The Return of My Gay Roommate

The adorably charming Noam Ash and his smash YouTube phenomenon ‘My Gay Roommate’ have returned with brand new half-hour webisodes. A Kickstarter campaign has just begun as well, to produce a pilot with all the professional bells and whistles that such incredible raw talent deserves. The time has definitely come for this kind of entertainment. The premise of the reloaded show turns the traditional notion of gay-guy-as-outsider on its pretty little head.

Nick and Max are roommates at Tuffet University, a classic liberal arts college complete with battalions of student groups, over-achieving freshmen, upperclassmen burnouts and the self-righteous indignation that characterizes Northeastern academia.

Nick Cohen is a newly out Jewish boy with OCD tendencies, while his roommate Max Finnegan is a broad-shouldered slob who may or may not have peaked in high school. Our unlikely duo takes on a freshman year full of firsts with a rascally band of suitemates: Rupert (an effeminate ladies man), his roommate Dom (the star linebacker) and Ernie (a techie Japanophile). They are joined by Sloane, Max’s no-bullshit upperclassman love interest, and her misanthropic roommate Mildred who become part of the crew.

The world of My Gay Roommate flips the social paradigm: being gay is not an issue, the football players are the underdogs while the a capella singers are the popular kids, the frat boys are the tame and rule-abiding students while the Women’s Rugby Team is the drug dealing muscle.

In this way, the show moves past the cliche gay-best-friend-side-kick and homophobic-straight-man relationship we see so often. My Gay Roommate presents a way of life that’s a little more 2016 – where a gay guy and straight guy are just friends. Best friends.

With all the darkness in the world right now, we need this kind of show: an escape, a glimpse of happiness, a laugh at how the universe should be. Like the best classic sitcoms, there is a heart here that fuels the wit and hilarity, a sense of goodness and friendship that cradles the sexy sauciness and forges a path into a beautifully bold future. To help out, because art is always a worthwhile investment, visit the Kickstarter page and pledge what you can. Also be sure to check out what awesomeness has come before on their YouTube channel. And please spread the good word!

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