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A Gratuitous Nyle DiMarco Post

Bouncing from one reality show contest (America’s Next Top Model) to another (Dancing With the Stars) Nyle DiMarco has been a busy guy since he first appeared as Hunk of the Day in these pages. Here is further pictorial proof that he’s got what it takes and he knows how to use it.

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Hunk of the Day: Danny Mac

Another sexy bloke from across the pond, this Hunk of the Day has the marquee-ready moniker of Danny Mac. Currently dancing his way into the hearts of Europe on ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ – a much-cooler named version of America’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – Mr. Mac is perhaps best-known for his work on the seminal UK soap opera ‘Hollyoaks.’ And for going shirtless. Bravo to both.

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Whose Crotch Did She Just Grab?

At my advanced age, the best way to watch the MTV Video Music Awards is on FaceBook the next day. Miraculously, because there must be a gay God, I caught the snippet of Britney Spears performing live last night as it happened. Good for her,  I thought, as she had another VMA moment: crouching beneath and behind some white rapper, she grabbed his crotch in front of whatever teeny-boppers still watch such things. Turns out the guy is G-Eazy, and this would be a proper christening as Hunk of the Day if his photos weren’t so limited. Until he turns up the heat he’ll have to make-do with this pictorial of his pecs. And that crotch-grab.

(I can’t tag this under my usual ‘Music’ category because, well, Britney.)

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Some Sexy Chris Pratt GIFs

For your noon-time pleasure, here are several GIFs of Chris Pratt, who is just as sexy in motion as he is without a shirt. He’s been a Hunk of the Day here before, and his turn in the ‘Jurassic World’ movie somehow draws me in whenever it’s on HBO. (Ok, the Indominus Rex helps too.) As for Mr. Pratt, he seems cool enough for a movie star, and, as these moving pics will attest, he’s got that star power charisma.


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The Great Gratuitous Greg Rutherford Post

Greg Rutherford has been one of the most popular figures featured here, and thanks to this sizzling collection of photos the reasons are quite apparent. It doesn’t get hotter than a super-fit ginger who has been an ally to the LGBT community for his entire career. Cheeky photo-shoots that emphasize his ass don’t hurt either, and he has just the right amount of body ink to be both elegant and a little edgy. Here, we present some of his finer shots in honor of his long-jump endeavors at the Rio Summer Olympics.

Mr. Rutherford’s history here goes back a while, with his initial Hunk of the Day feature, wherein he posed and pulled his pants down just enough to whet the appetite for more.

He got a little more naked here for a butt-baring GIF that I’ll repost below for good measure.

On Twitter I posed the question of whether Christoph Harting was the hottest ginger at these summer Olympics. A resounding ‘NO’ was also accompanied by the simple proclamation that it was Greg Rutherford. Who am I to argue with Twitter?

In addition to his features, Rutherford also helms a number of miscellaneous posts, such as this one, where he adds his powerful back-end to the naked likes of Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber, and Epke Wonderland.

His most nude post maybe this sexy recap where he joins force with a naked Dan Osborne for some British Booty Exhibitionism.

Even when he’s a minor, albeit-crotch-grabbing, part of a post, he still burns bright, even in black-and-white.

Congrats to Mr. Rutherford for making it to another Olympic Games. Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of many more fabulous photo shoots. Go Gingers!

{And if you want to see his biggest ass-baring photo, it’s right here in this post.}

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Even More Ryan Lochte (And That Bulge)

What more can be said about Ryan Lochte that hasn’t been said (and linked) in this post from yesterday? Not much, but here are a few more photos of Mr. Lochte and his world-renowned Speedo bulge. If you’re looking for in-depth Olympic analysis, look elsewhere. This is for ogling and objectification. And you know you love it.


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A Grandly Gratuitous Ryan Lochte Relay

Ryan Lochte has been one of those charismatic, charming, and goofy Hunks who is always good for a ridiculous sound-bite or swaggering Speedo pose, but let’s not forget that he’s also a champion Olympian, where he’s played an integral role in gaining the US several relay medals. More important to those of you who come here for the guy candy, he has no problem preening and posing in all sorts of body-baring swim attire. He’s been named a Hunk of the Day, and his Speedo has graced these pages time and time again. Here’s one more.

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Olympic Spotlight: Men’s Gymnastics

Here are arguably the best bodies in the Rio Olympics: built, intense, muscle-bound vehicles designed to defy gravity and perform miraculous physical feats that the rest of us mere mortals can only marvel at. This is the US Men’s Gymnastics team, competing for the gold. Like this dynamic duo, these gymnasts have each been a Hunk of the Day solo-style, but this is a special group scene for this week’s festivities… I mean, competition.

If you want to see their solo shows, check out their featured Hunk posts:

Alex Naddour

Jake Dalton

John Orozco

Chris Brooks

Sam Mikulak

Danell Leyva

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Nick Jonas: Wet Underwear

Give it up to sibling rivalry: this is how Nick Jonas tops his brother Joe, and it comes just a week or so after Joe declared that he had the biggest penis of all the Jonas Brothers. I think it’s a steamy slap-back, mostly because it showcases Nick’s finely-honed ass in wet Calvin Klein boxer briefs. And considering the sub-zero nonsense in which they were frolicking, the shrinkage is more than understandable. Leave it to Bear Grylls to get another Hunk into his shorts. (See Zac Efron.) Bonus points for the ripped underwear too.

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Joe Jonas, Shirtless

This is the response of Joe Jonas to all the hotness that his brother Nick has stolen the past couple of years. A naked Nick Jonas is certainly a sight to behold, but the best revenge is being hot, and Joe proves that right here. When you look back at the Hunk of the Day post for Joe Jonas, and the Nick Jonas Hunk of the Day feature, it’s hard to tell who’s going to be showcased next. (Hint: whoever doffs their shirt again.)

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Suck on This Man-Candy

It’s summer.

It’s hot.

And this post is only going to make you hotter.

Man-candy. It’s what this website does best. Open up and say Ahh, because he’s another bit of super-hard sweetness to melt in your mouth. We’ve had some major man-candy here in the past, so here’s a look back at some of the favorites. Sticky and sweet, indeed.

Let’s begin with Tyson Beckford, who seems to getting more and more cheeky as his modeling career progresses. One of the OG male super models, he’s still defining what it means to be handsome and beautiful and stunning all at once.

Another classic, Ben Cohen, belongs in the man-candy hall of fame. He’s been missing-in-action these last few months, so let’s rectify that a bit right now.

The majority of man-candy here come in the form of male models, such as Filip Sjunnesson, Rick Fisher, and Americo Neto.

Some man-candy is appropriately named, like Rocco Hard.

Some man-candy can barely be contained in a single post.

And some cannot.

Man-candy might be red-hot.

Or Olympic gold.

But mostly you like it when it’s basic nude.

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Hunk of the Day: Seth Rollins

Professional wrestler Seth Rollins (a.k.a. Colby Daniel Lopez) struts his pumped pectitude for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and earns his first Hunk of the Day honor here. Mr. Rollins has the greased-up body and wavy long hair that recall the 80’s glory of Wrestlemania and the first flutterings of a gay boy’s heart.


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Body Issue = Naked Issue

Here at, we love ESPN for one thing and one thing only: the Body Issue of their magazine. Artistically (and gratuitously) displaying athletes in naked poses, it’s probably the biggest issue of their year, and has enough cachet to have gotten the likes of Michael Phelps and Rob Gronkowski totally starkers. In this post, we see some shots of Hunk of the Day Conor McGregor in his altogether – further evidence of the power of the Body. He joins the nude ranks of Evan Lysacek, Giancarlo StantonMatt Harvey, Oguchi Onyewu, Tomáš Berdych, Greg LouganisBryce Harper, and Kevin Love. Welcome to the Celebrity Skin Jungle.

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Mighty Olympic Hunks

It may seem strange to recap the parade of Olympic hunks we’ve been cataloguing here before the 2016 Olympic Games even begin, but that’s how far of ahead of myself I sometimes get. It’s doubtful anyone will mind that much – as the Speedo show has always been greeted with frenzied appreciation. Here we look back at some photos of the Olympians who have doffed shirts and trousers in the name of their sexy sport.

First up is one of the greatest the sport of swimming has ever known: Michael Phelps. He’s been naked here before, but not yet a Hunk of the Day (How?! Why?!) This August he heads to Rio to see if more record-breaking gold awaits his fins.

Second is another Hunk of the pool: Ryan Lochte. A little flashier, a little funnier, and a whole lot more interesting on the superficial level, Mr. Lochte provides a little sass and sauciness to the solemn occasion of the Olympics.

Relative newcomer Steele Johnson has the name of a porn star, and the talent and body of an Olympic diver. Grace and strength, precision and agility – he personifies the best elements of a champion competitor. More of him to come, I’m sure.

Chris Mears may give him a run for his money-maker, however, especially if judging from his Instagram feed. And his naked butt. And the shirtless shot below.

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Adam Lambert: The Sexy & Shirtless Show

Adam Lambert gets all shirtless and sexy, while simultaneously a little deep, in his new video and song, ‘Welcome to the Show.’ I can dig it, and would expect nothing less from this two-time Hunk of the Day.

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