Week in Review: 1/28 ~ 2/3

Another week, nay another month, has gone by, and we are at the point of a recap. This was a fun one – with lots of old friends taking the sting out of the last week of January. Slowly the days are getting longer now, the sun gradually staying out a little later. We’ve got a long road ahead, but the first third of Winter is well and truly over. It’s the slightest sliver of hope that gets us through the day. But enough on that, let’s get this rehash over:

  • The Madonna Timeline shuffled to two of my non-favorite songs by her madgesty, ‘Candy Shop‘ and ‘Gang Bang‘, but I did my best with what I was given.
  • A new musical ‘Upstairs‘ is in the launching phase, but needs help to come to full fruition. It tells the story of a 1973 arson fire at a gay bar in New Orleans – one of the deadliest attacks against gays and lesbians in the history of this country, and one that went largely known.
  • The last, and by far the most impressive. moment of this week was the premiere of the Straight Ally Profile feature. I wrote it on my friend Skip Montross, and he somehow managed to get it onto the front page of Reddit (a major accomplishment, I’m told – and one that resulted in our biggest traffic day ever). It was one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written on this website, and it’s a testament to how great a guy Skip is – and the proof is encapsulated here: “It is assured that the generations that follow us will view the voices of today, those who say that traditional marriage is a right reserved for only straight couples, with the same bitter disdain that we reserve for those who believed that separate could ever be equal… That is why it means so much to me… not because I benefit but because it is right.” ~ Skip Montross

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