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Hottest Hunks of the Day: A Brief Collection

shirtless male hunk 1

As we begin this final week of the final full month of winter (good-bye and good riddance, you frigid bastard), we take a sexy trip down memory lane with this linky, kinky retrospective of several Hunks that have kept things hot over the years. For this group, I’ve selected some guys who may have flown under your radar the first time around. There’s something special about second chances.

First up for this encore is Josh Wald, a gorgeously hairy skateboarder-turned-male-model. I love any guy who keeps it real, body hair-wise, and his tattoos actually don’t bug me as much as some usually do.

Second, we present another skateboarding hunk, Dean Geyer, best known for his work on ‘Glee’, and Keith Urban, better known as Mr. Nicole Kidman.

A few more lesser-renowned gentleman to have been crowned Hunk of the Day: Chris Zylka, Brandon Flowers, Eddie Redmayne, Reggie Bush, Tom Hardy, and Daniel Craig.

And some interesting also-Hunks ~ HGTV star Chip Wade, Speedo-clad diver Chris Mears (who wears even less here), Shakira-baby-Daddy Gerard Pique, and the quirky but hairy Mark Ruffalo.

Finally, one of the more obscene bulges to have ever been featured here belongs to that of Sandor Earl.

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The Great & The Gratuitous in Male Nudity

gratuitous male nudity 101

Shirtless and naked male celebrities get a lot of attention here, and this Saturday post, designed for my time in Boston, will do nothing to curb the sexy shirtless appeal for which many of you visit this site. It’s time for a brief look back at some classic guys who have garnered rave reviews whenever they doff their shirts. While no one is nude just yet (wait for it…) these guys are too hot not to feature again.

First up is David Beckham, who models the latest in his underwear line for H&M. While I’m not a huge fan of the clothing, I like the way he sells it. Far lesser stars would never have shown themselves in the briefs that Mr. Beckham braves, and far bigger stars wouldn’t have the balls either. Beckham beats both quite handily.

(On a side-note, one can’t mention Mr. Beckham without mentioning his only competition for sexiest underwear-shucker ~ Ben Cohen.

Or Mario Lopez.

Or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Or Rafael Nadal.

Another favorite shirtless male who’s not afraid to get a little naked now and then is Chris Evans. As the Captain of our country, Mr. Evans fights for truth and freedom and the right to take off his shorts and jump in Boston Harbor. (We may not utilize all of our rights, but I’m glad they’re there.)

More recently, Dan Osborne has been seen here in his altogether, in several breathtaking GIFs and also chumming it up with fellow Speedo-clad diver Tom Daley. (Whom you’ve seen here over and over again.) Mr. Osborne is no stranger to male nudity, and he seems to be the kind of 21st century guy who embraces the glances of men and women alike. Desire is desire, and flattery is flattery. And when you’ve got a body like that, well, you can embrace it all.

Last but most certainly not least is Joe Manganiello. He battled Channing Tatum for the best butt and the result was a virtual draw. (We need to see them again.) Some battles are better when there’s no Victor. Or Victor.

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Hunk of the Day: Jason Derulo

jason derulo 100

Singer and song-writer Jason Derulo, the main man in Jordin Sparks’ life, is our Hunk of the Day. Mr. Derulo sings the earnestly hopeful ‘Marry Me’, the video for which features Ms. Sparks as his soon-to-be-betrothed. It’s a rare moment lacking in cynicism within an industry of nothing but cynicism. It’s good to be reminded that there is still love out there, still hope and excitement and happiness around every corner if we let own our defenses.


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Yet Another Naked Dan Osborne Post

dan osborne naked 1001

You may be getting sick of Dan Osborne baring his male nudity here, but if you’re not, you’ve come to the right post. This one features the posterior of Mr. Osborne, which previous GIFs only hinted at. Who knew when he was named Hunk of the Day back in last October or prancing around as a shirtless Santa that he’d practically demand a category all to himself, a la David Beckham, Ben Cohen, Madonna, Tom Daley, and Tom Ford? Well, I supposed this naked post gave some indication of the Speedo splash he was about to make

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Chris Salvatore’s Underwear Line

chris salvatore under1

David Beckham has done it.

Ben Cohen has done it.

Mario Lopez has done it.

Even Todd Sanfield has done it.

But the best news of all may be that Chris Salvatore is now doing it.

How did news that he was making a foray into designing Men’s Underwear escape me? I’ve got to get out more. The first I heard of this exiting endeavor was on my FaceBook feed – and it was the loveliest surprise I’ve had since Dan Osborne joined Tom Daley in a Speedo. Mr. Salvatore’s line of underwear looks intriguing, and stylish, which should come as no surprise from someone who’s made the modeling rounds within his entertainment career. He keeps things simple enough, which is the best way to begin, and I’m looking forward to trying out the goods. If they make me look half as good as he does, I’ll be a fan for life.

I can think of no one who is better suited to fit into a pair of briefs and sell it to the world. That Mr. Salvatore has always seemed like such a sweet guy makes it all the more enjoyable. (Check out some of the musical performances that feature just him and his keyboard and tell me it’s not adorable. The man’s got talent.) Even more impressive is his openly-gay status in a Hollyworld of secrets and pretend. Mr. Salvatore lives his life honestly, and is all the more effective because of it. Now he’s revealing another layer – the underlayer – and it’s fashionable, fun, flirtatious, and sexy – just like the man himself.


“Underwear is the foundation of our entire wardrobe. While it may be the least “visible” article of clothing we wear everyday, I’ve always believed that it should be the most comfortable. My career has afforded me the opportunity to wear a lot of great clothes and work with some awesome clothing and costume designers over the years. I began to learn that the clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes.  It’s all about what makes you feel sexy and confident in your own skin, and it starts with a great pair of underwear!”  ~ Chris Salvatore Underwear

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Hunk of the Day: Perez Hilton

Love him or hate him (and there is rarely an in-between) Perez Hilton is a celebrity blogger who will not be ignored. I tend to err on the love side of things, as I admire anyone with the balls to unequivocally be who they are without apology or defense. He’s owned up to mistakes he’s made in the past, and he seems to be changing and improving as we all try to do. Physically, he’s made quite the transformation, shedding hundreds of pounds over the years to become the cut hunk you see here. That takes work and discipline, and my hat goes off to anyone who can do that. And so, Perez Hilton is the Hunk of the Day, because there’s enough room in this world for all of us. Stop hating. Stop judging. Just enjoy.

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More Dan Osborne & Tom Daley

dan and tom 101

In the likely event that this naked post of Dan Osborne and Tom Daley wasn’t enough earlier today, here are a couple of GIFs to really put the cherry on this Sunday. Alas, the US does not yet have an equivalent of ‘Splash’ – the diving contest that brings out the boys in their bedazzled Speedos – not that American celebrities would be so brave and bold. At any rate, enjoy this bonus post before the week begins again.

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Hunk of the Day: Christof Innerhofer

Christof Innerhofer 1001

Continuing our sexy Olympic line-up of Hunks of the Day, this is Christof Innerhofer, an Alpine ski racer who represents Italy. Forget the slopes ~ someone get this man an underwear modeling contract immediately. Covered head to toe in skiing gear would be one of life’s greatest tragedies in Mr. Innerhofer’s case.

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Hunk of the Day: Marco Dapper

marco dapper 102

Marco Dapper made his big splash onto the gay pop culture scene when he dropped his robe and revealed his full-frontal glory in the film ‘Eating Out.’ Since then, he’s made a name for himself modeling and acting, and with the looks (and body) he shows off here, why shouldn’t he? This marks Mr. Dapper’s first time as the Hunk of the Day, but given his body of work, it may not be his last. Sometimes you can do the same thing twice, especially if it’s this hot.

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Darren Criss, Shirtless and in Bed

darrn criss shirtless 1

Darren Criss certainly looks like he’d be a lot of fun in the morning. And even if he wasn’t, I’d wager you’re not going to kick him out of bed for being anything less. A rather shallow and gratuitous shirtless post of Mr. Criss, but one made worth it for the bedroom eyes and GIF motion.

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Hunk of the Day: Mark Wright

mark wright 1003

For some reason I was certain that Mark Wright had already been named a Hunk of the Day, so I’ve avoided putting him up here for the longest time – yet when I do a search for his name (you can scroll down and do your own searches to see if I’ve posted anything about, well, anything) nothing comes up. In the event that he got skipped over, here’s a brief post to rectify that alarming situation. A reality television star in Britain, Mr. Wright is largely unknown on these shores, unless you frequent certain shirtless male websites like this one. In which case, glad to see you!

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Naked and Shirtless Olympic Spirit

Tom Daley bulge

In honor of the upcoming Winter Olympics, let’s take a look back at some of the shirtless shenanigans that took place during prior Olympic Games. Figure skating and diving represent most of my interest for the Winter and Summer games respectively, and several familiar figures dominated the scene.

First up is Tom Daley, who has his own ‘Category’ here (much like David Beckham and Ben Cohen). The GIFs displayed here (in which Mr. Daley all but ogles Dan Osbourne) are a fun treat, but it’s his penchant for wearing a skimpy Speedo that forms most of his previous pictorial posts.

Second, we have Michael Phelps. A swimmer with a long, lithe torso and a command of the water that rivals most fish. Mr. Phelps used to favor the Speedo before moving into those knee-length trunks (the only saving grace of which is how low-slung they like to wear them). Thankfully, those Speedo posts live on

Third, Michael’s team-mate, and reality “star” Ryan Lochte has the beefcake looks and body that sets the mainstream to swooning, in bulging photos like the one below.

A host of other divers and swimmers rounds out the shirtless Olympic scene, including openly-gay cutie Matthew Mitcham.

During the last Summer Olympics, I watched gymnastics for the first time, which was highlighted by the muscular magnificence of  the naked male forms of Epke Zonderland (here and here) and Danell Leyva.

Winter necessitates far more clothing coverage, which is unfortunate, but for racy photo shoots some of the figure skaters will take it all off. Case in point was our last Olympic figure skating champion Evan Lysacek, who got all artsy and naked here. Johnny Weir has become a bit of an embarrassment with his lackadaisical (if not outright dumb) nonchalance over Russia’s anti-gay laws, but he’s been here too, so for accuracy and full-disclosure I’ll remind you of this post.

This year will bring a new crop of figure skating gentlemen, and with any luck they’ll have bulbous bottoms, thighs of steel, and enough bedazzled lycra to inspire a whole new generation of boys to glide around on shag carpeting like it was the ice capades. Wait, was that just me?

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Double Hunk of the Day: Greg Rutherford

greg rutherford 101

This is the first time I’ve done a second Hunk of the Day in a single 24 hour period, but when you’ve got a hot ginger Olympian the week of the Olympics, one must make exceptions. This is Greg Rutherford, whose specialty is the long jump. Everyone loves a ginger, especially an Olympic athlete willing to get this cheeky and expose a bit of his ass so gamely. Mr. Rutherford kicks off a week of Olympic Hunks, and in winning form.

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Hunk of the Day: Grady Sizemore

grady sizemore naked 1

The Boston Red Sox have added a new Hunk to their roster with the accrual of Grady Sizemore. It turns out Mr. Sizemore is no stranger to the shirtless selfie, or to spreading his shirtlessness around, even if he tends to decapitate himself in most of them. (If I had a chest like that I’d want everyone to know it belonged to me.) Anyway, welcome aboard, Grady. Do Boston proud!

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Who Wants to see David Beckham Naked?

david beckham hm covered uncovered

David Beckham, long a favorite here, has a commercial for his new commercial (as only David Beckham would do). In it, he asks us to vote on whether his new SuperBowl commercial should be ‘#Covered‘ or ‘#Uncovered‘. Like we don’t know which one will win out. But just in case, if you don’t vote, you’re gonna get a spanky. [Cut.]

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