The Booty Pic That Got Banned from FaceBook

Every time a photo of mine gets banned from FaceBook (and it’s only happened on two or three occasions) I see a surge in traffic on this website, so while on some level it’s annoying that an anonymous nobody can report a photo (doesn’t the basic tenet of being accused of something require that you know your accuser?) on every other level it’s a win.

Here is the offending photograph, a cheeky shout-out to show my excitement regarding the release of Matthew Rettenmund’s fantastic ‘Encyclopedia Madonnica 20’ (which will get a proper write-up in a bit). It’s hard to see this as anything more than a risqué bit of artful nudity, but in the world we live in I guess people would rather see pictures of bloody fetuses or murdered students than any artistic depiction of the unadorned human body. No matter.

Given the quick turn-around of this post, one might think it was just a ploy for precisely this reason, and that I was just waiting/baiting for someone to report it. I can assure you from my ever-loving heart that nothing could be further from the truth. [Wink-wink.] What do you think this is, ‘Justify My Love’? I’m not making any money off of this.

But I do welcome any and all reports of nudity, because it makes this site what it is. Now kiss my ass!

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