Summer of ’16 Recap – Part 3

The last few days of summer sometimes hold the most exquisite charms, and September casts a spell that few months can match. This year it was no different, as the sun continued to shine, the warmth continued to resonate, and the summer did not want to leave. We didn’t want it to go either.

A September song.

A birthday run-in with the police.

A look-back at Rehoboth Beach, where I found my sea legs again, lulled by the waves, or knocked down by the ocean.

Summer sea creature.

Like sands through the hourglass

Dancing with Whitney.

Sweet September.

Back to school.

Return to delusions.

Brunch with a baby, park with a dog.

Dinner with an old friend.

Washington monuments and Smithsonian solitude.

Porn Again.

A Donald Trump supporter called me a faggot (after telling me to die).

My Gay Roommate.

September morning glory.

gratuitous Nyle DiMarco post.

Tom Ford releases a perfect Vert fragrance for September.

The Justin Timberlake spread.

Match made in heaven: Tom Ford & Jake Gyllenhaal.

Madonna makes the Devil Pray.

September Hunks included Jon Pastor, Jack Whitehall, Danny Mac, Ashley Cain, Conor Fay, Billy Gilman, Max George, Cheyenne Jackson, Christopher Gotham and Sean Smith.

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