Returning to Hunkdom

The Hunk of the Day feature, one of the most popular of this wayward blog, has been lacking in its daily aspect of late, so I will try to rectify that in the coming days, starting with this hunky recap.

We begin with looking back at an Essex hunk, Lewis Bloor, whose across-the-pond splendor transcends oceans and seas.

French Olympic wrestler Luca Lampis has buns of steel, and shows them off in his Hunk of the Day post.

The actor-model hyphenate gets a glorious work-out in the fine form of Ronnie Cash.

Put your dukes up for Amir Khan.

A hairy chest will always be a hit on this blog, as evidenced by the hirsute body of Benjamin Alfonso.

Two-time Hunk of the Day Wayne Parker Gregory looks best in a jockstrap.

Victor Gaspar looks great in Calvin Klein underwear, and out of it.

And Trevor LaPaglia looks good in and out of motion.

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