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Hunk of the Day: Braeden Wright

braeden wright 01

Singer/songwriter/model Braeden Wright earns his first Hunk of the Day honor thanks to his Renaissance efforts at entertaining on so many levels. Visually he is a beauty, musically he is a revelation, and artistically he enjoys risks and challenges. When the Hunk of the Day can do more than stand still and look pretty, it’s a good thing. Congrats to Mr. Wright.

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Hunk of the Day: Joseph Boyd

joseph boyd 101

It’s always a risk giving someone a Hunk of the Day post on April Fool’s Day, but the full-frontal joke is already out of my system so we can return to the serious fare of this website. And nothing is more serious than the Hunk of the Day, especially when it’s someone as hot as Joseph Boyd. An actor and male model, Mr. Boyd has appeared on ‘Modern Family’ (which Andy and I are binge-watching as I write this). Congrats to Boyd, and welcome back to the Hunk of the Day feature (which was on hiatus during our desert break).

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Hunk of the Day: Anatoly Goncharov, Again

Anatoly Goncharov 1

For some guys, being named Hunk of the Day twice is a matter of fact, easily justified by their stockpile of modeling photos and daily Instagram posts. Case in point is Anatoly Goncharov, who earns his second Hunk of the Day crowning for the reasons delineated pictorially here.

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Hunk of the Day: Clay Honeycutt

clay honeycutt 101

In a fortuitous bit of semi-planned timing, this marks Clay Honeycutt’s birthday, and we are giving him a gift by granting him his first Hunk of the Day honor. You can’t put it in the bank, but there’s no comparison for the glory. Mr. Honeycutt was a college football player (who had the smarts to graduate early, so don’t be fooled by his prettiness) and also appeared on ‘Big Brother’. Congrats, and Happy Birthday Clay!

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Hunk of the Day: Alex Sewall

Alex Sewall 101

Chicago-native Alex Sewall is the Hunk of the Day. After a stint in baseball, he turned his looks to good use and entered the realm of male modeling, where he currently occupies this glorious space.

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Hunk of the Day: Jordan Woods – an Encore

jordan woods 1001

For all those who have been longing to go into the woods again, here is actor and model Jordan Woods as Hunk of the Day for the second time. His first HOD post can be found here, but I like these photos better. Not that it matters much – some people are lucky enough to look good in whatever clothes they are or aren’t wearing. Congrats to Mr. Woods on making it into the two-time club.


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Hunk of the Day: Alan Valdez

Alan Valdez 101

Finally, an Alan who spells his name the correct way! This is Hunk of the Day Alan Valdez, a male model from Mexico who was perhaps best captured in a few of these photos by the great Dylan Rosser. Mr. Valdez has a very popular Instagram account, for quite obvious reasons. Congrats to him on this latest honor.

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Hunk of the Day: Dima Gornovskyi

Dima Gornovskyi 101

Ukrainian male model Dima Gornovskyi is based in Los Angeles, and after watching the Academy Awards, I suddenly had a hankering for all things California, so Mr. Gornovskyi gets his first Hunk of the Day crowning. His website offers some industry secrets on what it’s like to be a working male model, and he doesn’t sugarcoat anything, which is refreshing in the superficial world of California sunshine.

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Hunk of the Day: Jonathan Guijarro

Jonathan Guijarro 100

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, the Hunk of the Day is Jonathan Guijarro. If anyone is wondering why he was crowned Hunk of the Day, just scroll down. You know I’m right, it’s there i black and white!

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Hunk of the Day: Josh Ohl

josh ohl 101

This vintage Hunk of the Day is a blast from the past – it’s male model Josh Ohl, who’s been showing off his stuff for well over a decade. Such longevity is rare, and worth of accolades. It’s easy to make a splash – the trick is climbing back out of the water time and time again. Most people want to simply float. Congrats to Mr. Ohl for getting wet over and over.

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Hunk of the Day: Keegan Whicker

Keegan Whicker 101

This Hunk of the Day doesn’t just offer the brawn you see here, but a hefty bit of brain power too. Keegan Whicker is an Industrial Engineer, who has made quite  anew for himself on Instagram, which is the only way to make a name for yourself these days. Congrats to Mr. Whicker on being named HOD.

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Hunk of the Day: Marcus Balliette

Marcus Balliette1

The glory and beauty of youth. So lost on the young, so easily undone. That’s one reason why photography thrills me: the ability to still the moment, to capture someone’s youth. This is Hunk of the Day Marcus Balliette, a male model whose charms are forever frozen for posts like this.

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Hunk of the Day: Garrett Swann

garrett swann 100

There’s no such thing as an average Hunk. If I’ve ever said such a thing (and there’s always a good chance in all these years that I have), please disregard. Every gentleman who makes it into one of these posts is special in one way or another – whether it’s a simple superficial costume of prettiness, or something much deeper like talent. Occasionally, it’s a sprinkling of salt and pepper hair, especially if it veers decidedly toward the salty side of things (as mine has done of late). Here is our Hunk of the Day, Garrett Swann. A hunk of this magnitude requires all those double consonants. This actor and model hails from beautiful Santa Barbara, California, and if ever there was a reason beckoning to visit sunny California, Mr. Swann makes a compelling argument.

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Hunk of the Day: Anatoly Goncharov

Anatoly Goncharov 101

Our last Hunk of the Day hailed from Brazil, and the Hunk before that was from the Philippines. Today we travel across the world to Russia to honor Anatoly Goncharov. That’s the beauty of the Hunk of the Day – every one is equal, and it doesn’t matter where they are from. The rest of the world should be so accepting.

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Hunk of the Day: Gabriel Loureiro

Gabriel Loureiro0

Brazilian male model Gabriel Loureiro adds a badly-needed dose of heat to this wintry week, and here’s hoping he sends some sunshine this way as well. Until that glorious day, we have these photos of his turn as Hunk of the Day to keep us warm. I’ll say this about Mr. Loureiro: he certainly knows how to clean up nicely.

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