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Hunk of the Day: Rocky Buttery

rocky buttery 001

Some Hunks of the Day, most in fact, don’t require anything more than their own beauty and photos to qualify for this feature. No moving backstory, no spectacular humanitarian contributions, no storied history of overcoming obstacles or changing the world – sometimes beauty is enough. And I do believe it’s a balm for the soul. Hence this Hunk of the Day, Rocky Buttery. Google Mr. Buttery is you want to know his story. Or simply feast your eyes upon these photos.

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Hunk of the Day: Sean Yeary

sean yeary 000

Male models are a dime a dozen in these parts, but once in a while a master photographer like Tom Cullis comes along to elevate such mainstream beauty into something ethereal. That’s what happens in these amazing photos by Mr. Cullis, who captures Hunk of the Day Sean Yeary in exquisite and whimsical grace. This is the kind of collaboration that sparks inspiration.

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Hunk of the Day: Aarón Díaz

aaron diaz 101

Born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexican actor/model/singer Aarón Díaz is the multi-hyphenate Hunk of the Day. He’s been in a number of telenovelas, released a pair of music albums, and shot a couple of calendars. That’s more than I’ll ever do in an entire lifetime, and this guy is eight years my junior. And he’s so much nicer to look at… sigh.

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Hunk of the Day: Justin Clynes

justin clynes 101

Represented by Wilhelmina Models in NYC and Miami, this is Hunk of the Day Justin Clynes. He has taken his male modeling career and expanded it to include photography and creative directing. If a pretty face and rocking hard bod can get you in the door, his other talents will certainly keep him in the beautiful room. I’m always impressed with someone who takes his talents and skills and makes them into something more. Congrats to Mr. Clynes.

BTW, some of these shots give new meaning to VPL (Visible Penis Line). The Bulge Alert is set on high.

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Hunk of the Day: Austin Victoria

austin victoria 101

Is it enough to be beautiful? And is that all certain people ever have to offer? Even the most vapid and vain among us, the most beautiful and pretty, surely have more than their looks. Everyone has something else, even if it’s just enough room in their heart for a family member or friend or lover who makes them smile. I don’t know what the Hunk of the Day Austin Victoria hides in his heart, but I’ll bet it’s more than just beauty. For the purposes of this blog post, however, that beauty is all he needs right now – and sometimes beauty is its own balm.

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Hunk of the Day: Charles Melton

Charles Melton 101

Ryan Murphy must have a thing for Hunk of the Day Charles Melton, having given him turns on ‘Glee’ and ‘American Horror Story’ – and from the looks of his portfolio who can blame him. Mr. Melton counts Korean and Cherokee heritage as part of his sultry visage, and he certainly lucked out in the DNA department.

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Hunk of the Day: Brent Van Sant

brent van zant 101

California-native and self-professed beach-boy Brent Van Sant is the Hunk of the Day, injecting some badly-needed lighthearted  frivolity and sexiness to this sad start to the week. We should all be California dreaming right now, so allow Mr. Van Sant to take us all away for a moment.

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Hunk of the Day: Liam Jolley

liam jolley 01

Fitness model and physique competitor Liam Jolley makes his Hunk of the Day debut, and based on the photos here this looks like it may be just the beginning. Jolley has refined his form to the finery you see here, and through exercise and workouts and a proper diet, you can do the same. Well, probably not the same: there are some genetics involved here that you, and certainly I, likely don’t have. Luckily, Liam does, so let’s just look and enjoy the view instead of all the push-ups we’d need to do to even come close.

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Hunk of the Day: Gregory Nalbone (Twice Over)

gregory nalbone 1001

This marks the multi-talented Gregory Nalbone’s second crowning as Hunk of the Day. His first can be found here. Mr. Nalbone continues to intrigue and delight with modeling shots like these, as well as a career that encapsulates singing and performing. Here’s to the bad-ass people who keep on doing what they do; they are an inspiration.

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Hunk of the Day: Jess Vill, Take Two

jess vill 1091

Jess Vill has been here before, and for the same Hunk of the Day honor, but when you’re this good you get to do it all over again. Not much more can be said about this male model who continues to strut his stuff for photographers the world over, and when the pictures are this good there’s not much more that a few words can accomplish anyway. Feast your eyes upon Vill then.

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Hunk of the Day: Dustin McNeer

Dustin McNeer 1001

We have Tyra Banks to thank for this Hunk of the Day, Dustin McNeer. As an alum of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ he joins a long line of male models who have made a splash thanks to Ms. Banks and her show. I happen to be a fan of both Banks and McNeer, even if I’ve never single a single cycle of ‘ANTM.’ Sometimes the photographs are enough. In fact, that’s most often the case for me.

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Hunk of the Day: Zack Hartwanger

Zack Hartwanger 101

An undeservedly-obscure male model, Zack Hartwanger is the Hunk of the Day who deserves to be better-known. Perhaps this honor will land Mr. Hartwanger on the map. (And by map I mean maybe three more people will be blessed to know his name.) It is a fun name, and I do hope it’s real.

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Hunk of the Day: Dallas “Flashman” Wade

dallas wade 100

Most guys don’t earn their nicknames as gloriously as Dallas Wade has done, and his ‘Flashman’ moniker comes to scintillating life in photos I simply cannot post here. (They are worth a little digging.) For this site, Mr. Wade is being named Hunk of the Day by special request, and this Renaissance man counts himself a model, a rapper, an actor, and a fitness guru. He also has the most mesmerizing (and versatile) head of dreadlocks that this site has ever seen. There are other attributes going on as well, so look lower too.

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Hunk of the Day: Kayne Lawton

kayne lawton 101

Former rugby footballer (not sure if that’s redundant or not) Kayne Lawton is one of those impossibly fit guys who has somehow never made it across this blog’s radar. Let’s rectify that immediately with this virgin Hunk of the Day feature. Currently, Mr, Lawton is focusing on his work as a dietician and training coach. He definitely has the walking billboard for it.

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Hunk of the Day: Leo Sabato

Leo Sabato 01

Based on modern standards, Hunk of the Day Leo Sabato would likely be considered less than ideal, which is a shame, and a sad indictment of today’s impossibly perfect male model image. Ultra-thin, ultra-hairless, and ultra-dull, today’s mainstream idea of male beauty has left much to be desired. Hopefully hunks like Mr. Sabato, a Spanish model who makes the most of his natural state, will go some way towards changing that. Beauty’s where you find it, and today you’ll find it right here.

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