Wacky Wednesday: Jockstrap Hump

The Delusional Grandeur Tour got over the hump with its recent spattering of Tour Book entries, chronicling the Warrior Retribution portion of the proceedings. Non-fans of the darker images can relax and rest easy now – from here on out it’s going to be beauty and fashion and flowers and shit – and something a little bit deeper, but that’s for you to discover on your own.

For this Hump Day, here’s a jockstrap shot that never made the final Tour Book, taken as noted from the Warrior section. {You may revisit that lengthy chapter at these links: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight.}

And if you like jockstraps, you can visit these posts: Jockstrap One, Jockstrap Two, Jockstrap Three, Jockstrap Four, Jockstrap Five, Jockstrap Six, Jockstrap Seven, Jockstrap Eight. What can I say? We like to get linky here.

{The Delusional Grandeur Tour resumes this weekend in Boston…}

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