Lunch Inspired by Cher

15 lunch 1

For those of you unaware of classic gay culture, the lunch I made for Noah and Emi was directly inspired by Cher’s sandwich-making efforts in ‘Mermaids.’ I didn’t have a star-shaped cookie-cutter, so these shapes were more basic in design and appearance, but I still think they were cute enough to merit more than a passing ‘Meh’ from Emi, who, it seems, does not like bologna. (Well I don’t either but I’m not five!) Next time I’ll do up the watercress and tapenade as originally planned.

Kids can be finicky, but in the strangest ways. Rather than bologna and mustard, Miss Emi Lu preferred a simple meal of bread and butter, with a side of pickle. I’m assuming she’s way too young to be pregnant, so I didn’t get overly concerned, merely buttered up some white bread and popped open a jar of McClure’s finest. Chased down with half a glass of milk and finished off with some chocolate cake and whipped cream, it was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a while. But if a kid can be made whole by bread and butter, I’m not about to complain. Pass the pickles.

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