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Hunk of the Day: Alex Crockford

alex crockford 101

With his #CrockFit fitness plan and workout expertise, Hunk of the Day Alex Crockford is no stranger when it comes to beautiful bodies. Not only is he a talented fitness trainer, he’s also a modelBut you don’t have to take my word for it. Mr. Crockford’s ‘About’ section on his website proffers everything you need to know about this Hunk of the Day, and in more eloquent form than I can muster. Here he is:

I am Alex Crockford; a positive, driven, focussed and highly ambitious individual who seeks to create an empowering impact on as many people as possible. I embrace life as a journey, learning and experiencing valuable lessons every day to build a passionate, high achieving life. My dream is to build a platform that enables me to help change the lives of millions of people, inspiring the uninspired to live healthier, fitter and happier lives.

I love life! I wake up every single day with absolute passion and dedication towards my dreams. I am extremely passionate about being healthy and keeping fit. In the journey to get to where I am today, I had to go through a lot of highs and lows but I have found that the most satisfying feeling has been to help and inspire others to start and maintain their health and fitness journey. This is why I have created #CrockFit, a place where people can find a suitable fitness plan to transform their body in 12 weeks and maintain healthy habits for life.

…Two of my biggest dreams have been to be a top model, and also be known as a guy who inspires people to embrace a health and fitness journey. Since a young age, I looked at the fitness models in adverts and on the front cover of magazines and thought ‘wow, I want to be there!’. This thought never left me and stayed burning inside of me for years until I took action and started to work towards this dream. Whilst personal training I began the extremely slow and competitive journey of becoming a fitness model, modelling for top international brands and eventually landing myself some major fitness magazine covers. This was amazing and seeing myself on shop windows in giant size is a feeling that I still struggle to explain.  I love being a model and am grateful for opportunities that come my way, but I wasn’t born to be just a model? Although it is my dream I knew I wasn’t satisfied.
As a personal trainer working one to one with people and helping them change their lives was so satisfying and I loved my work, but I always felt that I was being boxed in, helping just a few people in one day. I had big dreams and I felt I could achieve much more. I have the passion to not only inspire one person at a time but maybe thousands, millions.

Through my own personal journey, I started to gain more and more clarity about my passion and my purpose – to inspire and motivate millions of people across the world to be fit & healthy and most importantly, to FEEL great & be happy! With my experience as a personal trainer, I knew three things for sure:

1.     Fitness gave people freedom, confidence and transformed each part of their life.
2.     People excelled in smashing their fitness goals and staying on that path when they have support, be it with a PT, friend or a community.
3.     I had limited hours in a day as a PT and was limited to helping just few people.


With this in mind, I created my fitness brand called #CrockFit.
With #CrockFit in place, I now have an official service where I can connect with anyone across the world and deliver all the tools they need in order to change their lives. Having helped people across the world better themselves, I now truly know my purpose in life is to not give up until myself and other like-minded people have made a considerable impact on helping millions of people be fit, healthy and happy.
I have witnessed trends and niches in the health and fitness industry and something I always notice is an overpopulated help for people who are already into fitness, and an under populated help for people who haven’t started yet. It is my absolute goal to connect and inspire these people to help them be the change they are desperate to make.

My work is dedicated to the people that need help taking the first step, or have maybe fallen off and want to find their feet again, or maybe they need that extra bit of guidance to take their fitness to the next level. The fitness programs I provide aren’t just for the top elite athletes, they are also for the normal person looking to make some positive changes in their life.
Fitness and health has ultimately helped me gain the confidence and self-belief to push myself outside my comfort zone not just in the training environment, but also in other life situations too. I really would be no-where without the life skills I have gained from being active every day, eating healthily and maintaining a great lifestyle. I would love to help you create these habits, so your life can benefit in this way too!

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Hunk of the Day: Nolan Ritter

nolan ritter 100

Nolan Ritter, and the body that he’s been working on since high school, makes his debut as Hunk of the Day, and with the wealth of modeling work he’s done over the years it looks to be but his first. Check out his website for the complete rundown. Congratulations to Mr. Ritter, and many happy returns of the day.

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Hunk of the Day: Marc Buckner


Male models who keep most of their chest hair seem to be making a slight comeback after the razor-ravaged plucked-chicken look so favored in the last couple of decades. We here at applaud such a movement. In keeping with such support, here is hairy-chested Marc Buckner, the Hunk of the Day. Together, we can make the hairy revolution happen. (And not just with dirty beards and man-buns.)

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Hunk of the Day: Dalton Jackson

Dalton Jackson 100

Porny hot Dalton Jackson makes his debut as Hunk of the Day here, just in time to heat things up. Mr. Jackson has a career that you can search out on the Internet, but it’s his modeling shots and smoldering stare, shown off to such fine effect here, that grants him this Hunk of the Day christening.


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Nick Bateman Bares His Naked Ass

nick bateman 16001

The title of the post pretty much sums up the assets on display. Nick Bateman has been a Hunk of the Day before, but it clearly due again. In the meantime, he just posted a naked butt shot on his mega-popular Instagram feed. For those who are hungry, here’s something to whet the appetite.

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Hunk of the Day: Donnell Blaylock Jr.

Donnell Blaylock Jr. 101

He started off as a real estate agent, but this Hunk of the Day has gone on to find Instagram and FaceBook stardom thanks to his smoking hot bod and smoldering stare. Donnell Blaylock Jr. has parlayed his social media savvy into a modeling career to bolster his real estate success. That’s the kind of synergy most people strategize years to master.


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Hunk of the Day: Dan Rodrigues

dan rodrigues600

This marks the second Hunk of the Day appearance for Dan Rodrigues, his first being this first scintillating exhibition. That was so popular, it’s a crime he hasn’t been seen in these parts until today. Let this equally-inspiring post make up for that until his next time to shine.

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Hunk of the Day: Eyal Berkover

Eyal Berkover1

Certain men scroll shirtlessly across my FaceBook or Twitter pages (and more occasionally over my far-more-selective Instagram feed) and I’m mostly immune to their physical charms and attributes. They are noticed and passed by and replaced by other men. The ones that merit pause and perusal are the ones chosen for Hunk of the Day. Such is the case with Eyal Berkover, today’s honoree. Tell me if you agree.

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Hunk of the Day: Steve Di Costa

Steven Di Costa 101

Our Hunk of the Day is one smart (ginger) cookie. According to his Instagram account, Steven Di Costa is a “Neuroscientist who occasionally stands in front of cameras, occasionally with clothes on.” The latter ‘occasionally’ is much more scintillating than the former, but either way, Mr. Di Costa cuts a striking red-hot figure. He joins a rarefied pantheon of gingers that have lit up this blog with their fiery spirit

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Hunk of the Day: Dimitrije Sreckovic

Dimitrije Sreckovic 100

By request, this is male model Dimitrij Sreckovic, our newly-christened Hunk of the Day. One never forgets one’s first time, so here’s hoping Mr. Sreckovic inhabits the moment and enjoys the glory. Hunkdom is but a passing thing for so many…

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Hunk of the Day: Sean O’Pry

sean o'pry 100

Sean O’Pry is the bomb. The Spicebomb. At least, the face (and shirtless body) of Spicebomb, the popular fragrance by Viktor & Rolf. The unstoppable stampede of their first men’s scent was aided in small part by Mr. O’Pry’s luscious ad campaign, and thanks to that shirtlessness (and a whole lot more), he is being named Hunk of the Day. (I wonder if they get to keep the cologne after a shoot…)

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Hunk of the Day: Alvaro Francisco

alvaro francisco 101

Many people come here waiting for the day this site goes full-on hard-core porn and presents full-frontal male nudity, ripe with erections and gaping butt-holes. That’s not going to happen on my watch (at least not until the financial benefits outweigh the artistic degradation). For me, there’s always something hotter about what isn’t seen, as evidenced by these shots of Hunk of the Day Alvaro Francisco. I’m sure there are more graphic images of Mr. Francisco out there, but the hint of what’s being hidden is the beauty of clothing. And we all know I’m a big clothes-horse. Giddy-up.

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Hunk of the Day: Alex Libby

alex libby 109

As the new face, and wild mane, of this season’s Abercrombie & Fitch (blech) campaign, Alex Libby brings some heat to the rather cold and dismal land of A&F. Far more interesting and exciting are the full-frontal nudes he did a few years back, now coming to glorious light (and giving him the boost needed to be named Hunk of the Day). We’ll show you as much as this non-full-frontal site allows.

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Hunk of the Day: Guilherme Rufino

Guilherme Rufino

Certain models can play any role, transforming with just a shift in look or expression, light or shadow, and such is the magical case of the Hunk of the Day Guilherme Rufino. With the slightest change in posture or smile, Mr. Rufino can elicit a wide-ranging spectrum of effects. Judge for yourself with this small but sexy smattering of pics.

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Hunk of the Day: Daniel Macedo

daniel macedo 101

This Saturday night Hunk of the Day is Daniel Macedo, male model extraordinaire, who has the body for sin and the eyes for a smolder. What more needs to be said that can’t be gleaned from these photographs? Not much, and certainly nothing I’m capable of accomplishing. Congrats to Mr. Macedo.

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