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Hunk of the Day: Morris Chestnut

morris chestnut 100

Morris Chestnut is one of those actors that most people recognize because of the many films he’s done, but for some reason or another hasn’t become a household name. Perhaps this Hunk of the Day honor will do something to change that, because with this kind of body, he deserves greater recognition. He first hit the scene in 1991, as a cast member of ‘Boyz in the Hood.’ Subsequently he’s appeared in numerous films, including ‘Under Siege 2′, ‘G.I. Jane’, ‘The Best Man’, ‘The Brothers’ and ‘Breakin’ All the Rules.’ Now he’s a Hunk of the Day, the greatest résumé builder of all.


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Hunk of the Day: Nick Wechsler

nick wechsler 101

The Hunk of the Day, Nick Wechsler, has done a fair share of American television, but I haven’t managed to see any of it. instead, I’ve focused on Cosmo centerfolds like the one featured here. I’m not quite sure how Cosmopolitan seems to have more pull than Playgirl when it comes to getting male celebrities to get fully nude, but rather than question it let’s just celebrate it. Congratulations Mr. Wechsler, you’ve arrived.

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That Enormous Chris Hemsworth Bulge

hemsworth bulge 1000

Even if you know it’s fake, it’s still pretty hot. Here is that Chris Hemsworth bulge that everyone is talking about from the new ‘Vacation’ reboot (I didn’t see the original, so I won’t be seeing this one, even if Mr. Hemsworth‘s impressively enormous dick is dangling on display.) I do prefer this look to his longer-haired Thor shirtlessness, so at least he’s headed in the right direction. Just watch where he points that big long thing – and check it out in full motion thanks to carey579.

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Even More Shirtless Zac Efron

shirtless zac e 101

There’s less skin on display than in this previous Zac Efron post, but there’s still enough to leave most of us salivating in his wake. For a not-so-lazy Friday, feast your weary eyes upon the buff miracle that is Mr. Zac Efron.


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Hunk of the Day: Jerry Mitchell

jerry mitchell 101

Jerry Mitchell, the impresario of all the beauty and talent that is Broadway Bares, is our Hunk of the Day, and it’s an honor long overdue. Since originating that blockbuster fundraiser (which has brought us the scantily-clad bodies of Ricky Schroeder, Brandon RubendallJoshua Michael Brickman, and Peter Nelson), he has ensured that it is the sexiest event of the year, and when you combine skin with a winning and worthy cause, I’m always on board. Mr. Mitchell doesn’t just talk the sexy talk either, he has walked the sexy walk, as evidenced in these shots showcasing his banging body. This year’s Broadway Bares event looks to continue in the tradition of naughty-but-oh-so-good fun and fundraising with its ‘Top Bottoms of Burlesque‘ theme. There’s no more fitting, or fit, gentleman to start the season off right.

As far as other talents go, Mitchell is a renowned director and choreographer (in my dreams I still try to execute those kicks from ‘Kinky Boots’) as well as a seasoned performer who’s tread those glorious boards himself. The list of his credits is a long and impressive one, and shows no sign of stopping (it includes You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, The Full Monty, HairsprayLa Cage aux Folles (2004 revival), Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsLegally Blonde: The MusicalCatch Me If You CanLove Never Dies and the aforementioned ‘Kinky Boots.’)

That sort of consistency and mettle in a crazy competitive career field is the mark of a legacy in the making. Mr. Mitchell has already secured his place in the firmament of Broadway stars, but to his credit he’s only just begun.

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Hunk of the Day: Stephen “Twitch” Boss

Stephen  Boss 03

Dancer and choreographer (and future Magic Mike XXL star) Stephen Boss is the Hunk of the Day. Going by the nickname ‘Twitch’ (so christened because as a kid he couldn’t sit still), he looks to grind his way into our hearts when this summer’s XXL release finally unleashes the male strippers again.


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Zac Efron, Practically Nude

zac efron near nude 1000

A man needs to know his best assets, and here’s a man who clearly does. Zac Efron has been naked here before, so while it shouldn’t be a big deal, these photos, from a movie in which he’s supposed to be naked, by rights should not be anything special. Yet somehow they are, so feast your eyes one more time upon the almost-naked form of Mr. Efron. No stranger to nudity, and certainly not to shirtlessness, Efron gives a bit of both, in nude-hued briefs and a strategically-placed stuffed animal. He’s still hiding the good bits, but I can respect that. A girl has to leave something to the imagination.

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A Very Hunky Sunday

051taylor kinney 003

By the time this gets posted, I’ll hopefully be winding up a weekend in Cape Cod, during which I’ll have celebrated my friend JoAnn’s birthday. In order to escape, I’m pre-programming these posts so as to give myself some time away. There are a few busy months coming up as I prepare a new project, so this sort of auto-pilot post may be more prevalent than usual. (Special Guest Bloggers are still welcome to submit items! In fact, they are encouraged…)

In the meantime, there shouldn’t be too many people who complain about posts like this, particularly when guys like Taylor Kinney pull their pants down this far. He was a Hunk of the Day a while back, but these photos weren’t uncovered until a later date.

Jonathan Groff of ‘Glee’ and ‘Looking’ fame (and ‘Spring Awakening’ birth for those of us obsessed with Broadway) is proof that the best hunks are those who exude talent as well as beauty.

Matthew Camp is one of those multi-faceted hunks who wears several hats, and happily not much else. He’s been here a number of times, celebrating his fragrance as well as his Hunk crowning.

Last but not least is the increasingly nude Ashley Parker Angel, who never met a mirror his Instagram didn’t like.

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Hunk of the Day: Ryan Guzman

ryan guzman 00

You’ve got to be pretty hot to make Jennifer Lopez fall for you in spite of your onscreen under-age-ness, and Ryan Guzman seems to fit the bill (if not his shirt). He’s the Hunk of the Day, and there’s nothing else to say.

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Hunk of the Day (Again): Andy Cohen

andy cohen 0001

He’s been a Hunk of the Day before, and more importantly he’s released not just one but two entertaining tomes (‘Most Talkative‘ and ‘The Andy Cohen Diaries.’) Recently, he was in Miami on his tour with Anderson Cooper, where he hit the beach with his toned and tanned beach body (all the working out that took place in his Diaries has definitely paid off). This is Andy Cohen, who’s being honored as Hunk of the Day one more time because, well, he is.

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Hunk of the Day: Will Arnett

will arnett shirtless

More often than not, funny is sexy. Living, and hysterical, proof of this comes in the form of Will Arnett. (Anyone who was married to Amy Poehler knows what it means to be funny.) Mr. Arnett is often seen in supporting comedic roles, but I think it’s time he heads up a few ships of his own. These carwash shots alone are enough to jumpstart the dreariest day. Congrats on this latest Hunk of the Day honor, which I’m sure he’ll cherish more than any Oscar or Emmy in his future.

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Sexy Group Scene: Nude Men

group 01

Not so much a group scene as in an orgy, but group scene as in a collection of Hunks that collectively form a group. (Or group scene as in orgy if that’s what you insist upon.) This Saturday post is one of those sexy, lazy compilations that may refresh your memory, or introduce you anew, to a few Hunk of the Day features you may have missed. The Archives are a labyrinth of male nudity and naked male celebrities, but few seldom trove the treasure trails without getting lost in masturbatory delight. Let’s focus, at least as pronounced by Jean Claude Van Damme.

We should begin with the magically-delicious butts of ‘Magic Mike’ in this brief post of posteriors.

While we’re on the subject of nude male butts, here’s the one that belongs to Jake Gyllenhaal. Any day that Jakey gets nakey is a good one.

The final ass-cheek peek for this opening is the sexy back of Justin Timberlake. But enough about the naked JT Superstar for now…

The gentlemen of McFly got nude in the above photo from an Attitude shoot, but it’s always been about the third guy in from the left, Harry Judd. Mr. Judd has supplied ample assets for this website, and other far less classy joints (thank God). I’m partial to the partial male nudity of this post, the spreading of his legs in this one, and the gratuitous semi-dry-but-naked humping in this one.

More magic from ‘Mike’ – because it was the movie that just kept on giving. A nude Channing Tatum or a shirtless Joe Manganiello? Ok, fine – a nude Joe Manganiello too. [Sigh]… and Matt Bomer’s banging backside.

Speaking of nude men, here’s Rob Gronkowski naked.

One of the OG male supermodels, Tyson Beckford, proves he still has the stuff to fill out the sexy underwear.

One of the sweetest male supermodels, Ronnie Kroell, made his first appearance here in this post. More impressively, he made his latest appearance here, wherein he was crowned as Hunk of the Day for the third time (our first-ever three-time honoree).

Finally, now that you’ve been bombarded with links to see you through this otherwise-lightweight Saturday, a few collections within this group collection. In a few of these posts you’ll find the random male nudity of anonymous strangers, in others you might find the recognizable tushes of guys like Sandor Earl, Alex Minsky, Colby Keller, Greg Rutherford, Ashton Kutcher and even a couple of Olympians.

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Hunk of the Day: David W. Ross

david ross

Anyone who’s survived being in a boy band and gone on to make something of their life has my admiration. David W. Ross did just that, and is now one of the most compelling Hunks of the Day we’ve featured here. For two decades he’s made a career in entertainment, and that sort of longevity and relevance is rare in such a fickle world. More important to me is what he’s done as a filmmaker, tackling subjects like marriage equality in ways both artistic and meaningful.

Here’s the impressive bio from his website:

UK born David W Ross is a multi-talented award winning actor, writer, musician and film producer whose experience spans over two decades in the international entertainment world.

David first entered the public eye as a teen idol from British boy-band sensation Bad Boys, Inc.: the group released one self-titled album, which spawned five hit singles, including the Top 10 smash, “More to this World.”

David is better known to American moviegoers as a featured star of the acclaimed 2006 Sundance Film Festival double winner, “Quinceañera” which picked up both the Fest’s Grand Jury Prizeand Audience Award, a 2007 Spirit Award, a GLAAD Media Award, the Humanitas Award and was featured at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival.

As a screenwriter and producer his first feature film “I Do” tackled the controversial and timely issue of marriage inequality in America. Ross crowd-funded the film, raising over $90,000 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which went on to win 13 awards at over 35 film festivals worldwide in 2012/13 including Palm Spring’s International’sBest of the Fest. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for the romantic drama, starring Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Alicia Witt with Ross as the lead, as it opened theatrically in North America the same month The Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) was ruled unconstitutional by The Supreme Court.

The film was later released in N. America, Australia and the UK on iTunes, Netflix, VoD and DVD.

David personally picked up two Rising Star Awards for his work as an actor in “I Do” (Philadelphia QFest & Miami GLFF). He was also the recipient of the Jack Law Award at the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival for his work as an advocate for marriage equality. “I Do” also won him Best Screenplay at the San Diego LGBT Film Festival.

David was recently interviewed by Stephen Fry for the groundbreaking BBC 2 documentary “OUT THERE,” which aired in the fall of 2013 in the UK.

In June of 2014 “Limited Partnership” had its World Premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival and is currently on the festival circuit. David is an associate producer on the documentary and is also featured in the film for his work with the photography project, “United By Love, Divided By Law,” which highlighted the plight of bi-national same-sex couples before DOMA was struck down in June of 2013. The film has won 6 awards so far including the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Woodstock Film Festival.

David continues to work as a writer, actor and producer in Los Angeles where he’s currently working on his next feature script which he’s attached to direct next year.

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Zac Efron Grabs Another Guy’s Junk

zac efron shirt 000

Last year, Zac Efron ripped his shirt off and revealed his banging torso on the MTV Movie Awards. How do you top that gratuitous glimse of skin? You grab Dave Franco’s package, literally, and hang on for dear life. Sound unbelievable? Scroll down and see the epic GIFs. (There’s some nipple tweaking too, of Mr. Efron’s nubs.) First, a look back at last year’s skin-baring incident.

This isn’t the first time that Zac Efron has had fun with another guy – and that one was a Bear. (And don’t forget when this Zac Efron nude photo hit the internet.)

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Hunk of the Day: Scott Eastwood

scott eastwood 101

When your Dad is Dirty Harry, you’ve either got it really bad or really good. Whichever happened to be the case, Scott Eastwood – son of Clint Eastwood – turned out to be really hot. He’s also supportive of marriage equality, and based on all his shirtless Instagram shots is clearly supportive of his gay fans. Currently he stars in ‘The Longest Ride,’ and you may make of the title what you will.

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