Super Jocks Activate!

super jock 1501

Tomorrow is the epic ‘Super Jocks in Super Jocks’ show in Chicago, IL, so if you’re in the vicinity give it a look-see. I wish I’d had the foresight to plan a trip there, but hopefully this will be an annual event so I can make a proper pilgrimage next year. As previously reported here, this is a benefit for TPAN and Chicago House. Hosted by Bianca Del Rio, it features the stunning hand-crocheted jock-straps of The Crochet Empire, as helmed by Andy Boyer. Works of art in their own right, you should see them when they’re filled out by the collection of hunky studs who will be parading down the runway. The Art of the Jockstrap indeed.

Here are a few promo photos provided by The Crochet Empire for this red-hot event. Tickets can be purchased at

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