Lazy Bath Boy

Yes, it’s already November, but much too soon to be this tired. However, such is the state I’m in, so this post is going to take an indulgent look back a year, to last November. It started in the aftermath of a political election, when I was feeling particularly dirty. The best thing to do when one feels dirty is to take a bath. (Of course, these things must be done gratuitously.) And you must have the right kind of soap.

After behaving so badly, it was time to go to church.

Luckily, there were other bad boys to pick up the shirtless slack, including Adam Levine,  Keith Urban, Scott Herman, Chris Zylka, Brahim Zaibat, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Taylor Lautner, Wes Welker, Dean Geyer, Taylor Kinney, Josh Wald, and Matthew Mitcham.

And we could always count on David Beckham and his bulge, especially in his first and long over-due crowning. And this video.

As we await the 100th installment of the Madonna Timeline, last year we did a quick recap of some of the stronger entries.

This was, and remains, the only person who can give me fashion advice safely.

The proximity to the holidays always brings up happy memories.

Last year was easy – no idea how to follow it up this year.

I spent my first visit at The Out, where I let it all hang out, but only in the good light on the bed.

God, I guess I did get naked a lot. Well, do…

And always – always – there was the sanctuary of Boston.

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