d never heard the name ‘Joross’ before, so perhaps Filipino actor and model Joross Gamboa can put it on the map. (It sounds a bit like something out of a Superman film, but I digress.) As the Hunk of the Day, Mr. Gamboa represents all sorts of hunky good things, and for those who like a little armpit action the featured photo is for you. (Yes you, because we know all about your quirks and peccadilloes.)

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