Racing Through A Racy Recap

While I’ve been gone, there have been more than a few skin-heavy posts, glorifying gratuitous male nudity, and putting naked male celebrities upon a posterior-posing pedestal, which means this recap is going to be more than a little racy.  April is, however, one of the racier months, speeding by as it removes the last vestiges of the most stubborn winter. Until the heat is here to stay, we’ll rub some sticks and dicks together and make our own warmth. Onto the hotties…

The “Great Naked Male Celebrity” post has been done to death, right here on this site, but never with this amount of GIFs and a bonus video.

A recap within this recap (as is the tendency when I’m away) is doubly represented by The Words and The Photos.

Another double-dose of sexiness was on full display with a pair of posts: The Bulge Report – with its healthy recollection of some notable male package action, and The Butt Report – with its coming-from-behind posterior power.

If it was my butt you were after, one of my favorite artists captured it here.

The Hunk of the Day feature was in full daily effect, populated by the sexy clothes-shedding likes of Andrew Morrill, Joshua Michael Brickman, Todd Hanebrink, James Clement, James MaslowDrew Pare, and Jason Taulb.

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