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Hunk of the Day: Hector Peña

Hector Peña100

Introducing Hector Peña, the Hunk of the Day. I love him because in some of these shots he’s got a tummy like mine, and it gives me hope. Not that there’s anything wrong with Mr. Peña’s belly (or mine, thank you very much) but in the relentlessly-perfect standards of the gay community, we are pretty much all considered fat. It would matter more to me if it, well, mattered more.

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Hunk of the Day: Daisuke Ueda

Daisuke Ueda

Japanese male model Daisuke Ueda is the Hunk of the Day. Male Asian models have long been a rarity, but that’s changing in  as more and more have been strutting the global runway. Diversity is a good thing, and that’s one goal that this blog has always tried to achieve. Mr. Ueda manages to be look both innocent and wise beyond his years, pure and devilish all at once. That kind of chameleonic magic bodes well for a model.

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Hunk of the Day: Darrell Thomas

darrell thomas by tom cullis 101

The relationship between photographer and model has long been a symbiotic one. Like the sea anemone and clownfish, they need each other – perhaps not vitally, but in ways that no other can provide. I’m not sure who’s who in that analogy – and even the sea version has its dose of tension (the sea anemone does sting the clown fish that it’s protecting, it’s just that the clownfish has its own protective coating that prevents them from feeling the sting.) But I digress under the sea when it’s the model and photographer above the water who capture our attention in this post.

Darrell Thomas is the model (and Hunk of the Day), and Tom Cullis is the photographer. When the artist and the muse come together in such perfect alchemy, the magic is palpable, and the results, as seen here, are momentous. It’s not enough to look as perfect as Mr. Thomas does, one must have a way of capturing the light in just the right way, of eliciting just the right pose and posture, and that’s the province of Mr. Cullis. The body of work they crafted here is a testament to beauty and creation and collaboration. It’s the sort of thing that inspires me over and over again, and never fails to make me want to attempt to do something this gorgeous.

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Hunk of the Day: Sesamir Yearby

Sesamir Yearby 1001

We briefly interrupt the family vacation recap in the form of the Hunk of the Day, since some of you have been getting as antsy as a four-year-old in a fancy restaurant. Hailing from the Midwest, male model Sesamir Yearby brings a bit of American beefcake to this eve of our independence. Shirtless Americana, so to speak, and I can’t think of a better way to show off some proverbial fireworks. As Hunk of the Day, Mr. Yearby has a lot to uphold, but he is clearly up for the title.

Here’s a brief clip of Mr. Yearby on the runway, and giving some fun interviews.

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Hunk of the Day: Thomas Rousseil

Thomas Rousseil0

Male underwear model Thomas Rousseil is the Hunk of the Day. Keeping it brief in briefs, Mssr. Rousseil charms with his high hair and high back-shelf. It begs the question: can one’s hair ever be too high? Personally, I think that yes, it can. But other things can make up for such stylistic mis-steps.

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Hunk of the Day: Torben King

Torben King101

A male model named Torben King is our Hunk of the Day. Mr. King is known largely for his work on a Parke & Ronen ad campaign – the perfect poster boy for such a sexy brand – and has been seen other places as well. Hell, on a simple side street he’d make a splash with these chiseled features. All hail the new King in town.

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Hunk of the Day: Kevin Smith

kevin smith 101

Who knew that Kevin Smith was so hot? This is the male model who shares the same name as that other Kevin Smith. You may decide who’s hotter, and whether this Mr. Smith deserves to be the Hunk of the Day. (Personally, there’s not really much a contest in that superficial arena – and I say that without even recalling what the other Kevin Smith looks like.)

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Hunk of the Day: Ken Bek

ken bek 1001

Also known as Kenneth Korsgaard Bek, this Danish gentlemen puts Denmark on the male model map with striking streaks of ginger, and even more striking streaks of streaking for this Hunk of the Day selection. I love an edgy photo shoot like the one depicted here, where the dirty factor creeps into the blurred line of sexiness and desire. Add a mirror and a urinal to the mix and you’ve got a winningly artistic combination. Not for everyone’s taste perhaps, but surely to someone’s.

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Hunk of the Day: Vince Ferraren

Vince Ferraren101

Filipino male model Vince Ferraren makes it into the annals of the Hunk of the Day feature, as we gear up for a Filipino-themed weekend in New York City. More on that in a little while, for now, feast your eyes on the gentleman at hand. It’s always nice to feature someone whose native tongue is Tagalog. Mabuhay!

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Hunk of the Day: Justin Clynes ~ The Perfect Male Model

justin clynes 01

If there is such a thing as the perfect male model, Hunk of the Day Justin Clynes may be the top contender for the title. There literally is nothing wrong with him, physically speaking, and if the package is this perfect from the outside, a number of minor drawbacks elsewhere would surely be overlooked. Not that we prize the physical over what’s inside… and not that we would ever pit one male model against another.

If we did, I’d wager that Mr. Clynes would hold more than a candle to David Gandy or Tyson Beckford quite well. He’d give Noah Mills and Dan Murphy a booty-shaking run for their money-makers. In fact, he’d probably surpass any number of male models who have already been featured here.

The great thing about beauty is that there’s room for all kinds. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure trail.

Happy hunting.

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Hunk of the Day: Christian Kruse

Christian Kruse 101

A quick flash of ginger for our Hunk of the Day, in the form of Christian Kruse. I’ve only just returned from Boston, so bear with the bare bones of this blog for the next couple of days, until I get my bare bearings back. In the meantime, enjoy the almost-bare baring of Mr.Kruse and his ginger-capped top.

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All American Guy Tyson Beckford

tyson beckford 1

Mr. Beckford has already been a Hunk of the Day here, but there’s always room for a few extra pics, especially on this patriotic holiday. A little hint of his nether region only serves to add to the festivities. How low can he go?

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Hunk of the Day: Clark Davis

clark davis 1

A male model in his underwear is nothing new for this site, and sometimes, nothing new under under the sun is better than fine. Such is the case with Hunk of the Day Clark Davis, in his underwear. Practically perfect for this very brief day.

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Hunk of the Day: Tomas Skoloudik

Tomas Skoloudik 0101

His gaze is soft. His eyes somewhat heavy. There is a gravitas to his expression that imbues him with something more than he might actually carry. That’s the magic and danger of a model. You never quite know what is behind the eyes. In the case of Tomas Skoloudik, the Hunk of the Day (known best for his modeling work for Armani) it feels more magical than dangerous. But with every bit of mystery comes a little edge. Most of us totter on the borderline – few are solely one thing or another. We want it all to be black and white, but pools of gray spill into each other, overlapping and mixing everything up in ways that can be simultaneously appealing and disturbing. We seem to be more comfortable when we can put people into the boxes and labels we already know. Those who are different inspire new things, stimulating the same senses but in new ways.  It can be a discomfort, or a delight.

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Hunk of the Day: Kenzie Roth

Kenzie Roth 001

Sometimes beauty hurts to see. Not physically, but emotionally. It’s a heartache more than a physical ache. It burns in the brain, as if such beauty was not long of this world, as if certain creatures were too perfect to last beyond some ethereal season. It makes no sense, and maybe we should all just look and admire and move on without feeling anything. Here is Kenzie Roth, a beautiful guy who gets saddled with the Hunk of the Day status. Some things are like an albatross, and they will remain with you forever, like the stain from some indigenous wildflower on a tablecloth. Yes, beauty can hurt. Beauty can be unbearable.

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