Picture This, And Then Some

A close-second to The Writings, as far as my fickle interests go, are The Pictures. In some ways, they have taken over this site, as almost every post features some sort of photo to go along with it, whether it be Shirtless hunks or iconic Madonna poses or simple flower and gardening shots. Of course, there are more shameless photo albums, like of me in my underwear, or high-brow black-and-white collections (me in my underwear with an artistic slant).

There are also albums of favorite places I’ve been, like London, Boston, Ogunquit, Provincetown, Washington, Cape Cod, San Francisco, and some not-so-favorite places like Las Vegas.

Finally, there are the seasons – those natural markers that signify the passage of a year, the ticking of time. The freshness and hope of spring, the glory and celebration of summer, the ripe fullness of fall, and the woeful slumber of winter ~ each grand and gorgeous in its own right, each possessing a particular pulchritude.

One day I’ll get around to updating these galleries, but that day is not today, so you have some time to peruse them at your leisure.

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