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Sexy Sunday Shots – Part II

sexy shirtless 2001

Our lazy parade of sexy Sunday shots continues with this post, whereby things heat up with another collection of shirtless (and occasionally pants-less) gentlemen. Collections of shirtless male celebrities, and naked male celebrities, are nothing new here, but they are very much loved, so let the love shine.

We begin with the almost-naked body of Tom Daley.

The Olympics always afford the best in physical forms, such as the impeccable attributes of James Ellington.

It’s lame to lump male models into a single category, so let’s shine a separate spotlight on Ben Hunt, Juan Betancourt, Ryan Paevey, Josh ButtonRyan Bertroche, and Choi Ho Jin.

Another Olympian, from the Winter Games, this is Evan Lysacek.

A gay-themed movie put Marco Dapper on the map, and his naked body kept him there.

Harry Judd has become a favorite here, thanks to nude romps like this.

At the very beginning of a healthy run of underwear-clad posts, Dan Osborne had his first Hunk of the Day honor here.

The word ‘epic’ gets overused, but it’s the only one that encompasses two-time Hunk of the Day Todd Sanfield. It also works well for Nick Bateman and this glorious post.

When Hunks unite, it’s a sight to behold.

One last male model to close out this sexy Sunday: this is Justin Clynes in wet briefs. The End.

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Sexy Sunday Shots – Part I

sexy shirtless men 001

On this crazy Sunday, I’m taking the easy way out and posting this two-part collection of fine male specimens who have graced this blog with their beauty over the years. You can amass your own collection of favorites by conducting a search for your favorite male celebrity and seeing if he has been honored as a Hunk of the Day (or just some random eye candy). As always, requests are appreciated and more often than not speedily honored. As for other delectable morsels, let’s begin with Reichen Lehmkuhl, whose assets have been splayed across television screens and magazines the world over.

The holidays have long since passed from my mind, but these two sexy Santas remain: Austin Drage and Stuart Pilkington.

For those Bond-lovers out there, or just the Daniel Craig lovers out there, here you go.

Questionable behavior notwithstanding, Robin Thicke had his day in the Hunk-light.

Before he dropped trou in ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’, Jamie Dornan was a Hunk of the Day, thanks to his male modeling poses.

Gay YouTube sensation Davey Wavey makes some namesakes in this post.

A perennial favorite, this was Alex Minsky’s first Hunk of the Day honor.

The busting briefs of Eliad Cohen shall surely keep somebody warm.

Singer and booty-shaker Will Sabin knows how to work it.

Finally, we close out this first post with Zac Efron, the finest closer there could be.

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Hunk of the Day: Adam Driver

adam driver 000

There’s something seriously sexy about the dark side. Take Kylo Ren in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie. Yes, he offs his father and countless other innocent people in the quest for power and world domination, but he does it while sleekly wardrobed in shiny black, and that gorgeous red accent of a lightsaber. It’s enough to grant the man who played him, Adam Driver, a second turn as Hunk of the Day. Riding high on his ‘Star Wars’ turn, Mr. Driver recently appeared on a decent episode (or so I’m told) of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and even did a parody of gay porn. (I only watch that show when Madonna is on it, so I haven’t seen it in years – and I missed her Justin Timberlake appearance). At any rate, Mr. Drive makes a quirky Hunk, but that’s what makes the world go around. Difference is celebrated here. Quirkiness is welcomed. And the extraordinary beats the ordinary every single day.

PS: Bonus nude butt shot for those who really just came here to see Adam Driver naked.

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Hunk of the Day: Marwan Kenzari

marwan kenzari 100

Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari has the distinct honor of being named the Hunk of the Day on this American holiday. I haven’t seen any of his movies yet, but he’s filmed two more coming out in the next year so perhaps one day soon I will. In the meantime, here are a few work-out shots for those who come here for the shirtless guys.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Brief-Clad Bulge

cristiano 105

Whenever Cristiano Ronaldo slips into his underwear, it’s worth a bonus post. Especially when those underwear are as tiny as this. In this particular installment, Mr. Ronaldo is once again stripping down to his skivvies for a Men’s Health cover shoot, and what could be better on a dreary Saturday in January?


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Hunk of the Day: Charlie Puth

charlie puth 101

There was a time when I would have known who Charlie Puth was, and that he was one half of the duo responsible for the catchy pop song ‘Marvin Gaye‘ that saturated the radio airwaves last year. Gladly, my obsession and immersion in the culture of pop has been supplanted by more concrete concerns, so I had no idea that the tune I’d sometimes sung along with was performed by the Hunk of the Day, Charlie Puth.

Unlike some musical performers who are more Mickey Mouse Club than Mozart, Mr. Puth is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, and writes, produces and performs his own songs. Congrats to a young man who is making his own way.

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Russell Tovey’s Bangin’ Bod

russell tovey 0001

Russell Tovey has come a long way since his first Hunk of the Day crowning, and though this is technically not his second, it’s a fine feature spot for the English hunk currently treading the boards (and doffing his shirt) on Broadway. There’s a bit more bulging action here than on-stage, however, and I hope you won’t take offense at that. (If you want to see his naked ass in motion, click here.)

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Tom & Dustin: Men in Love

tom dustin 7

Lets not beat around the pubic bush: this is nothing more than an excuse to post some shirtless Tom Daley photos. For that, you are very welcome, but it’s also to showcase the love affair between fiancés Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, as photographed for Out Magazine. How my heart aches to have witnessed such affection as a little tyke growing up without any notion of what two men in love might look like. At any rate, I’m glad it’s here now, and I’ll do everything in my power to celebrate it, and share it, and make things a little easier for the next tyke who finds himself fancying blokes over dames.

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Hunk of the Day: Cody Simpson

cody simpson 101

He is probably the ant-thesis of what I find hunky – too young, too blonde, too bland – but somewhere there’s a market for the Hunk of the Day Cody Simpson. Teenage girls strike me as the target audience, but as Mr. Simpson grows up, I’m guessing he’ll gain a few more admirers. In the meantime, here’s for that early crop of infatuated lasses and lads. (He gets bonus points for exposing his bare ass in an online moment that he didn’t quite snatch back soon enough. The indiscretions of youth.)


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Hunk of the Day: Alex Mytton

alex mytton 100

The hottest straight guys are those who are comfortable and confident enough in their own sexuality to play a little flirtatious game with their gay fan base. Such is the case with Alex Mytton, who posts cheeky Instagram pics like the one below that give a glimpse of his assets. Mr. Mytton is a DJ and producer from across the pond, and gets the honor of being the first Hunk of the Day for 2016.

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The Naked Zac Efron Pics

zac efron naked alms 00

They’ve already been plastered all over the internet, but this blog would be remiss if it didn’t include, for posterity, these naked glimpses of Zac Efron.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Efron has flirted with nudity, but it may be the most graphic. I won’t see whatever movie it’s from, but clips will leak soon enough. In the meantime, a look back at some of Zac’s shirtless and pants-less posts from this place.

It began with his very first Hunk of the Day crowning (which was actually rather late in the Efron game).

There was this quick look at him in his wet tighty-whiteys.

A simple shirtless post with some shirtless GIFs.

The very first naked Zac Efron post, legit.

In this post, he stuck his hand down his pants and the world went ‘ahh.’

Even more shirtless Zac Efron GIFs.

When riding a steed, he doffed his shirt too.

And here he is grabbing another guy’s junk, for real.

Yup, some more shirtless Zac pics.

More photos from the promo shots used for what’s below.

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Christmas Hunk of the Day: Gavin Henson

15 santa gavin henson 1

For the life of me I could have sworn that Gavin Henson had already been a Hunk of the Day, and perhaps in the days prior to the grand revamping of 2012 that held true, but I can’t find him in the archives, so he gets the official honor today. Fittingly, here are some Santa-themed shots, hiding Mr. Henson’s modesty with just a red cap and a star. ‘Tis the season.

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Holiday Hunk of the Day: Trystan Bull

trystan bull 1000

Mixing the innocent and the profane, the pristine and the pornographic, the pure and the pagan, here is sexy Santa Trystan Bull as Hunk of the Day, putting his best cheek forward in the name of the season. Mr. Bull is a male model and more-than-occasional porn star, whose virtues are a gift at a time of giving. Merry Christmas to all!


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Hunk of the Day: John Stamos

john stamos naked 101

This is one of those perfectly-timed pieces in which our Hunk of the Day, John Stamos, just released a shot of his bare butt (in seriously artistic black and white). How such a hunk for the ages has gone so egregiously covered all these years is a mystery to me, one that finds a crack in the case with today’s naked bottom. I believe Mr. Stamos remains best-known for his role on ‘Full House’ – one of the most wretched sitcoms to ever be inflicted upon the human race, but it must have struck a chord with some people. Even at a time when my idea of compelling television was ‘The Facts of Life’ I found ‘Full House’ to be unbearable treacle. Mr. Stamos came out of it smelling like a rose, however, continually finding work, reinventing himself, and looking better than ever. Somewhere he’s got a portrait rotting away in his attic, I’m sure of it.

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Hunk of the Day: Gregg Sulkin

gregg sulkin 100

Sometimes you need an extra ‘g’ and in the case of Hunk of the Day Gregg Sulkin maybe that’s the extra appeal to his already-appealing good looks. He’s been off my radar, mostly because I don’t watch the kind of television shows in which he has appeared, but he’s creeping into my field of view thanks to underwear shots like those you see here. It’s my responsibility to spread the good word, and the good pics, so there you have it. Congrats to Mr. Sulkin on being named Hunk of the Day.

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