David Beckham Selected These Pants for Me

15 beckham clothes 1

While Beckham may have selected these items for me, it’s my prerogative to not wear or purchase them, and I am exercising said prerogative. In his current ad campaign for H&M, Mr. Beckham stands behind the truthful tag line “Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham” in a rare moment where he’s not pretending to have designed the collection. I’ll bet Victoria Beckham had a hand in that, because Posh knows a thing or two about designing versus standing around looking hot in your skivvies.

I browsed the wares that Mr. Beckham supposedly selected, and though they were serviceable, they were nothing too spectacular. I need something with a little more pep in this spring season, especially when the winter has been so long and bleak. Now is not the time for subtlety. David Beckham knows better. Personally, I feel he should stick with what he knows best: underwear.

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