Hunk of the Day: Kevin O’Donnell

Up until this point, the majority of the Hunks of the Day here have been celebrities who have taken their shirts (and sometimes pants) off in the name of hotness. There are, however, just as many unheralded handsome men not on the movie screen or the radio or the football field, and they don’t always get their day in the sun. This year, I wanted to try something a little different, bringing some real people into the mix and honoring the cute guy next door. And in this worldwide web, everyone on FaceBook or Twitter feels like a neighbor, so our first foray into the population begins with Kevin O’Donnell. Hailing from the latest state to recognize marriage equality (Rhode Island), Mr. O’Donnell is one of my favorite FaceBook friends, due mostly to his porn pics. Food porn, of course.

Every time he cooks a meal it looks sinfully delicious, so it should come as no surprise that cooking is one of his passions. As he puts it, “I love to be in the kitchen and experiment with new cooking ideas. I hardly ever use a cookbook. I enjoy walking into the market and improvising with ingredients that might work well together.” Above and beyond that is the pleasure he finds in sharing his work with others. “I enjoy pleasing people with their taste buds,” he offers. “I think that is why I enjoy cooking the most.”

Other interests include jogging (“I especially like jogging in the Fall and the Winter. There is something about the crisp New England air and building up a sweat that is just invigorating to me. You can never go wrong with building endorphins!”) and his 6-month-old mini schnauzer Ivy, another face that pops up on his FaceBook feed, and visible proof that she is “probably the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.” For our first guy-next-door hunk, I can’t think of a better selection than someone who loves cooking, jogging, and his dog. (And it doesn’t hurt that he can rock a mustache.)

(If you or someone you know would like to be a Hunk of the Day, send suggestions to me at [alanilagan1(@)]. The criteria are as loose as my morals circa 2000, so do not be afraid.)

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