The First Summer Recap

It’s only been here a day, but we’re already recapping a bit of summer. Oh well, such is the state of the calendar, and no one is complaining. I’ll drag my naked ass out of the pool to go over what happened in the last week, as much of it was light and fluffy, while more serious stuff was going down. That’s the way summer rolls. Hang onto a noodle and paddle.

Adam Lambert got us all a little bit high. 

After a lengthy absence, the Madonna timeline returned, in a quiet way. We went back to 1995, the year that she took one of many bows, and then she put out this fun summer video that pissed half of her camp off, and thrilled the rest of the world.

Zac Efron got shirtless, as he is wont to do, and nobody complained.

A new (old) summer fragrance from the house of Hermès.

Bradford Shane Shellhammer made his first appearance as Hunk of the Day. (And if I can score an interview with him, it may not be the last…)

Ginger Glory via Kinky Boots.

Suzie turned 40. Who will be next??? Oh, right, Chris…

The world’s baddest Noah, of ark-building fame.

The world’s fiercest fashion model.

Lunch by Cher.

Here’s why I was largely out of circulation for the past week or so – and on that note, Happy Father’s Day again!

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