Sun of a Beach

The late afternoon sun lends drama and light to the sand, revealing its own sea of tiny particles echoing the nearby ocean. Undulating domes of the sand mirror and mimic the undulating domes of the water. Nature loves her little winks, and so do I.

This landscape of sand offers a multitude of microcosms, and an endless array of abstract forms. If you inspect things closer, if you get down on the beach and peer intently on one small patch of sand, you’ll see how the particles open up, how varied and different each grain of sand is from another.

Some are large and ragged, some are small and smooth, and there is gradation in between and beyond. From pieces that are large enough to be considered pebbles to particles so fine that they can be thrown in the air like smoke, the infinite possibility of the world can be found in the smallest patch of beach.

We make our own mark in the world, mostly in fleeting and temporal form, and mostly unseen. The pattern that a flock of seagulls makes in the sand is just as beautiful, and lasting, as anything I’ve ever created. We are, the lot of us, grand and insignificant at once.

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