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Michael Phelps Nude for ESPN’s Naked Issue

michael phelps nude 101

(Ok, they call it the Body Issue, but it’s really the Naked Issue.) It would seem that there’s not much of a difference between donning a Speedo and donning a birthday suit, but Michael Phelps and his tan lines prove otherwise. The difference is profound, and sexy, and folks looking to see Mr. Phelps in all his glory need only pick up the latest ‘Naked Issue’ of ESPN Magazine. Said source has been supplying images of nude athletes for several years now, including Evan LysacekOguchi Onyewu, Matt Harvey, Giancarlo StantonTomáš Berdych, and the infamous Rob Gronkowski (more than once).

Mr. Phelps is no stranger to baring his body, having appeared on this site several times, notably in the shower and in his Speedo. Never before, however, have we seen Michael Phelps naked – until now. Was it worth the wait? You tell me. I will say this much: tan lines are back.

UPDATE: A better look at Michael Phelps nude.

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Hunk of the Day: Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello

To paraphrase Julie Andrews, an egregious error has been made, and while I would never refuse to accept a Tony nomination, I must admit when I’ve been neglectful, and right the wrong as soon as possible. In this case, it’s the stunning overlooking of Joe Manganiello as Hunk of the Day. Now, in my defense, Mr. Manganiello has been featured here before, notably shirtless in this post, in which I admitted that he wasn’t my idea of an ideal man, physically – but I’ve posted a number of gentlemen who don’t personally stoke my own eclectic fires, so let’s give this werewolf his day in the sun.

He’s had his share of moon moments as well, when we pitted his ass against Channing Tatum’s butt in not one but two butt-battles. In the first one, I think it was a dead heat, and in the second one it was all but impossible to give the edge to either one. Clearly a third tie-breaker round is needed.

This post will also complete the ‘Magic Mike’ stripping quintet, thereby giving each of those strapping strippers a turn as Hunk of the Day. That’s right, Mr. Manganiello joins the already-annointed Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Alex Pettyfer in all their half-naked glory.

And while the Battle of the Butts is fun and fine, the real war will be waged with these questions:

Long hair or short hair? (I vote for short.)

Beard or no beard? (I vote for short beard.)

Cigar or no cigar? (I vote for cigar. Who doesn’t love a big fatty between their lips?)

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Hunk of the Day: Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin 101

‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Hoechlin is the Hunk of the Day. The only ‘Teen Wolf’ I’ve ever seen was the rather lackluster 80′s version starring Michael J. Fox. Since that disappointing outing I’ve steered clear of most werewolves, and as fine as Mr. Hoechlin may be, I’ve no interest in checking out the MTV series just yet. Fortunately, Hoechlin commands interest just for looking that good.

For those of you seeking out more wolf-like men, check out Hugh Jackman, Ben Cohen, and Scott Caan.

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Hunk of the Day: Mark MacKillop

mark mackillop 1001

This is no ordinary Hunk of the Day. This is Mark MacKillop – performer, model, and photographer who is currently working on a Kickstarter campaign to fund his coffee-table book, a project that is about as perfect as one can be. Mr. MacKillop spent a year touring the world in a musical, and along the way captured himself in hotels, revealing the paradoxical isolation and disenchantment living a life of performance. I’ve often toyed with the idea of doing a similar project, but I have neither the body to do it, nor the funds to propel myself around the globe. For that reason, it’s thrilling to see Mr. MacKillop execute it so admirably.

At first glance it may seem like a simple vanity project, but as one used to such criticism, I see it as so much more. MacKillop doesn’t just preen and pose, he invites the onlooker into a deeper level of intimacy. There is isolation here, and a sense of loneliness, and even a notion of longing that is palpable in his gaze. Hotel rooms have always been intriguing respites, and here they are given full range and expression as the backdrop to a very human experience. The images MacKillop has captured are not only homoerotic, they are haunting. They are as inviting as they are distancing, creating a dramatic tension that informs even the most private of moments.

Even in this selfie-obsessed world, most people don’t know how difficult it can be to take a picture of yourself. There are the simple logistical concerns – the timing, the posing, the set-up – and then there is the actual moment the photo is taken. There is an artifice of acting involved, but there is also the basic element of truth to it. It may be posed, it may be planned, but the very nature of photography is that it is authentic. A picture tells a thousand words, and most of them are inarguably real.

This man stood here, this is the window out of which he gazed, this is the bed in which he slept. These are irrefutable truths. What he may have been thinking, what was going on behind the camera’s line of vision, and what pushed him to that point are unanswered questions, unknowable by all but the subject.

It’s a fascinating dichotomy, this murky divide between the public and the private, the revealed and the concealed. There are other divisions at work here as well – the artist vs. the man, the seen vs. the unseen, the model vs. the photographer. These are fertile grounds for artistic expression and creative play, but for deeper, darker, more philosophical meanderings as well.

As MacKillop’s gaze vacillates from outward to inward, and back again, the viewer is given access to an interior study, and all the surface beauty gets distilled into something more pure and substantial. The evocative is never given the respect or power it rightfully should command. Neither is the provocative. There’s something lonely and isolating about that too.

{Mark MacKillop’s Kickstarter page is here, and he has a website as well.}

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Novak Djokovic: Bulging in Boxer Briefs

novak djokovic 101

While we’re on a tennis kick, here is Novak Djokovic, caught on a balcony in a pair of boxer briefs. Personally, I prefer him in something slightly skimpier, as seen here, but I don’t think anyone would throw Mr. Djokovic out of bed for wearing these. As for his package of jewels, I love a man who knows his way around balls. Tennis, people, I’m talking about tennis. Love – Love. Game on.

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Hunk of the Day: Ryan Paevey

Ryan Paevey 101

There’s been a lot of shirtless action here of late, mostly due to laziness upon my return from vacation, but also for the summer heat that has exploded around us. Ryan Peavey has already been named a Hunk of the Day, but it bears repeating, and stands up to this encore honor. Mr. Paevey is a soap opera actor, and soap operas always remind me of summer, when I would sit for hours watching NBC’s daytime line-up (no offense to Paevey’s ‘General Hospital’ origins.) Back then it was ‘Generations’, ‘Days of Our Lives’, ‘Another World’, and ‘Santa Barbara.’ I think only ‘Days’ remains in production, the others replaced by reality and talk shows.

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Hunk of the Day: Adam Driver

Adam Driver 101

Continuing our streak of unconventional Hunks named Adam, this is Adam Driver, of HBO’s ‘Girls’ fame – a show which I have never seen, and likely never will. Mr. Driver may not be my cup of tea, but he has a rabid cult-like following, proving that there is someone for everyone in this world. I like when ideas of beauty encompass more than what mainstream thinking would seem to allow. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and if there’s one thing that this blog hopefully promotes, it’s diversity and an appreciation for all that is different. Congrats to Mr. Driver on being named Hunk of the Day!

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The DILF Post

daddy 101

On this Father’s Day, let’s look back at some of those daddies who were featured in a very different capacity as Hunks of the Day here. Does Fatherhood add or detract from a guy’s appeal? I’m not going to give my politically incorrect answer (Fathers and sex have no business being together outside of the Catholic church) but here are a few to get you shouting ‘Oh Daddy!’

First up is Matt Bomer, who has shown us that you don’t have to be straight to be a good father – a lesson that Neil Patrick Harris also gave, fathering twins no less.

Relatively new to being a baby daddy, Channing Tatum was much better known for other things. Stripping, modeling, and going butt-to-butt with Joe Manganiello.

He’s not quite there yet (pop it out Mila!) but Ashton Kutcher is about to become a father, and it looks like he’s ready.

Thanks to Reese, Ryan Phillippe became a Daddy a while back, but he remains in fighting form as evidenced here.

A tree-trimming father who didn’t bother to put his pants on for the holiday festivities, this is Mario Lopez.

Giving off that sexy Mr. Clean vibe and displaying his prowess with a tool belt, Chip Wade is an HGTV father.

I don’t know what kind of physical gifts the offspring of Ed Burns and Christy Turlington were bestowed, but I’m guessing they’re major.

Shakira’s Baby Daddy Gerard Pique.

Jamie Foxx will often bring one of his kids to red carpet events, which is a very cool thing.

The bromance between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck did not result in any children – they got them by other means.

Sometimes Dads can be kind of slutty. Case in point Eddie Cibrian.

His own kids are becoming stars in their own right, but they wouldn’t be around at all if it wasn’t for Will Smith.

Last but not least, a pair of daddies who own the term DILF: Ben Cohen and David Beckham.

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The Ageless (& Shirtless) Ryan Phillippe

ryan phillippe shirtless 1

Some people never age, and some people never wear shirts. Luckily for us, these two traits often intersect in the same glorious body, as evidenced by these beach photos of Ryan Phillippe showing off what he still most definitely has. While it’s not as much as he showed off here (Warning: Gratuitous Male Nudity), it’s always a welcome eyeful.


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Keeping It [In] Brief[s]

briefs 1000

There has been a resurgence in briefs in the drawers of men, and it’s time to celebrate with a gratuitous post like this in which we revisit some of the more notable brief encounters we’ve had over the years, starting with an expert in fuzzy balls, Novak Djokovic. He keeps it simple in basic black – a wise and classic choice, on or off the court.

Mario Lopez kept it real in this pair of skimpy Christmas briefs, as he trimmed the tree and presented his presents.

Zac Efron gives tighty whities a bad name in this set of questionable briefs. One would have thought he’d fill them out better than that. Then again, one would prefer Zac Efron completely naked.

Faring far sexier in his briefs is Nick Youngquest, who knows how to pack a punch, and a package.

Sometimes a simple pair of white briefs is all you need for runway glory, at least according to Noah Mills and this ridiculously sexy walk.

Josh Wald may be wearing the skimpiest pair of briefs ever made here (one that perhaps passes into string bikini territory.)

Busting out of his Calvin Klein briefs is Ngo Okafor, whose chest more than matches what comes below.

Two words: wet briefs. Two more words: Sandor Earl. One last word: semi.

I can’t decide if Christian Sancho looks better in or out of his briefs.

Jack Mackenroth makes all sorts of underwear look great in all sorts of ways.

As bodacious as these brief-barers are, they still don’t quite match the excitement of a jockstrap - but that’s another post for another time.

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Hunk of the Day: Renaissance Man Daniel Robinson

daniel robinson 1

Too many people claim the term ‘Reniassance man’ for their own when they don’t always deserve it (guilty, guilty, guilty.) Daniel Robinson is the real deal, and he can now add ‘Hunk of the Day’ to his long list of varied accomplishments. Mr. Robinson is an actor, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, photographer, cinematographer, video editor, graphic designer and web designer. I got winded just typing that out, so I can’t imagine how he does it all, on and beyond Broadway.

This year he is once again part of the Broadway Bares event (he is currently working on a documentary of the event) and if you want to donate to this worthy cause, check out his fundraising page, and one very saucy photo.

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Jamie Dornan’s Naked Butt, Kinda Sorta

jamie dornan nude 0

Here’s something to get your Hump Day going. While he’s been much more naked in his Hunk of the Day feature, Jamie Dornan offers a side peek of butt in one of these photos from a new Interview spread. I don’t know if these are part of a new promo push for ’50 Shades of Gray’ since I have not paid the least bit of attention to that, but if they are, I’d suggest less moodiness and far less clothing. (Really, who takes a bath in their underwear?) Sex sells. As does gratuitous male nudity.

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Miscellaneous Men, With & Without Underwear


When in doubt, smut it up. That’s the axiom of this site, and it will be for some time. In this instance, a spattering of former Hunks of the Day (and maybe one not-yet-christened guy) along with several photos of theirs that didn’t make the initial cut. The first cut may be the deepest, but these follow-ups are nothing short of fantastic.

First we have Dan Osborne, up top, who has been here many times. Count with me – one, two, three, four, five… Check the archives for the rest.

Chris Evans can always be counted on for some sexy shirtlessness, though he’s been rather stingy with it of late. Here’s hoping he returns to all his glory in the near future.

Edilson Nascimento has yet to be featured as a Hunk of the Day, but his time will come.

Austin Armacost usually likes to feature his butt, but this time it’s what’s up front that’s drawing all the focus, while Greg Rutherford amps it up for the gingers (even if you can’t tell in black-and-white.)

Another “A-Lister” – Rodiney Santiago – gives a peek of his derriere.

Finally, we have Russell Tovey, an across-the-pond hottie who has been here before.



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Hunk of the Day: Mario Falcone

mario falcone 1

British reality-television star Mario Falcone is the Hunk of the Day, or, at this late moment, the hunk of the Evening as it were. Mr. Falcone was on the series ‘The Only Way is Essex’ where he displayed his ink in a Borat-like onesie. I’m not posting those photos, but here are some better ones. Further proof that they build them better overseas.

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All American Guy Tyson Beckford

tyson beckford 1

Mr. Beckford has already been a Hunk of the Day here, but there’s always room for a few extra pics, especially on this patriotic holiday. A little hint of his nether region only serves to add to the festivities. How low can he go?

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