All Shiny & New

This is the part of the annual growing season that I like best – everything is still fresh and new, and not quite grown out to its maximum splendor. Bits of earthenware pots can still be seen, glimpses of dark soil forming a perfect background to the brightest green that the season will achieve. There is promise in such chartreuse shades, and a vibrant expectancy that will only gradually erode from this point forward.

Now is the time to pinch things back a little to keep them bushy and full. The first few times I have to do this always gives me pause, but then I remember that gardening is a ruthless business, and being wimpy now will only result in problems and weakness later.

For the moment, though, a breather in the relentless pace of this sunny month. A couple of trims, a little watering, some feeding, and then a bit of admiration and reflection. Enjoy the day.

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