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Aaron Schock Is NOT Gay (And These Pictures Prove It)

aaron schock gay

Look, I don’t have a problem with gay people. I have a problem with gay people who pretend they’re not gay and then go about trying to deny rights to other gay people. There’s a certain space in hell reserved for such loathsome hypocritical asshats. Then again, internalized homophobia is its own form of hell, created during anyone’s time on earth when they live a life pretending to be anyone other than themselves. When I see that in certain friends, mostly I feel pity. UNLESS the person starts fucking with my rights.

Now, I’m most definitely not saying that Republican Congressman Aaron Schock is gay. That’s the kind of talk that gets people in trouble. And you certainly can’t tell if someone is gay based on their photos or fashion or the fact that they painted their congressional office to look like the set of ‘Downton Abbey’ or were reportedly seen in a naked shower encounter with another gentlemen. What I do know is that Aaron Schock is opposed to marriage equality. In his oh-so-original words: “I do not support gay marriage, and I believe in the definition of marriage being between one man and one woman.” Maybe it’s just a requirement of his political party, or maybe he truly feels that way. Regardless, his anti-gay voting record is shameful for anyone.

He supported an amendment to the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. He was against the President’s decision to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act against court challenge. He also voted against the 2010 repeal of the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the armed forces.

So until Aaron Schock stops fucking with the rights of gay people in this country, he’s going to have to contend with snarky posts like this (which by no means is meant to insinuate or claim that Aaron Schock is gay.)

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Hunk of the Day: Chris Salvatore, For the Very 2nd Time

salvatore 000

Joining the elite group of Hunks who have been hot enough to merit a second Hunk of the Day Honor, here is Chris Salvatore. Anybody with their own underwear line is near and dear to my heart, and Mr. Salvatore continues to produce some of the finest skivvies on the market (which are both fashionable and comfortable, as my butt and balls will attest.) He was recently featured in Attitude Magazine’s Naked Issue, hence the two nude photos at the bottom of this post. For that alone he gets this double nod as Hunk of the Day. (Be sure to check out his first feature here, because he looks just as hot in his underwear as he does out of them.)

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This Is NOT Justin Timberlake Eating Out Someone’s Ass

justin timber0001

It’s his way of announcing that his wife is pregnant with their child, so I assume it’s him kissing her stomach – at least, I’m hoping it is. But it does look exactly like he’s giving some analingus to a big old pasty ass, right? Besides, the idea of a rim job by Justin Timberlake is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Talk about bringing Sexy Back… Anyway, congratulations to the proud parents-to-be!

For those who wanted Justin Timberlake’s ass to be involved in this post, I don’t want to let you down, so here’s a naked Justin Timberlake giving some gluteus maximus. He’s been naked here before, and he’s gotten his cock out here as well, so add this to the nude Justin Timberlake collection.

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Andrew Hayden Smith in Sexy Undies

andrew hayden smith 0001

Sometimes all it takes for a revisiting of someone’s Hunk of the Day status is a new photo shoot and some judicious photoshopping (not that anything here was photoshopped…) Here is former Hunk of the Day Andrew Hayden Smith in his second appearance on this wayward blog. There’s nothing else to say, other than Mr. Smith deserved the honor then, and he more than deserves it now. White briefs always make the man.

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A Hunky Look Back

15 hot men 101

Sometimes, out of laziness or boredom or a greedy wish for a spike in hits, I do something like this. The gentlemen featured in this post have all been Hunks of the Day at one time or another, but are more than worth another look, hence this mini-compilation. First up is one of your favorites, Quinn Jaxon. Noted for his modeling work with Andrew Christian, Mr. Jaxon has also been working on his dancing and acting career in the sunny hills of Hollywood.

Next up is… wait a second. No, this can’t be right. Apologies. There seems to be some confusion, as Justin Bieber was a Non-Hunk of the Day. Sorry, kid. Attitude kills it every time.

Back into the swing of things with Shayne Ward, a musical hunk from across the pond. He should more the make up for that naked Bieber snafu.

And last but not least are the beauteous buttocks of Russell Tovey, who’s come a long hunky way in the last few years. Shake it, shake it!

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Hunk of the Day: Cooper Helfet

Cooper Helfet 001

With a name like Cooper, he’s got to be good. That’s probably not true across-the-board, but in this instance, with tho Cooper, it most certainly is. Feast your eyes upon Cooper Helfet, the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Helfet plays football with the Seattle Seahawks (who recently put another player on the Hunk of the Day list) but, far more importantly, also models when he’s off the field. That’s the kind of side-career I can get behind. (And speaking of behind, check out the tight-end talk of the last part of the video clip below.)

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Hunk of the Day: Ashley Parker Angel

ashley parker ang 1

I love when a Hunk of the Day turns out to be more than just a Hunk of the Day. In the case of Ashley Parker Angel, I hadn’t realized all that he’d been up to since his days in the boy band O-Town. For instance, he sang and hoofed it in the Broadway musicals ‘Hairspray‘ and ‘Wicked‘ – not to mention launching a successful solo singing and songwriting career. Surprises like that are just part of the fun that goes into researching the Hunk of the Day. That and photos like these, which are further proof that Mr. Angel has indeed come directly from heaven (and that some guys should take all the selfies they want.)

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The Virgin Recap of the Year

bryan hawn 001

It seems a bit early in the year to have a recap already, but such is the predicament of a Monday morning on this January 5 in the year of our Lord 2015. Last week I didn’t do a weekly recap because I knew that the Year in Review for 2014 was beginning the next day, and begin it did. Part One brought my ass back to the blog, Part Two brought Ben Cohen’s ass back to the blog, and Part Three brought Bryan Hawn’s ass back to the blog. That’s a lot of ass to bring back, even if much of it was sexy.

It was a week of new beginnings, in which this very blog is taking some transformative steps forward. Evolution, baby. Get those knuckles off the ground!

I put some personal family strife up for all the world to see, and realized that I was the one who needed to grow up and get out, and I think a number of us will be a lot happier about it.

A teddy bear and some cute gay animation made for this lovely distraction, crafted by a friend.

My not-so-fondness for tattoos may have taken a turn thanks to Hunk of the Day Logan McCree, while Francisco Javier Escobar Parra made a pretty case for four-name, well, names.

I’ve made a mess of things in the past, but I’m trying to clean it up.

Last but most certainly not least, this pair of sexy posts featured naked male celebrities, gratuitous male nudity, and just about everything leading up to it.

(Not to be outdone, this one gamely tried with its own set of nude male photos.)

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More Hunks Than You Can Shake a Dick At

fine men 100

Fresh off a pair of posts that collected the collections of sexy and often-nude male celebrities we’ve posted in the past, is a tidy gathering of posts that came prior to 2014. Remember, this dusty corner of the internet has been posting naked men for over a decade. That’s a lot of sexy guys, and is likely the reason most of you are here today. On with the show (but do come back for a spirited post on the evolution of one man’s taste in cologne.)

First up is a quick Hunky retrospective that was really about one thing and one thing only: Colby Melvin in a jockstrap.

Speaking of jockstraps… here you go.

A battle of the underwear bulge, between David Beckham and Mario Lopez. Or a battle of the butts, between David Beckham and Tom Daley.

For a group scene, check out this post featuring the likes of Justin Timberlake, Taylor Lautner, Sacha Harding, Scott Herman, Columbus Short, and Stuart Reardon.

The erection recollection.

An anonymous trio of posts, beginning with this fine group, finds various men in shirtless or nude form, to fill a Saturday with fantastic specimens in various stages of nudity.

Finally, a two-parter that starts with the very visible penis line of Nick Youngquest, continues with a naked Andy Samberg and a shirtless Harry Judd, ultimately ends with the biggest collection of naked ass men that’s ever been posted on this blog in a single photo.

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Man to Man and Hunk to Hunk: A Collection of Collections- Pt. 1

hunk collect 001

While many of the Hunks of the previous year were featured on Rounds One, Two, and Three of the Year in Review, a few major collections went unheralded. I’m all for a linky-linky-link-fest, so linky-linky-do and say ‘I Love You!’ Click on the following to see more, MORE, MORE!!!

It begins with this brief collection of Hunkdom, featuring the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Chris Evans, but more notably the running GIFs of David Beckham and the shirtless GIFs of Chris Hemsworth.

Carrying on with this stunning group of gents from Josh Wald to the semi of Sandor Earl, the links continue to grow (as evidenced by what’s in Mr. Earl’s wet underwear.)

More begets more, and Hunk begets Hunk as this post of male models from last February proves in spades. David Gandy, Noah Mills, Tyson Beckford – it’s a veritable super-super of sexy-sexy.

This very hot encapsulation of previous male nudity is worth a glimpse for its GIFs of Chris Evans and Joe Manganiello naked.

A grand group of generous gingers gives up some great gratuitous moments with Seth Fornea leading the red-hot fiery charge.

Broadway bares its triple-threat hunks in this post fueled by the Broadway Bares excitement and nudity.

Male celebrities in their underwear is the theme of a gratuitous post featuring Russell Tovey, Justin Bieber (!), and an almost-obscenely hot photograph of Jack Mackenroth and his gorgeous junk.

And speaking of the magnificent Mr. Mackenroth, click on this post to see more of his other side, along with glimpses of a shirtless Mario Lopez and Speedo-clad Novak Djokovic.

The DILF Post. Look it up.

Classics never go out of style, especially when they go out without their clothes.

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Hunks of December

december hunk 100

Because the only thing that keeps some of these days warm is the promise of a proper Hunk of the Day. A number of shirtless men have graced this blog in Decembers past, and here are a few of the highlights, starting with Bond Boy Daniel Craig.

It’s not just the guys in the square cuts that get the notice though, especially when someone like Ronnie Kroell takes them all off.

Lesve it to December to bring up the rear, as in Tom Brady’s virgin Hunk crowning.

Ryan Phillippe had his share of bottom-posing too.

Tom Daley as a sexy Santa, waiting beneath the mistletoe.

Don’t go, Ngo.

The end of the year, and the End of the Year.

Male nudity on video.

Adam Lambert hits just the right Chord, shirtless.

Harry Hotness.

Ready Eddie.

Rarin’ Darren.

And an Immaculate Collection.

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Greatest Hits of Hunkdom

hunky men 101

There are certain men who come and go on this site awfully quickly, but there are others who come, and come back for more. This post is a brief collection of some of the greatest hunks that have graced the site over the years. Each is a classic in his own right – and a few even have their own sub-category here (an honor usually reserved for the likes of Madonna or Tom Ford).

We begin with Harry Judd, who’s taken off trou here even more than Nick Jonas. Mr. Judd has been in his underwear, and out of it, sharing his birthday cake, and his birthday suit with equal aplomb.

Next up is Darren Criss, of ‘Glee’ fame. My bad-gay confession is that I haven’t seen the show in years. Is it still on? Makes no matter. Mr. Criss is beautiful with or without a singing showcase on the boob tube.

Speaking of those with fantastic sub-categories, here is Ben Cohen. Click on this and keep scrolling down, down, and down.

Tom Daley has a pretty substantial sub-category too, but Jack Mackenroth has a more bountiful booty.

Last but not least is Dan Osborne. He’s been here more times than I can right off recall, but notable appearances include this naked one, this nude one, this totally starkers one, and this one of his ass.

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Three Hunks for the Post of One

shirtless trio 101

While Monday is our traditional day for recapping things, let’s do a tantalizing triumvirate of Hunks to spice up the day of Thanks of this short week. Every one of the gentlemen featured here has already been named Hunk of the Day, but I sincerely doubt anyone will have an issue with revisiting them, particularly when additional photos only serve to solidify that original honor.

We begin with Charlie King, who has become gay royalty in the time since his first crowning. Mr. King came out earlier this year, and since then has been heating up photo shoots like this one. Keep up the good work, sire.

Second up is Derek Allen Watson, who’s gone on to the sunnier clime of California after cutting his teeth on New York for a number of years. Mr. Watson is heating up both shores with his modeling work, and a portfolio that’s practically on fire.

Finally, the gay-friendly/straight-ally hotness of Nick Jonas, who has thus far proven himself durably genuine in his support for our community. He has come quite a long way since his first days here, and his very first Hunk of the Day feature. Something tells me he has quite a way to go given the start of sex scenes like this.

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Hunk of the Day: Ty Herndon

ty herndon 101

One of the best ways to secure a Hunk of the Day nod is to come out as a gay man. Witness the crownings of Adam Lambert, Neil Patrick Harris, Tom DaleyRobbie Rogers, Jason Collins, Josey GreenwellMatthew Mitcham, Chris Salvatore, Gareth Thomas, Nate Berkus, and Cheyenne Jackson for just a spattering of those proudly gay men who were named Hunk of the Day – and add country music man Ty Herndon to the list. Mr. Herndon has been making music for two decades, and recently came out publicly. In a genre like country music, that’s not the easiest thing to do. Congratulations to him on that – and on this!

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The Underwear-Clad Jesse Metcalfe

jesse metcalfe shirtless 1

Finally, an image to fix the Internet that Kim Kardashian’s greasy ass supposedly broke a while back. This is Jesse Metcalfe in some gritty, raw and rough poses. It’s the only known antidote to the Kardashian Curse. Mr. Metcalfe has been featured here previously, in nothing but his underwear, and in his very first Hunk of the Day crowning.

And a brief glimpse at how he gets a body like that.


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