Whose Crotch Did She Just Grab?

G-Eazy 101

At my advanced age, the best way to watch the MTV Video Music Awards is on FaceBook the next day. Miraculously, because there must be a gay God, I caught the snippet of Britney Spears performing live last night as it happened. Good for her,  I thought, as she had another VMA moment: crouching beneath and behind some white rapper, she grabbed his crotch in front of whatever teeny-boppers still watch such things. Turns out the guy is G-Eazy, and this would be a proper christening as Hunk of the Day if his photos weren’t so limited. Until he turns up the heat he’ll have to make-do with this pictorial of his pecs. And that crotch-grab.

(I can’t tag this under my usual ‘Music’ category because, well, Britney.)

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