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Hunk of the Day: Cody Saintgnue

Cody Saintgnue 100

Born in the heart of America – Dayton, Ohio – the Hunk of the Day is none other than Cody Saintgnue. A successful model and actor, Mr. Saintgnue is perhaps best known for his work on MTV’s popular ‘Teen Wolf’ series. I must admit to being wholly ignorant of that show (though I have some not-so-fond memories of the ‘Teen Wolf’ movie starring Michael J. Fox way back in the 80′s, but that gives away a generation gap I’d rather pretend is not in existence. At any rate, enjoy the current crop of heart-throbs.

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Hunk of the Day: Matt Vose

matt vose 101

An English model who came to America to make a name for himself has already largely succeeded. This is Matt Vose, who recently gave a telling soundbite in an interview describing what makes a good model versus a bad model: “ I think it would have to be ego, a lot of other models I talk to can be a little vain. We need to be slightly humble in this industry not everyone appeals to the same crowd. One man’s pin-up is another man’s waste paper.” Such a lack of hubris is refreshing, and makes Mr. Vose even more appealing. Congrats to him for this first Hunk of the Day honor.

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Hunk of the Day: C.J. Koegel

C.J. Koegel 099

Model and fitness trainer extraordinaire C.J. Koegel is the Hunk of the Day, or in this case the Hunk of Holy Thursday. If you had to pick one last morsel of meat to eat, might this be the one? Mr. Koegel had a background in football, as well as some notoriety from one of the Real World seasons on MTV. There’s something retro about that at this point.

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Hunk of the Day: Landon Falgoust

landon falgoust 101

I don’t often allow the male models featured here to speak for themselves, and maybe I should have adhered to that rule here, but sometimes seeing them in motion matters more than merely gazing upon a still shot. To that end, scroll down for a little introductory hello from Hunk of the Day Landon Falgoust.

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Hunk of the Day: Justin Lacko

justin lacko 101

Sometimes a Hunk of the Day doesn’t need a massive write-up or excessive exposition.

Sometimes, as in the case of Justin Lacko, the Hunk of the Day just needs some light, a few shadows, and a piece of fabric with which to play hide-and-seek. Enjoy the game.

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Gratuitous St. Patrick’s Day Ginger Post

ginger shirtless 001

St. Patrick’s Day means different things to different people. To some, it’s a Shamrock Shake, plain and simple. To others, it’s a river dyed green in the heart of Chicago. To more, it’s some sort of religious event honoring a Saint none of us really know. For me, it’s all about the gingers. 

Rather than give you some link-heavy ginger post, I’m going to let these unmarked and unidentified ginger gentlemen tickle your sights anonymously. A ginger is a magical creature, and I don’t want to scare any of these guys off. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

PS – Come back in the middle of the day for an extra ginger treat

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Hunk of the Day: Brandon Myles White

brandon white 101

Fresh off a steamy magazine spread with Britney Spears, fitness maestro and male model Brandon Myles White is now being named Hunk of the Day. With a resume that includes spreads in Cosmopolitan, Fitness RX, and Muscle & Fitness, this well-rounded Hunk also enjoys artistic pursuits in the form of creating posters and murals. A fierce body is one thing, but an appreciation for artistic expression simply cements the deal.

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Hunk of the Day: Ekhosuehi Eseosa

Ekhosuehi Eseosa 100

The best male models are those that can elicit a number of emotions in a  single photograph. They master the art of looking seductive while appearing completely innocent, the stature of great strength coupled with touching vulnerability. It’s not as easy as it looks, to be something for everyone, but that’s the goal. Ekhosuehi Eseosa executes such turns effortlessly, which is why he is the Hunk of the Day.


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Hunk of the Day: Dan Rodrigues

Dan Rodrigues

Spectacularly sexy in its simplicity, and epically entertaining thanks to its gorgeous centerpiece, this photo shoot by the magnificent Gustavo Bresciano gives Dan Rodrigues his very first Hunk of the Day crowning. Mr. Rodrigues is a model and vlogger who inspires photographer Bresciano to new heights of artistic beauty.

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Hunk of the Day: Loic Mabanza

Loic Mabanza 100

Currently trooping it through Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, Loic Mabanza makes for a very special Hunk of the Day. (Any friend of Madonna should be a friend of mine.) Performing artist, dancer, actor and model, Mr. Mabanza is a threat too varied to be called triple. (He also gets to share one of the more precious moments of Madonna’s show: he flanks her right before she goes into a touching performance of ‘La Vie En Rose.’)

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Hunk of the Day: Justice Joslin

Justice Joslin 101

Some Hunks of the Day are no more than male models, and in the case of Justice Joslin, that’s more than enough. Allow him to introduce himself below. (And take off his shirt.)

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Hunk of the Day: Jack Eyers

Jack Eyers 101

Having just walked the runway during New York Fashion Week, Jack Eyers adds another feather to his male modeling cap with this current honor as Hunk of the Day. (If given the choice, I’d totally take Fashion Week over this paltry website’s accolades, but this is all I have to give.) Congrats to Mr. Eyers on this latest honor.

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Hunk of the Day: Eric Rutherford

eric rutherford 101

Giving hope for those of us well on our way to joining the silver club, our Hunk of the Day Eric Rutherford offers salt and pepper waves of glory upon his head. As more and more crop up on mine, I’m thrilled to see others paving the way in such handsome form. Mr. Rutherford is an event planner and model – a Renaissance man after my own heart. Move over Anderson Cooper, there’s a new silver fox in town.

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Hunk of the Day: Alex Valley

alex valley 100

This may be the only thing for which North Dakota has entered my awareness: Hunk of the Day Alex Valley, who hails from that here-to-fore unheralded state. It takes something this pretty to put such a state on the map, and Mr. Valley may be its finest representative. If and when a Mr. America pageant gains a fraction of the attention or fervor that its famous female counterpart gathers, I nominate Valley for ND. Not that an upstate New Yorker has anything to say about the matter, but I know beauty, and that counts for something.

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Hunk of the Day: Zack Hardt

zack hardt 101

Fitness model, athlete and Instagram God Zack Hardt is this Sunday’s Hunk of the Day. Mr. Hardt has a sizable following on social media based on all the beautiful evidence you see before you. On such a day of rest, ease your eyes on the specimen exposed here. Blessed be.

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