Hunk of the Day: Bradford Shane Shellhammer

“The up and down of entrepreneurship is really remarkable. It’s joyous, sometimes lonely, exhilarating, frustrating, terrifying, and calming all in one. Some days, like today, you experience all these emotions within hours of one another. And your only choice is to give in to it all and embrace it all and smile knowing you’re building something and trying to move the world forward somehow. And moving forward requires work, imagination, positivity, and mostly it requires belief. I hope everyone I know and love gets the chance to build something in their lives. It’s intoxicating and grounding.” ~ Bradford Shane Shellhammer

It’s rare that someone other than a male model or actor or sports specimen gets to be Hunk of the Day, and even rarer when that person turns out to be an entrepreneur, but Bradford Shane Shellhammer has busted through labels and limitations for his entire life. Having recently been named one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company, he has also been christened the “King of Quirk” by no less than Forbes magazine. His rise to fame was in large part due to his vision and execution as Founder and Chief Design Officer for

While that put him squarely on the cultural border where artistic creativity meets business, it was actually his personal life – and one very fabulous wedding – that kept him on my radar. He continues to enthrall, further expanding the cutting edge of fashion, design, creativity, and all aspects of the arts. Such a forward-thinking gentleman is destined to do well in any arena, and Shellhamer deftly straddles the line between the fashionable and the financial – a designing dandy with a duo of degrees and a dynamic drive to keep him ahead of the game.

Oh, and he’s pretty to look at, which comprises at least 75% of what makes up a Hunk of the Day.

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