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Hunk of the Day: Marcus Balliette

Marcus Balliette1

The glory and beauty of youth. So lost on the young, so easily undone. That’s one reason why photography thrills me: the ability to still the moment, to capture someone’s youth. This is Hunk of the Day Marcus Balliette, a male model whose charms are forever frozen for posts like this.

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Hunk of the Day: Garrett Swann

garrett swann 100

There’s no such thing as an average Hunk. If I’ve ever said such a thing (and there’s always a good chance in all these years that I have), please disregard. Every gentleman who makes it into one of these posts is special in one way or another – whether it’s a simple superficial costume of prettiness, or something much deeper like talent. Occasionally, it’s a sprinkling of salt and pepper hair, especially if it veers decidedly toward the salty side of things (as mine has done of late). Here is our Hunk of the Day, Garrett Swann. A hunk of this magnitude requires all those double consonants. This actor and model hails from beautiful Santa Barbara, California, and if ever there was a reason beckoning to visit sunny California, Mr. Swann makes a compelling argument.

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Hunk of the Day: Anatoly Goncharov

Anatoly Goncharov 101

Our last Hunk of the Day hailed from Brazil, and the Hunk before that was from the Philippines. Today we travel across the world to Russia to honor Anatoly Goncharov. That’s the beauty of the Hunk of the Day – every one is equal, and it doesn’t matter where they are from. The rest of the world should be so accepting.

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Hunk of the Day: Gabriel Loureiro

Gabriel Loureiro0

Brazilian male model Gabriel Loureiro adds a badly-needed dose of heat to this wintry week, and here’s hoping he sends some sunshine this way as well. Until that glorious day, we have these photos of his turn as Hunk of the Day to keep us warm. I’ll say this about Mr. Loureiro: he certainly knows how to clean up nicely.

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Hunk of the Day: Paolo Amores

Paolo Amores 101

Creative consultant and male model Paolo Amores is our Hunk of the Day. Originally from the Philippines, Mr. Amores currently resides in Singapore, where his last name has inspired its origin. All we need is love, love, love…

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Naked Tyson Beckford GIFs


On a mid-January evening in the first third of winter, you might need a warm and cozy pick-me-up. Or maybe you need something more. Here’s Tyson Beckford, a favorite male model in these parts, in various states of undressed motion, thanks to some scintillating GIFs. The GIF may be the greatest gift the internet has given to us, and Mr. Beckford’s nude ones below are substantial proof of that. For another naked Tyson Beckford shot, check out this previous post. Or go to this one where he’s also missing his clothes.

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Hunk of the Day: Henry Licett

henry licett 100

Venezuelan actor, singer and model Henry Licett is the Hunk of the Day, and he comes with a collection of fascinating titles: Mr. Handsome Venezuela, Mr. Tourism Venezuela, and Mr. Tourism of the Americas. I live for the day when these competitions are given the same import and exposure as Miss America, but that won’t likely happen in my lifetime. At any rate, here are my efforts at bringing awareness to the cause.

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Hunk of the Day: Drake Abshire

drake abshire 101

With an exquisite Instagram and personal website, Drake Abshire has supplied a number of inspirational moments for his salivating fans over the years, but this marks his first appearance as Hunk of the Day, something that should have been done long ago. he is here now, and more than making up for his absence with a very hot spread of photos. Fitness professional, model and actor, Abshire wears the usual collection of hats for someone that good-looking and talented. Now he can add HOD to that curriculum vitae.

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Hunk of the Day: Garrison Lambert

Garrison Lambert1

A rare mid-day treat comes to you in the form of Hunk of the Day Garrison Lambert. Thought I tend to hold the Hunks until evening, on some days, Tuesdays in particular, you want something sweet a little sooner than usual. Mr. Lambert is a male model who is making his way into the acting realm. Check out his Instagram account for additional inspiration.

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Hunk of the Day: Dan Bevan

Dan Bevan 101

Underwear model (PUMP!) Dan Bevan makes an impressive debut as Hunk of the Day, for the reasons exhibited below. While his physical assets are in plain view here, what you may not know is that he is an avid artist who has been painting for most of his life. It makes sense, given his impressive body art. Beauty begets art begets beauty.

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Another Gratuitous Nyle DiMarco Post

nyle dimarco 0000

He’s already been a Hunk of the Day.

And he’s already had this gratuitous pictorial post.

Now we add one more crown to Nyle DiMarco’s glory.

He probably should be a Hunk of the Day again, and will soon enough.

For now, just a tease…

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Hunk of the Day: Patrick Henning

patrick henning 101

A study in black and white, these modeling photos of Patrick Henning are reason enough to grant him his first Hunk of the Day crowning. The transfixing beauty of the male form, captured by the discerning lens of a skilled photographer, conspire to create a moment of artistic merit.

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Hunk of the Day: Daniel Lukakis

daniel lukakis 101

Male model extraordinaire and ‘Love Island’ inhabitant Daniel Lukakis is the Hunk of the Day. Scouted by the grand David Gandy, one of the great male models of all-time, Lukakis attributes much of his inspiration to that mentor. He is now poised to follow in those beautiful footsteps.

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Hunk of the Day: Charlie Matthews

charlie matthews 100

Some poses, like some male models, demand a Hunk of the Day post for their sheer simple beauty. Such was the case with this collection of photos of Charlie Matthews, our Hunk of the Day for this otherwise dreary Monday. Mr. Matthews is an Instagram phenomenon, with over 580,000 followers. I can only dream of such big numbers (but follow me here anyway).

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Hunk of the Day: Daniel Peyer

daniel peyer 101

He started out as a self-described “tall skinny kid” but if you’ve got the bones to hang something on, might as well build something big. That’s exactly what Hunk of the Day Daniel Peyer has accomplished through regular work-outs and a fitness regime that would have me crying mercy in the first five minutes. Congrats to Mr. Peyer on his first Hunk of the Day feature.

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