Wardrobe Advice from My Nephew

This is my nephew Noah helping me decide what to wear for tonight’s gala. Sometimes it’s good to get a child’s perspective on questionable accessories. Just to clarify, I did not instigate this playing-with-pearls moment – they were sitting on the table when he happened to stop by for a visit, and like all things that I forget to put away when the kids come over, he made a beeline for what was not supposed to be touched. I believe he was trying to tell me to tone down the number of pearls I was going to wear.

After giving it some thought, I had to admit the kid was right. From the mouths of babes.

Additional clarification: I did not encourage him to put them on either. You can’t stop a kid from being fabulous if that’s what he wants to do. (Besides, he took them off after a minute, so clearly he didn’t find them as fabulous as I would have. He much preferred rolling (and throwing) the balls violently on (and off) the pool table.)

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