A Gay Parade

Watching the Thanksgiving parade (which I usually do not do) I am reminded of the funniest gay stereotype I ever heard. I was working at the Rotterdam Structure for the summer, and a new co-worker who made The Situation from the Jersey Shore look like a classy gentleman had just joined our retail ranks. (I’m just talking about his overly-tanned appearance and penchant for excessive hair gel in his frosted up-do – he was actually quite a nice guy.)

Apparently he only knew one other gay person in his life – his Uncle – so he was curious about me. I never have a problem with that – in fact, it’s admirable when people want to learn more, and I’ve never dismissed or denigrated earnest questions from those who have an open mind and are willing to expand their knowledge.

Anyway, we were talking and out of the blue he asked whether I liked parades. It was a perplexing question, and I told him no, not particularly, then I asked him where that came from. He said his gay uncle always liked to watch parades so he thought that’s what gay people did. I busted out laughing.

As for the parade on television right now, I only hope that the poor flag girl who dropped her baton in front of all of America didn’t just ruin her life forever.

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