The Evolution of David Beckham’s Bulge


Despite our in-flux status, or perhaps because of it, this seems as good a time as any to examine the evolution of David Beckham and his briefs-encapsulated bulge. God knows we could use the hits… The featured image above is the first time many of us got a glimpse of Becks and his balls, and it remains iconic. Compare that to the one below, in which he appeared with his wife, Victoria (who will always be known as Posh in my book). As much as I love her, I’ve cropped much of her out.

A few years pass before his latest venture, his own line of underwear for H&M. As disappointing as their first offering was (fabric and fit was all wrong), I may have to give it another go, even with the unfortunate mustache that accompanies the new promo images. The Power of Beckham in Briefs. It’s very real.

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