Bath Time for A Dirty Birdy

Talking politics always makes me feel dirty, so there’s no better time to take a bath than today. Actually, it was the other day, so hopefully I’ll have some residual cleanliness to see me through what will likely be a very long evening. When we redid our master bathroom a few years ago, both Andy and I decided a tub was unnecessary. Neither of us took baths, and the lines of a shower-only bathroom were much cleaner and more open. Though I still prefer this, every once in a while I find myself craving a long, hot bath, particularly when we approach the winter, and cold nights aren’t staved off by hot showers alone.

When I’m lucky enough to be staying in a decent hotel, I’ll scope out the tub, fill it with hot water, and add a few drops of tea tree oil and some lavender bubble bath. Throw in a new sponge and I’m happy as a pearl being rescued from an icky clam, re-purposed for some pretty lady’s sweetly-scented neckline. It’s the poor-man’s version of a massage – an indulgent moment of pampering that takes the edge off of the day.

The comfort of bubbles, the way they tickle the nose and the ears, adds to the playful notion of taking a bath. All that’s missing is a rubber ducky.

The only thing that sometimes creeps into my OCD head is the thought that by the end of it you’re basically sitting in a pool of dirty water. That’s why I have to take a quick shower afterward. There was actually once a doctor who said that was actually the best way to get the most clean – a bath followed by a shower. Works for me.

In honor of election day, and my intention to stay far from politics, there will be nothing but bath posts coming up later – as per a promise I made to the Duchess. Now then, who’s a dirty boy?

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