Three Sexy Pats

Apparently it’s already football season, even if we haven’t even finished baseball season. (It’s like no planning went into these things whatsoever.) But whatever, I’m a tree, I can bend, and today I am bending to the triumvirate of Patriots who hope to make it to the Superbowl. (I’ve gone off that thing ever since Madonna stopped doing her concert in the middle of it.) For those who still believe, here are several fun and sexy shots of Tom Brady (the quarterback!), Rob Gronkowski (the giant!), and Julian Edelman (the something else!)

Those Pats love a butt-pat, but who doesn’t? (For the record: me. If you try it, you’ll get a dirty look, if not worse.)

The budding on-field bromance between Brady and The Gronk is a beautiful sight to behold.

Of course, most anything The Gronk does is a sight to behold. He likes to boogie-woogie.

But even better than The Gronk exhibiting his dance moves, is Julian Edelman exhibiting his shirtless workouts. These last three GIFs speak for themselves, and they speak volumes.

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