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Hunk of the Day: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

steve austin 100

It’s been decades since I was entranced by a wrestler (about the time Cyndi Lauper was managing one of them – Captain Lou Albano was involved in some way I believe). That changed today, when I heard this soundbite by my new hero “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. In it, he gives a supportive statement on marriage equality. I was struck by the simplicity and earnestness of what he said, as well as his spunky profanity-laden way of saying it. Mr. Austin speaks for what a lot of people think, and like it or not equality will always win out in the end.

As for his Hunk of the Day status, I have it on good authority that there’s something incredibly hot about a brawny bald guy who speaks his mind and stands up for others. Oh, and he knows how to wrestle. Ding, ding, ding.

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Hunk of the Day: Drew Chadwick

drew chadwick 101

It seems that ‘The X Factor‘ has more of a presence on this site than may be surmised as reasonable, considering that I’ve never seen the show (neither the UK nor the US version), nor heard of a group called Emblem3 until now, when Drew Chadwick (formerly of the group) is named the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Chadwick left Emblem3 to launch a solo career, but I haven’t had a chance to give that a listen either, so for now all I have to go on is this collection of titillating photographs displaying his other gifts. No doubt not many of you will mind.

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Hunk of the Day: Jack Walton

jack walton 101

Jack Walton, of ‘X Factor’ fame across the sea, is the latest male celebrity to get naked for ‘Attitude’ – which makes him ripe material for the Hunk of the Day. (Unless you get nude in ‘Tude, I probably won’t notice you, dude.) Mr. Walton is a singer competing for that show’s coveted top spot, and this is a sure way of getting a few more votes. Sex & Music, baby – the original S&M.

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Hunk of the Day: Mehcad Brooks

mehcad brooks 101

Since he was left off of this recent Calvin Klein underwear model list, Mehcad Brooks gets his own post as Hunk of the Day. In addition to filling out Mr. Klein’s underwear so fully, our Mr. Brooks has appeared in ‘Desperate Housewives‘ and ‘Necessary Roughness’ (according to the always unreliable Wikipedia.) Personally, I think that sort of television work will always pale in comparison to the duties of a male model. Here’s hoping he gets back to basics soon.

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Nick Jonas: Shirtless and Talking Bulges and Sex Scenes

n jonas 1

It’s been quite a week. First, my hatred of Taylor Swift dissipated seemingly overnight. Now, I’m genuinely starting to not hate one of the Jonas brothers. At first I thought it was just a coy bait-and-tease game, this little dance that Nick Jonas has been doing with us, but now I think he may really be committed. Case in point: the video below of ‘Guess the Bulge‘ where Mr. Jonas gamely gives his all in figuring out the bulges of Zac Efron, Liam Payne, Justin Bieber and some other One Direction guy.

He also gives tantalizing hints of an upcoming sex scene where his ass is on display. Oh, and a few more shirtless shots for Details magazine. I’m on board with all of it. Shake it off.

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An Epic Hunk of the Day: Philip Fusco

phil fusco 001

After being unblissfully unaware of Philip Fusco, this blog has certainly made up for it in the last week, culminating with today’s official crowning of Mr. Fusco as Hunk of the Day. Earlier, you got to see his very first pictorial here, and a couple of days later he was the face (and more notably the body) of a weekly recap. Based on the reactions, he may be the next David Beckham or Tom Daley of these parts, with his very own Category. (Lest anyone think we’re going overboard too soon, he’s nowhere near Madonna territory, so relax.) As for this post, here’s to the first of the Fusco Hunk features – there likely will be more.

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Dan Osborne Gets Naked, W/ Supporting Bits by Tom Daley & Zac Efron

dan os

The Great Gratuitous Sunday Morning Post. It’s a bit of a tradition here, when all you folks who can’t access this supposedly NSFW site from work have a moment to catch up on all the fun things you missed during the weekdays. This post should be no exception, featuring Dan Osborne in his preferred state of garb: naked, nude, and grabbing his junk. These latest photos were from a dare that he jump in the pool naked. Daring indeed. I would NEVER…

The rest of the post is filled out, and deliciously at that, by the shirtless and Speedo-clad likes of Zac Efron and Tom Daley. Mr. Efron likes to do a lot of things shirtless, and I don’t think Tom Daley does anything out of his Speedo – well, except for showering in the altogether.

There, that about sums up the Sunday morning nude male post. Let’s see what the afternoon brings…


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Hunk of the Day: Michael Turchin

Michael Turchin101

Lance Bass recently posted an Instagram video of his fiancé’s bare-butt, a surprise shower attack that would have ended up in murder in my house, but one that’s fun to watch when it’s a cute celebrity. In this case, it was Hunk of the Day Michael Turchin’s tush that was on perky display. It’s always a joy to see couples having some cheeky fun, and Lance has had his share of fun-coupling. As for Mr. Turchin, he looks great in these Timoteo shots, and he should totally do more of them.

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A Gratuitous Philip Fusco Pictorial

philip fusco 100

Perhaps he should have been crowned Hunk of the Day (as he hasn’t yet been so honored) but for now this is just an introductory post to Philip Fusco, because sometimes things have to be earned (or at least timed to promote a project of Mr. Fusco’s choosing should he deign to reach out to me.) I think that on a lazy October Saturday, this should be more than ample homage to Fusco, and to his back and front.

Jury’s out on which is his finest asset. Your thoughts? Opinions? Requests? We’re open to all. (And though Victoria Beckham has compared her husband’s appendage to an exhaust pipe, Mr. Fusco may be giving Mr. Beckham a run for his plumbing.)

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Even More of Nick Jonas

jonas flaunt 1

Continuing his almost-full-frontal assault on America, Nick Jonas is definitely making a sexy play for a gay fan-base, and it seems to be working. Following the first flush of photos from his ‘Flaunt’ shoot, here are a few more to cause further salivation. I must admit to being entirely unaware of what Mr. Jonas sounds like musically, but if he keeps this up I may be forced to have a listen. In the meantime, it’s just fun to watch. Whether he’ll continue dropping trou in shots like this one, or simply teasing his physical attributes on Instragram as he did here, it looks to be a grand show.

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Hunk of the Day: Ben Affleck

14 ben affleck 101

When news of Ben Affleck’s full-frontal shot from ‘Gone Girl’ hit the web, the world went a little crazy. Given that it’s a David Fincher film, I don’t expect it to be sexy or well-lit, but a little Ben is better than no Ben at all. In honor of Affleck’s penis, he is hereby crowned Hunk of the Day. He’s one of those guys who has been hot for so long he’s almost taken for granted. (See Brad Pitt or Ben’s own buddy Matt Damon.)

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Nick Jonas: The Crotch Grab and The Butt Cheeks

nick jonas crotch ass

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And thanks to Flaunt magazine, Nick Jonas is showing off his junk and his booty, grabbing his crotch and baring those butt cheeks. He’s hinted at both before, but never quite like this. Feast your eyes on almost all of it.

Thanks to Just Jared for unearthing these uncovered goodies.

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Hunk of the Day: Brenton Thwaites

Brenton Thwaites

You know what makes me feel old? The fact that the Hunk of the Day, Brenton Thwaites, was born AFTER Madonna released ‘Like A Prayer.’ That’s a gut-wrenching check-in with Father Freaking Time. Anyway, here’s the offending youngster, frolicking on a beach sans shirt, as all handsome young guys should do. Somebody cue ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ – oh wait, she just canceled her concert again. Nevermind. We’re all getting old. One day Mr. Thwaites will be here too. Let’s hope he enjoys the ride beforehand. (By the way, did you realize that that was my very first Cher reference on this blog? Like, ever. Let it sink in.)

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Eye Candy Gandy

david candy 001

Male supermodel David Gandy has been featured here time and time again, and as long as he keeps up the underwear front he’ll be featured here in the future. There’s a comfort and a thrill in that, the perfect encapsulation for the spark of fall just around the corner. Previous postings include his initial crowning as Hunk of the Day, his naked ass (and a peek of more), looking dandy in the sand, this sexy work-out GIF, a gratuitous crotch shot, a relatively classy black-and-white bonus, and a bit of bush and backside in one. A few more appearances like this and he may make it into his own category, a la David Beckham or Tom Daley.

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