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Hunk of the Day: Joross Gamboa

joross gamboa 1

I’d never heard the name ‘Joross’ before, so perhaps Filipino actor and model Joross Gamboa can put it on the map. (It sounds a bit like something out of a Superman film, but I digress.) As the Hunk of the Day, Mr. Gamboa represents all sorts of hunky good things, and for those who like a little armpit action the featured photo is for you. (Yes you, because we know all about your quirks and peccadilloes.)

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Eye Candy Gandy

david candy 001

Male supermodel David Gandy has been featured here time and time again, and as long as he keeps up the underwear front he’ll be featured here in the future. There’s a comfort and a thrill in that, the perfect encapsulation for the spark of fall just around the corner. Previous postings include his initial crowning as Hunk of the Day, his naked ass (and a peek of more), looking dandy in the sand, this sexy work-out GIF, a gratuitous crotch shot, a relatively classy black-and-white bonus, and a bit of bush and backside in one. A few more appearances like this and he may make it into his own category, a la David Beckham or Tom Daley.

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A Most-Requested Hunk: Alex Minsky

alex minsky 001

Believe it or not, the most requested guy who has appeared on this site is not David Beckham or Ben Cohen or even Tom Daley, it’s this gentleman right here: Alex Minsky. People continually ask when he will be the Hunk of the Day, but it turns out he’s already been given that honor long ago - not to mention this insanely erotic nude GIF. Of course, if he asks politely (or at all) he can have a second go-round at the title. As for Mr. Minsky, he recently made a cameo appearance (butt naked to boot) at Broadway Bares.

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Hunk of the Day: Robert Ballard

robert ballard 101

This is Hunk of the Day Robert Ballard, doing what male models do best. Mr. Ballard lights up the stills and the live-action frames with equal aplomb and sexy abandon.

Primping and posing in the golden hour…

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Hunk of the Day: Christian Bok

Christian Bok 101

Today we drain the saturation because everyone looks better in black-and-white. Although, in Christian Bok’s case, he probably looks just as well in full-color. We should all be so versatile. Congrats to Mr. Bok on being named the Hunk of the Day.

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Hunk of the Day: Bernardo Velasco

Bernardo Velasco000

Brazilians do it better, at least that what it seems like when presented with a gorgeous guy like Bernardo Velasco. This Hunk of the Day is a Brazilian model and actor, and you should have no problem getting lost in those dreamy eyes. It’s a perfectly lovely way to pass a late summer afternoon, and I don’t blame you in the least. I’ve amassed a larger-than-usual collection of photos this time – you may see why.

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Double Hunk of the Day: Christian Arno Williams & Max Wefers

Christian Arno 10001

As the supporting players and ice-dumpers in Donatella Versace’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Christian Arno Williams and Max Wefers steal the show with nary a word exchanged between them. With gold ice like that around their necks and Versace underwear bands around their torsos, who needs words? In a rare Double Hunk of the Day, we offer two to double your pleasure. First up is Mr. Williams…

We’ll sandwich the video between the boys:

And now onto Mr. Wefers…

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Hunk of the Day: Derek Richardson

derek richardson 1001

When one has the beauty of a male model, words are often superfluous. Today, that’s a very good thing, as I just returned from a birthday weekend in New York and I’m spent. Taking up the mantle of attractiveness to see you through to tomorrow, here is Hunk of the Day Derek Richardson.


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Hunk of the Day: Kerry Degman

kerry degman 100

While he’s apparently a country singer (whose favorite musical genres are “Country” and “Western”) I couldn’t make it past his modeling career to listen to any of the twang. This is Kerry Degman, the Hunk of the Day who started off as a model before moving into the country crooner field. Sigh… I suppose if anyone’s going to get me to listen to country music, it would have to be someone as pretty as Mr. Degman. Or Dolly Parton. I don’t see any other way.


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Hunk of the Day: Parker Gregory

parker gregory 1001

In his wonderful novel ‘Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister’, Gregory Maguire posits the simple but powerful question, “What purpose does beauty serve?” I’ve wrestled with such a notion over the years, trying (often in vain) to purport the reasons we need beauty, but a decent description and explanation has always eluded me. It’s one of those tantalizing answers that is always out of grasp, teasingly there on the tip of your tongue, but impalpable at the last.

Hunk of the Day Parker Gregory offers an illustration of beauty, at least according to my eyes. For me, it’s not so much physical perfection (though I won’t discount that either) it’s more of an appreciation of an expression – something in the eyes, in the gaze, that hints at the melancholy of a sensitive soul. Such a reliance on the superficial is a gamble at best (and a foolish one at that) as appearances can often be deceiving, but we want to believe the best of something so, well, beautiful.

As for Mr. Gregory, he may not be beautiful in everyone’s eyes (though for the life of me I don’t see how you couldn’t find beauty here) but that’s the wonder of it all. As a wise woman once remarked: “Beauty’s where you find it.

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Hunk of the Day: Diego Miguel

diego miguel 101

Brazilian model Diego Miguel is our Hunk of the Day, and some days – Mondays especially – that’s all that needs to be said. Just look…

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Hunk of the Day: André Hamann

André Hamann101

Forget the World Cup, one of the best things Germany has done is give birth to the Hunk of the Day, André Hamann. Rather than espousing upon his obvious attributes in my silly words, let’s have a few quotes from a much more masterful word-worker, Nathaniel Hawthorne in ‘The Marble Faun.’ They pertain to Mr. Hamann, and any beautiful man or woman for that matter. They also tell us a bit about art, and beauty, and humanity. The conundrum is that Mr. Hawthorne seems decidedly undecided as to which is more powerful. See for yourself…

Nature needed, and still needs, this beautiful creature, standing betwixt man and animal, sympathizing with each, comprehending the speech of either race, and interpreting the whole existence of one to the other. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

It was difficult to make out the character of this young man. So full of animal life as he was, so joyous in his deportment, so handsome, so physically well-developed, he made no impression of incompleteness, of maimed or stinted nature. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

And, in truth, while our friend smiled at these wild fables, he sighed, in the same breath, to think how the once genial earth produces, in every successive generation, fewer flowers than used to gladden the preceding ones. Not that the modes and seeming possibilities of human enjoyment are rarer, in our refined and softened era, (on the contrary, they never before were nearly so abundant,) but that mankind are getting so far beyond the childhood of their race, that they scorn to be happy any longer. A simple and joyous character can find no place for itself among the sage and sombre figures that would put his unsophisticated cheerfulness to shame. The entire system of Man’s affairs, as at present established, is built up purposely to exclude the careless and happy soul. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Thus coarsely does the world translate all finer griefs that meet its eye! It is more a coarse world than an unkind one. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

This hallowed work of genius shows what pictorial art, devoutly exercised, might effect in behalf of religious truth; involving, as it does, deeper mysteries of Revelation, and bringing them closer to man’s heart, and making him tenderer to be impressed by them, than the most eloquent words of preacher or prophet. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Hunk of the Day: Bryan Thomas

Bryan Thomas 101

Some men are so physically perfect you simply have to sigh. Case in beautiful point is Pennsylvania-born male model Bryan Thomas, the Hunk of the Day, who seems born to be on the cover of a magazine. Beauty has its own spirituality, even in the slight way it elicits a sigh, a whisper of desire, the hint of want. There is a long tunnel of longing in each of our lives. Such prettiness is a reminder of this. It’s the same prettiness that unfurls from the frond of a fern, or drips from the dew-stained bloom of the rose. It is visceral and ephemeral, fixed and fleeting, and it tugs as much at the mind as it does on the heart.

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Hunk of the Day: Sung Jin Park

Sung Jin Park0

Represented by Wilhemina Models in New York, this is Sung Jin Park, the Hunk of the Day. A native of Korea, Mr. Park is a bit on the thin side, recalling the waif-like hey-day of early 90′s heroin-chic. (How did Marky Mark ever get into the underwear scene at such a thin time?) Mr. Park is further representation of the Asian male model explosion currently taking over the pretty scene.


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Hunk of the Day: Todd Finlay

todd finlay 099

The Hunk of the Day hails from Down Under. This is Todd Finlay, an Australian-born model who has spent a chunk of time in Miami. If you’re going to model, I suppose Miami is as good a place as any in which to work. And if you happen to look like Mr. Finlay, finding work shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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