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Hunk of the Day: Krit McLean

Krit McClean 101

Bangkok-born and New York-raised model Krit McLean is planning to double major in English and Political Science but currently taking a gap year to pursue a modeling career and maintain his pristinely chic website, These photos will attest that it’s a very wise decision. His blog is focused on fashion and style, as well as other inspired interests:

My style is inspired by experiences and interests including: sneakerhead culture, extensive travel through Asia, urban street-wear, art, hip-hop, and modeling.

The primary intention of this space is to showcase my aesthetic (and as it evolves, my lifestyle), though my larger message is to live life as your own individual. Be yourself, be open, be interested, be interesting, and dream!  ~ Krit McLean

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Hunk of the Day: Ricardo Veia

Ricardo Veia 00

When the color drains from a photo, the content sometimes becomes more real. As much as I love color – vibrant, strong, bold, super-saturated color – I also appreciate the subtle nuances that a black-and-white photograph forces the viewer to find. Such is the contrast of the feature photo here with all that follows. This is Hunk of the Day Ricardo Veia, in shades of gray.

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Hunk of the Day: Barrett Pall

Barrett Pall 100

If I wasn’t envious enough of the blessed body, the chiseled face, and the perfect package, I would be envious of the fact that the Hunk of the Day Barrett Pall was recently performing in my dream gig: as the bartender of the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Playhouse, and personally mixing cocktails for the one and only Andy Cohen. Yeah, that stings a little, but to the beauty go the spoils.

When writing about someone as gorgeous as Mr. Pall, I try to uncover something that makes him a little more relatable, a little more human, a bit more, well, mortal – because no one should be that perfect. His bio doesn’t do much to make me feel better about myself, reading like a much more well-rounded and successful person than I could ever hope to be: writer, model, fitness instructor, personal trainer, fashion lover, world traveler, foodie, life coach and all around good guy.

I thought I might find some less-than-stellar dirt on his website, Artisan & King, but that space turns out to be as perfect as everything else about him. (Grrrr…) I was especially impressed with the ‘Feelings‘ portion of his site, and this passage about a break-up:

This thing called a break-up is made even harder when one person has not done anything immensely wrong. It is simply a difference of the minds, of the hearts, of the souls. A love tank empty, a heart broken, an intertwined spirit unraveled.

There are many different scenarios that lead to break ups, but one thing is certain the love does not just disappear. You may do the breaking up, or you may be the one broken up with, but if the love was real, neither side of this lackluster coin feels like “winning.”

You shared couches, meals, memories. You became each other’s best friend, confidant, partner. You enhanced each other’s comfort, ease, understanding. You started to build a life, introduced family, talked about the future. This person was not your everything, but rather the missing piece.

Then things changed.

The thoughtfulness, the acts of love, the communication all got lost in translation, or simply never arrived. You start to feel the exact opposite of how this person originally made you feel. Your happiness fades. Your eyes tire from tears. You know this simply is not working.

You’ve tried different ways to make yourself heard. You’ve made changes. You’ve done work.

You’ve given hints. You’ve been explicit. You’ve done it all. ~ Barrett Pall

It would be made easier if someone had done something awful, but the truth is nothing makes this easier. Anger only masks the pain and sadness that eventually comes. You wish things had been different, but wishing only makes wishes. Actions had not been employed, and you are left with a heavy heart, not a heart-happy one.

You think back to the times it was magic, and it only makes it sadder.

You could be immature and negative, but it gets you no where, so you choose to honor the love you had, respect the time you spent together, and think of a future when maybe, just maybe, you and your ex can be friends.

Break-ups are not the end, nor are they the beginning. They are simply a time in your life that you must allow yourself to be present with some of your deepest feelings; feelings that surround your own happiness and ultimate life.

We must understand that if there was true love present then we were gifted one of the greatest pleasures of life.

We are not to speak poorly, focus on the bad times and leave that time in our lives in a box. We are meant to take the things we learned from that person, and cherish them, so that we may continue to grow. We shall plant a seed deep inside of us with that person’s name so that a tree of knowledge can grow from the things we learned. We must honor the relationship, the good times, the love, so that we may ultimately honor ourselves. ~ Barrett Pall

So… yeah. I got nothing. No critique, no faults to find, nothing but admiration. Luckily, what I’m left with is inspiration – so I guess I got something after all – and a pretty substantial something at that.

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A Hunky Look Back

15 hot men 101

Sometimes, out of laziness or boredom or a greedy wish for a spike in hits, I do something like this. The gentlemen featured in this post have all been Hunks of the Day at one time or another, but are more than worth another look, hence this mini-compilation. First up is one of your favorites, Quinn Jaxon. Noted for his modeling work with Andrew Christian, Mr. Jaxon has also been working on his dancing and acting career in the sunny hills of Hollywood.

Next up is… wait a second. No, this can’t be right. Apologies. There seems to be some confusion, as Justin Bieber was a Non-Hunk of the Day. Sorry, kid. Attitude kills it every time.

Back into the swing of things with Shayne Ward, a musical hunk from across the pond. He should more the make up for that naked Bieber snafu.

And last but not least are the beauteous buttocks of Russell Tovey, who’s come a long hunky way in the last few years. Shake it, shake it!

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Hunk of the Day: Brian Maier

Brian Maier 101

This Hunk of the Day is both DJ and model, a requisite combination these days it seems, not that anyone seems to mind in the least. If the guy spinning sets in the booth is better seen shirtless, then so damn be it. And if he strips to his underwear in the name of his craft, well, call me a quickly-won-over fan. Meet Brian Maier, who has his own powerhouse website here. Mr. Naier exemplifies the brawny and beautiful trend whereby more and more of us are giving in to the might and majesty of the real, the hirsute, and the not-so-finely-plucked gentlemen of the moment. Twinks are so three years ago.

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Hunk of the Day: Daniel Sisniega

Daniel Sisniega 01

The Andrew Christian Hunk Brigade continues its march toward immortal beauty with Daniel Sisniega, who won an Andrew Christian modeling contest. Though he doesn’t speak English, this is proof that lust is a universal language. Hailing from Mexico, Mr. Sisniega fills out his Christian wares as if to the manner born. {This was also a suggestion by a FaceBook friend, so if you have any men you’d like to see up here, shoot me their names. You can reach me directly at alanilagan1[@]}

Former Hunks of the Day that also modeled for Andrew Christian include the following:

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Hunk of the Day: Walter Savage

walter savage 101

One of the reasons for all the Hunks I post here is purely selfish: inspiration. When faced with such beauty and physical perfection, I want to work out, put down the Christmas chocolate, and get in shape. Well, I don’t really want to do all that – what I want is to miraculously look like the hunks, all the while eating chocolate and lounging on a beach on some tropical island, shaded by palm trees and an expansive umbrella that matches the tiny facsimile in a coconut-bound cocktail. That was a run-on transgression… what was I saying? Oh yeah, the Hunks. Here is Hunk of the Day Walter Savage, an impeccable male model who’s just about perfect in every physical way.

Talk about Savage Love, this man might restore my faith in long, curly hair, and his mane is one of his most bankable features. Forget the Hair of the Dog. This is the Hair of the Hunk.

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Hunk of the Day: Francisco Javier Escobar Parra

Francisco Javier Escobar Parra 101

Kicking off the year in international style and shirtless fare is Hunk of the Day Francisco Javier Escobar Parra. Our first four-name hunk (to my recollection), Mr. Parra is also a former Mr. World and, more amusingly and impressively, a pole vaulter. A native of Colombia, his modeling work has landed him in China, Hong Jong, and Malaysia, and he’s done a few features for Calvin Klein along the way.

Now tell me: whom do you want to see as Hunk of the Day this year? Known or unknown, local or international, famous or infamous – give me your ideas. Hit me up ~ alanilagan1[@] Lines are open now…

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Hunk of the Day: Juan Paolo Roldan

Juan Paolo Roldan 001

Born in the Philippines and raised in Canada, the Hunk of the Day, Juan Paolo Roldan, is nothing if not a worldly gentleman. His modeling career has taken him to even more locations, and that sort of travel and experience is a thing to be envied. As is a physique like this. Some guys have all the luck.

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Hunk of the Day: Jake Hollings

Jake Hollings101

Blond and buff, the Hunk of the Day is Jake Hollings. There’s not much else that needs to be said. This model would rather let his photographs speak for themselves, and who can blame him?

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Hunk of the Day: Bryce Thompson

bryce thompson 1000

A native of Cape Town, South Africa and now living in New York, Hunk of the Day Bryce Thompson is a very worldly young man – a model and a photographer. Some may scoff that models are unintelligent and vapid, and some undoubtedly are, but some are making the most of their positions, soaking up every new landscape, seeing things around the world that most of us never get to see. I’d love to travel to such extremes, and part of that is why I’m so fascinated by such beauty. Part of it. The rest is because of photos like these.

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Hunk of the Day: Patrick Mitchell

patrick mitchell 1001

While part of it may be that I’m just getting older, I do think some of the models are getting younger. Case in point is today’s Hunk of the Day, whose youth almost negates his Hunkdom, but whose beauty cannot be denied. This is Patrick Mitchell, and though my mother’s maiden name is Mitchell, something tells me we’re not related to him. (I was nowhere near as blessed in the genes.) Anyway, to the youth goes the world. Enjoy it while you may – it lasts such a short time.

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Hunk of the Day: Oraine Barrett

oraine barrett 01

Jamaican male model Oraine Barrett makes his Hunk of the Day debut on the recommendation of a friend. (As always, requests are welcomed when it comes to new Hunks – or old ones for that matter.) Mr. Barrett has modeled extensively, turning his striking looks into a rare-for-a-model career of longevity. Even in these few photos, he manages to be many things with just a slight modification of expression, a twist of the head, a turn of the eye. That’s the hat-trick of any model who’s going to last.

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Hunk of the Day Redux: Matthieu Charneau

matthieu charneau 001

This marks Matthieu Charneau’s second appearance as Hunk of the Day, but being that his first one is, in comparison, rather skimpy, I’ve beefed up his presence here for reasons that should be all too apparent. The French model and actor is still setting photo spreads afire with his edgy good looks and perfect pouty mouth – look for his mustached homage to Freddie Mercury in a few of these shots. Who ever said it was easy being a male model? Not these guys. Or this guy. Or him. Or him. Or them. Or even them.

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Hunk of the Day: Broderick Hunter

Broderick Hunter 000

Before you get all lovey-dovey and swoon over Hunk of the Day Broderick Hunter, here’s a little tidbit of information that might tip the scale to bitterness and envy (and let’s not even talk of what’s tipping my scale these days, cause it’s too much): Mr. Hunter doesn’t work out. He plays some basketball and goes on a jog once in a while. In the words of Madonna, that’s one of life’s little fuck-overs. Unless you’re Mr. Hunter, then it’s nothing but a blessing. The rest of us mere mortals can only sigh. Congrats to Mr. Hunter on being named Hunk of the Day!

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