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Hunk of the Day: Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco 100
Confession: I’ve never watched an episode of ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ If this is the show that Tyra Banks hosts, then I’ve seen the clip of her lashing out at a model who she feels isn’t performing at her best (a wee bit frightened of Ms. Banks at this point), but aside from that viral plague I’ve managed to miss out on most of this show. Bad gay, I guess. Nyle DiMarco, the Hunk of the Day, may turn that around. (Well, I’ll probably just watch clips again, but it’s something.) Mr. DiMarco is the show’s first deaf contestant, but that’s sort of beside the point when you’ve got a perfect patch of chest hair as this guy has. At any rate, it’s good to see someone with a disability so gorgeously represented on television.
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Hunk of the Day: Joe Zaso, Times Two

joe zaso 201

New York-based actor, filmmaker, model and now cookbook author, Joe Zaso has released a pair of cookbooks which conjures the world of Café Himbo. It’s a delicious and delectable pairing of hunkiness and heartiness, in which food and desire are beautifully paired and rendered, along with some campy, culty fun that adds a cherry-pop of whimsy to the whole affair.

As befitting the man who has most recently released ‘Café Himbo: Cookbook II’, this marks Mr. Zaso’s second appearance as Hunk of the Day, putting him within the reach of the elite triple-hunk realm (thus far occupied only by the amazing Ronnie Kroell.) Perhaps we’ll crown Mr. Zaso again in honor his third cookbook, ‘Breakfast in Bed with Café Himbo.’

In the meantime, the Café Himbo world has gone beyond books and into a charming web series. Check out one of the first episodes below, and just try to resist delving into the rest. It’s a testament to the many hats that Zaso has so chicly and successfully worn over the years that this series is so rich in variety and entertainment.

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Hunk of the Day: Eric Angelo

Eric Angelo1

His fans are hailed as Angels, and our Hunk of the Day seems more than heavenly enough to earn his accolades. This is Eric Angelo, a photographer and model who knows both ends of the camera, and knows them quite well. Witness his sultry gaze, the way he plays to his best angles. Witness the contour of his poses, the way he finds the light. There is a skill and an art to posing. You can’t just stand there. Or lie there. Not if you want results. Not if you want to make magic. Even looking pretty requires a little work.

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Hunk of the Day: Clint Mauro

clint mauro 101

Does it hurt to be so pretty? I wonder if the physically perfect feel the weight to be perfect in other ways, if it weighs down on them, or simply elevates the way they feel their place in the world. It is a gift to be blessed with such beauty, or so I would imagine, but I can’t say I know for sure. Clint Mauro, our Hunk of the Day, may have more insight into that. He is probably best known for an impressive Armani underwear campaign, in which he put these poses to good use.

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Hunk of the Day: Dusty St. Amand

Dusty St. Amand 101

For the lovers of the hairy and the hirsute, and this blog has many, this is Hunk of the Day Dusty St. Amand. As someone who embraces his own natural body, foregoing the tweezing and plucking that has plagued the present notions of male beauty for far too long, St. Amand is a welcome and refreshing push for an untamed gorgeousness. More of us need to embrace that. Pushing back against the mainstream, bucking the smooth pristine perfection of airbrushed falsity ~ this is where true beauty lives.

[See also Ben Cohen, Jared Allman, Hutch Dano, Simon Cowell, Justice Joslin, Mark Ruffalo, and, on occasion, Henry Cavill.]

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Hunk of the Day: Danny Perez, Jr.

danny perez 101

We don’t feature many Juniors here, but perhaps it’s high time we started. This is Danny Perez, Jr. – the Hunk of the Day. In these sultry shots by Rick Day and Ronald N.Tan, Mr. Perez makes a name for himself, junior or not.

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A Grandly Gratuitous Pietro Boselli Post

pietro boselli 1001

When someone as physically fine as Pietro Boselli poses for an Attitude cover story, it deserves a post of its own. Mr. Boselli is the math teacher who took the gay internet by storm with his banging body and dreamy good looks, and he’s going even further in this photo shoot for the popular British rag. Of course he’s already been named a Hunk of the Day, but he’s likely due for a second run any day now. Enough of my yammering, you just want to see the goods.

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Hunk of the Day: Mariano Ontanon

Mariano Ontanon0

A pretty Hunk of the Day for your Friday night madness, this is Mariano Ontanon. Male models may be a dime a dozen, but I happen to think they’re worth a little more. There are far worse crimes than being beautiful, and I’d rather celebrate someone’s genetic luck than envy it. Here’s to you, Mr. Ontanon, and here’s to beauty.

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Hunk of the Day: Barrett Pall, One More Time

barrett pall 101

As impressive as he was during his first stint as Hunk of the Day, Barrett Pall offers even more for this second crowning and honor, starting with the super-sexy Calvin Klein homage to #MyCalvins seen below, one of the best hashtags ever created (at least judging by the results). His website ‘Artisan & King’ remains as elegant and entertaining as ever, with videos being uploaded regularly, and spellbinding close-ups of those blue eyes. Not to mention all that’s going on behind the pools of blue. Intelligent thoughtfulness trumps physical beauty every time, but in tandem it’s invincible.

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Hunk of the Day: Jon Kortajarena

Jon Kortajarena 0010

Spanish model Jon Kortajarena is the Hunk of the Day, and in timely fashion, having just appeared in Madonna’s whimsical new video. (He’s the guy she kisses and gives a shot, I believe. Lucky fuck. Her, I mean. Well, him too, despite what Drake would have you believe.) Mr. Kortajarena has landed advertising campaigns for Just CavalliVersace, Armani, Bally, Etro, Trussardi, Diesel, Lagerfeld, and Pepe Jeans, as well as heavy hitters H&M, Zara, Guess and, wait for it, Tom Ford in a butt-baring advert for glasses.

An openly gay male model is, strangely enough, not the norm outside of Andrew Christian’s borders, despite the in-roads and stellar examples of Ronnie Kroell and JP Calderon. Mr. Kortajarena is making headway in that arena simply by not making a big deal about it. That’s the sort of shrug I like to see.

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Hunk of the Day: Harry Louis

harry louis 101

Before his assumedly-lucrative personal alliance with Marc Jacobs, Harry Louis had apparently made a name for himself, and everything attached to it, with a number of adult films (read: gay porn). There are much worse ways to make a living (my five-year stint in retail and two-week run as a bus-boy come to mind) and there’s an undeniable bit of dark glamour and seedy sparkle that accompanies the work of a porn star, so I’ll never degrade the vocation. And if it takes a toll (and history is riddled with depressing examples of how often it does) Mr. Louis has thus far eluded the dim extinguishing of so many others who have gone before. I’m definitely rooting for him (not that he needs it – look at these photos!)

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Hunk of the Day: Justice Joslin

justice joslin 101

Thanks be to God that there is some justice left in the world, especially when it’s Justice Joslin. This Hunk of the Day heralds all that is beautiful and pretty in the universe. A male model of almost impossible perfection, Mr. Joslin boldly, and admirably, maintains his chest hair in the face of all the shaving and plucking that is ruining today’s portrayal of male beauty. Here’s to the natural guys who keep it real.

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Hunk of the Day: Jeff Tomsik

jeff tomsik 101

This Ohio guy is a male model who started off as a garbage man. Garbage collector? I don’t know the PC term and I don’t care. After an ad campaign for Hollister, he was picked up for an Abercrombie catalog by Bruce Weber. Mr. Weber’s eye rarely fails, and thus Jeff Tomsik was the next big thing. Now, he’s a Hunk of the Day, but it hasn’t gone to his head. In fact, he seems to have maintained a sense of where he came from, and there’s nothing more American than a small town in Ohio.

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Hunk of the Day: Dominik Persy

Dominik Persy 101

Being the Boy Toy of Ms. Sonja Morgan is no easy feat. First off, there’s a lot of competition, and a pretty-full pool of been-there-done-thats. (And that particular pool probably isn’t so fresh anymore.) But that didn’t stop male model Dominik Persy from tossing his pretty body into the mix to test the water for himself. No idea how serious the Real Housewife of New York is about Mr. Persy, but there’s nothing funny about his smoldering looks (or those cheekbones). Here’s hoping he lasts until the end of the season. in the meantime, he’s the Hunk of the Day.


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Hunk of the Day: Nikita Gutsu

Nikita Gutsu 101

Male fitness model Nikita Gutsu is our Hunk of the Day, and it pains me to say that I was probably in my twenties when he was being birthed, so just stop doing the math before we’re all in tears. Mr. Gutsu apparently had his stuff together long before I ever did, at least physically, and when you’re young and have the admiration of the whole world, nothing else seems to matter.

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