Midnight at the WalMart

After finishing up our preliminary evening of web work, Skip and I made a midnight trip to WalMart to pick up the release of ‘The Hunger Games’. These are two things in which I am normally not at all interested, but when given the chance to go to WalMart at midnight and see a bunch of losers all excited for their dorky movie coming out on DVD, it was too much to pass up. I was only expecting a small handful of devoted/delusional fans, but the line was about 20 deep, and moving at a snail’s pace.
A family of four or five stood before us, and Skip asked the middle girl, about 12 years old, if she was Team Pita or Team Salad (I forget what the names were). She chose one, to which I said, “I’m Team Madonna.” She promptly turned back around and continued talking to her father. Rude. Skip said he half-expected the banjo music from Deliverance to start playing, and I prayed for a glimpse of Burt Reynolds back in his glory days. (Not that I’ve ever been smitten with Mr. Reynolds. I can’t get on board with a mustache.)
A single guy with gigantic holes in his ears is behind us in line. He doesn’t smile. He does, however, make me wonder what kind of movie ‘The Hunger Games’ is. Is this some ‘Lord of the Rings’ type epic? How else to explain the young men in line with us? Before I have time to dwell on the madness, Skip reaches the counter and gets his copy, then we are charging out of the store dodging bras and E-Z See keyboards and military men in full camo regalia. I’ve had my WalMart fill and it’s time for the Hess Express, even if they’re out of hot dogs.
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