Greeting Summer in the Buff


It’s the first official day of summer, even if we’ve been celebrating it for quite some time. (The longer this sunny season goes, the happier we seem to be.) This will be a busy one, for various reasons, but before we get down to all that nitty and gritty, let’s just ease into things with a frolic in the pool and a couple of throwback skinny-dipping shots.

This year I haven’t been in the pool much – there just hasn’t been time – but with the warmer weather I’m looking to change that. There have been enough pool photo shoots that I don’t think another will be missed. (And if it is, go here, here, here, here, or here.) Link-a-rama! Like Chick-a-rama only with links. Ok, it’s summer and my mind is on vacation. Seek sense somewhere else. Happy Sun & Fun!

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