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Hunk of the Day: Zayn Malik

zayn malik 097

It’s been a while since I was into any boybands (a sigh is elicited with fond memories of the Backstreet Boys and ’NSync) and at this point I’m really too uninterested to get into that sort of thing. That said, there will always be teenyboppers who are seeking the next group of guys on which to crush and obsess, so for the new generation I give you Hunk of the Day Zayn Malik, who was, until relatively recently, a member of One Direction. I believe he’s going solo next, and with a girlfriend like Gigi Hadid, what use does he have for boyband obligations anyway? I enjoyed his recent splash at the Met Gala (he took the ‘Manus x Machina’ theme to bold heights, something I always appreciate, especially because most of the men play it safe in boring tuxedoes). Of course, there’s probably something more compelling about Zayn Malik shirtless, so those photos follow.

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Broadway Men Baring Their Bodies

broadway nude 001

Broadway is gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year. Not the Tony nominations, but the Broadway Bares benefit. That’s when all the spectacularly-fit specimens doff their clothes for an evening of racy fun to benefit Broadway Cares. In joyful anticipation of this, we should have a few Broadway Hunks coming up in the next few weeks, but first, a look back at some memorable triple-threats who have been named Hunk of the Day. (I won’t rule out a repeat either, especially if you ask nicely.)

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Hunk of the Day: Ray Quinn

ray quinn 100

English actor, singer and dancer Ray Quinn occupies the Hunk of the Day spotlight, thanks to his pumped up pecs following his ‘X Factor’ splash. I love seeing transformations, especially when such hard work is clearly involved. Notice I said I loved seeing them. Doing it all is a totally different story, and it’s not mine.

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Assorted Shirtlessness for Sat.

jake bass 102

Attention has shifted to the gardens, which means this blog is going on autopilot for certain busy days. (I filled twelve large lawn bags  yesterday, dug the base out for a mini grill patio, and cleaned about a third of the yard – as of this writing my body is barely able to make these keystrokes.) No rest for the wicked, or for the strokers, so here you go: a Saturday collection of shirtless male celebrities.

For the feature photo, I give you none other than Jake Bass, because it’s always been about the bass (no treble). He’s bringing booty back in a bodacious and bad-ass way. Not unlike the guy seen below: Donnie Rust – the Naked Busker.

Double the dose of handsomeness, this pair of photos belongs to Chris Mears. Swim swim sugar.

Now for another threesome: Brandon Rubendall, Brock O’Hurn, and Nick Jonas.

Finally, another twofer, with this double punch of Harry Judd.

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The Beauty of Pratt Pratt Pratt

pratt pratt 101

Chris Pratt has been a Hunk of the Day here before, but rather than honoring him with a second (and largely redundant) honor, here is a post that simply celebrates his beauty, both for the outside, and what is within. But as Levar Burton in ‘Reading Rainbow’ once proclaimed, “You don’t have to take my word for it.” In fact, you don’t need to take any words at all ~ it’s all here, in the pictures.

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Hunk of the Day: Cody Saintgnue

Cody Saintgnue 100

Born in the heart of America – Dayton, Ohio – the Hunk of the Day is none other than Cody Saintgnue. A successful model and actor, Mr. Saintgnue is perhaps best known for his work on MTV’s popular ‘Teen Wolf’ series. I must admit to being wholly ignorant of that show (though I have some not-so-fond memories of the ‘Teen Wolf’ movie starring Michael J. Fox way back in the 80′s, but that gives away a generation gap I’d rather pretend is not in existence. At any rate, enjoy the current crop of heart-throbs.

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Hunk of the Day: Billy Reilich, a.k.a. Nick

Billy Reilich 100

Perhaps best known for his stint as Ellen’s sexy and oft-shirtless ‘Nick the Gardener’, this is Billy Reilich, now named the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Reilich has come a long way since those green-thumb days of working out Ms. Ellen’s land, as can be seen in the progression of shots below. That last one is living proof that hard work pays off. (I just don’t have it in me to begin that journey.)


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Hunk of the Day: Joaquín Ferreira

Joaquín Ferreira 101

He’s made a big (and I mean big) splash online recently with clips and GIFs of his full-frontal stage display, but none of those are fit for this non-full-frontal site (despite what a certain tricky April 1st post may have you believe). Instead, I give you this virgin Hunk of the Day feature of Joaquín Ferreira.

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First-Time Full-Frontal Friday

david beckham

 This site has long hinted at the big reveal of full frontal male nudity. Previously, I’ve veered away from even an artful penis pic because full-frontal nakedness is too much of a distraction. Then there’s the post-full-frontal hangover that comes from having seen it all and realizing that we’re all basically the same human stuff underneath it all. Of course that doesn’t quell the desire to see what everyone’s packing, so here are some reveals for some full-frontal Friday fun. The only question is who has been brave enough to let it all hang out…

Let’s take a look at the hottest contenders, the classic guys from whom everyone wants a gratuitous cock-shot. We begin with none other than David Beckham, who’s teased his ass for the longest time. Will he be the one to turn around today?

Or maybe it’s Ben Cohen, who is a fan favorite in these parts. How low does his manscaping go?

With a dirty new video making the rounds, maybe Nick Jonas finally gives a full-frontal glimpse at the goods, as he hinted at in all his gay-baiting of late.

Finally, after many fakes and false leads, perhaps Zac Efron is the mega-hunk who will pull down his Speedo and shake his money-maker (well, both of them) for the very first full-frontal Friday this blog has ever seen…

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Nick Jonas. He seems brave and cocky enough to do it.

Who do you think will be the first?

Scroll down to see…







Without much further ado, the very first man to go full-frontal on is…





A fool.


Happy April 1st!

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Hunk of the Day: Jason Derulo, Nude Again

jason derulo 12000

Sweaty R&B sensation Jason Derulo already got buck naked for his first Hunk of the Day crowning way back in February 2014, but he more than deserves a second honor thanks to a steamy new music video (fittingly titled ‘Naked’) in which he goes nude again. I’m sure everyone’s eyes will be glued to the bottom of the screen to see just how low Mr. Derulo will go. Dibs for what got left on the cutting room floor. This is a case of cropping as infuriating tease, something we know quite a lot about on this racy but never vulgar blog. The hint of cock will always be greater than a glimpse of the whole schlong.

As for Mr. Derulo and his naked ass, it’s a definite bid for immortality in these butt-baring parts.

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Hunk of the Day: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 100

Danish actor, producer, and screenwriter Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is the Hunk of the Day, perhaps best known for his turn on ‘Game of Thrones.’ I have yet to get around to seeing that seminal series, but perhaps this will be the final push to get it into the queue.

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Hunk of the Day: Robert Ri’chard

robert ri'chard 100

American actor Robert Ri’chard has appeared in a number of television series as well as a few feature films, and now he makes his debut as the Hunk of the Day. He can thank that wonderful genetic composition for such a distinction, especially those killer eyes and banging body. The smile, however, seems to come from within, and that’s the most important part.

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Shameless Sunday Salaciousness

16 shirtless guys 01

Leaving winter behind in a flash, this final week of the sad season is being given a hot make-over with this gratuitous post of man flesh. It kicks off with that meaty pile of muscles, Joe Manganiello, who is beloved in these parts for his, well, everything.

He probably deserves his own Super Sunday post, but for now Henry Cavill carries the second spot in bulked up hunky form and fine shirtless fashion.

Speaking of super, check our Bryan Hawn’s naked butt and Chris Pratt’s naked torso.

Gavin Henson knows his way around a ball, but you probably wish he’d move it.

Bringing up the caboose here is Adam Levine, who looks fine from the front, but even better from the back, especially when he gets naked for it.

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Random Shirtless Celebrities

random men 1

This hodgepodge of shirtless (and pants-less) male celebrities is my lazy-ass post for a cold winter’s night in which I’m having trouble drumming up inspiration. These gentlemen have a way of changing all that and turning up the heat in a winter that just drags on and on. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, so let’s shine it on some chests and abs.

First up is the star of the Harry Potter films, and a fine actor who has edged into more adult fare quite successfully. Daniel Radcliffe displays a new kind of hairy here, and it’s all sorts of magical. Wands out.

Spinning round and round in black and white is international superstar DJ (and Taylor Swift‘s main guy) Calvin Harris. Also the body of Armani underwear.

Epic, classic, and cocksure, David Beckham has been a favorite here for years. He’s gotten a bit stagnant with his H&M work (I’m still yawning over that underwear line) but never count him out. Not yet.

The bulge below, belonging to Dan Osborne, broke the bejesus out of the internet a few days ago, so it’s only right to present it here, for posterity. Mr. Osborne quickly cropped it so as not to get spanked by Instagram, but some intrepid follower saved it and so it will live on in glorious, beauteous infamy.

While on the subject of balls, here is tennis phenom Novak Djokovic. He seems to favor black briefs. Just saying. And showing.

Not to be outdone, Simon Dunn squeezed his own balls into some tiny briefs and showed it all off, not unlike his first appearance here.

Last but not least is diver Chris Mears, who looks just as good naked as he does upside down.

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A Hunk Who Does Good: Ronnie Kroll

ronnie k 01
 Our very first three-time Hunk of the Day is also a personal favorite of mine, as Ronnie Kroell is one of those genuinely nice guys making his way in the otherwise-jaded land of Hollywood. He’s making further motions on making in positive imprint on that town in his latest project, “The Ronnie and Eddie Show” but he knows he can’t do it alone. To that end, here’s a bit of word-spreading for a guy who deserves it for all the good he does for the world.
HOLLYWOOD – Friend Movement and Vertex Media are proud to announce the development of “The Ronnie and Eddie Show,” a comedic reality show that follows the lives of actor and entrepreneur duo, Ronnie Kroell and “Laughing Eddie” Lobo.
“The Ronnie and Eddie” Show follows the lives of BRAVO’s, “Make Me A Super Model” fan favorite, Ronnie Kroell and Hollywood Funny Man, “Laughing Eddie” Lobo on a roller coaster journey of dreams, drama, and helping others. Each 30-minute episode brings the viewer an intimate look behind the “smoke and mirrors” of Hollywood, the challenges of operating a business, and the joy of making the dreams of others come true. The show promises to bring the humor of Laverne and Shirley, the drama of Vanderpump Rules, and the heart of Extreme Home Makeover.
Enjoy celebrity cameos from the likes of BRUCE VILANCH, KARAMO BROWN, AYLIN BAYRAMOGLU, FRENCHIE DAVIS, and more to be announced.By supporting “THE RONNIE AND EDDIE SHOW” on Indiegogo, supporters have a part in creating a new Hollywood – a more inclusive, supportive, and talent driven place to dream.
I support any project that serves to inject a little heart into the Hollywood universe, and any person who aims to combine their love of entertainment with a love for humanity. Best of Luck, Ronnie & Eddie.
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