An Eclectic Collection

Aside from the Hunk of the Day and Madonna, the content of this blog is as varied as Renee Zellweger’s face. If you’re looking for consistency, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for the tried and true, try somewhere different. But if you’re looking for something that holds the possibility of the unexpected, even in this late day of my life (when I just discovered I need bifocals) get on board and hold on tight.

We are multifaceted creatures, layered like the proverbial rings of an onion. We do not lend ourselves to such convenient categorization, at least I don’t. One of the chief criticisms of this blog is that it veers so wildly between topics as varied as my affection for my niece and nephew to the dare-to-bare antics of shirtless (and often pants-less) men. As if to be a doting Uncle precluded being anything other. As if it wasn’t possible to appreciate the beauty of the naked human form and the floral form simultaneously. As if we were bound to be one thing and one thing only. Pish posh on such nonsense. Who can afford to be so limited? And who would want to be? If you’re that one-dimensional and narrow-minded, this is not the place for you, and you will find nothing but infuriation here. (And chances are I’ll thrill in giving it to you, because sometimes I’m just an insufferable prick.)

Anyway, the point of this post is to highlight a few off-the-beaten-path posts that hopefully show off the fact that this blog is more than just Madonna and men. Two very important topics, of course, but it’s good to get a little variety in your online diet. With that said, a sampling of the winding valley farm this story has become:

A letter to my niece and nephew. 

A smoke to be made sacred.

A wish on the moon.

A failure of narcissism.

A toothpick in the rain.

A stalker’s summer scene.

A pot to piss in.

A necessary evil.

A suitcase of scarves.

A pearl necklace.

A lesson learned.

A poem remembered.

A WalMart midnight.

A few shelves

And a cozy va-jay-jay.

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