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Hunk of the Day: Girish Taurani

Girish Taurani 1

This Hunk of the Day makes me want to throw a Bollywood Party – and that may not be such a bad idea this summer. His name is Girish Taurani, and he made his film debut last year in ‘Ramaiya Vastavaiya.’ Smoldering dark eyes, thick mane of wavy hair, and a body only the young can manage, he’s a welcome addition to the pantheon of Hunkdom we’ve assembled here over the past few years.

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Shirtless Royalty: Prince Harry

prince harry 1002

Leave it to Prince Harry to provide the only tantalizingly shirtless glimpses of the Royal Family – but really, what other member would you rather see sans clothing? I think Prince William has passed his expiration date, even if he is destined for the throne. Kings are rarely sexy. Princes on the other hand can be very sexy. Especially when they’re totally starkers. (That means naked.)

Once again: everyone loves a ginger.

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That’s James Franco Nude?

james franco nude 1

No, not really. And we know gratuitous male nudity here. Below is the supposed “nude selfie” that James Franco posted in the middle of the night, then quickly deleted. Boo on both. First of all, it’s not nudity. Second, why the sudden shyness for such a relatively innocent photograph? I love Mr. Franco’s collection of selfies, shirtless and otherwise, as well as his philosophical take on the role selfies play in our culture, so I’m not sure why he so precipitously took the pic below off his Instagram account. Show some balls!

Of course, it’s not Franco’s fault that the media has gone and made something out of nothing. It’s quick-on-the-draw and desperate-for-headlines bloggers like myself who said it was a naked selfie, but I like to delve a deeper. So for now, this gets categorized under ‘Shirtless Male Celebrities‘ and ‘Underwear‘, but not quite ‘Gratuitous Nudity.’ He’ll have to work harder for that. (Like he did in this post, where he gives a glimpse of his bare ass.)

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A May Day Spattering of Male Celebrities in their Underwear

14 male celeb underwear 1

To christen this lusty month of May, let us take a look-see at some of the men who have already been featured on this site… in their underwear (and maybe out of it.) A guy in his skivvies can be a glorious thing to behold – but it all depends on the guy and his underwear. (Donald Trump in a pair of rumpled boxer shorts, for example, not so much. Same goes for Justin Bieber – eww to all the Beliebers.) The gentlemen below him, however, look better in precisely that mode.

Far more exciting than the Biebs is Chris Salvatore, which makes sense seeing as how he just released his first line of underwear, which includes the pretty-in-pink number he so perfectly fills out here.

Speaking of pink, check out the shirtless Aaron Schock, who, while not in his underwear here, might as well be. Sooner or later his naked Grindr texts are going to hit the internet, mark my words.

The amazing Russell Tovey is no stranger to selfies in his skivvies, and I have yet to hear a complaint.

While the following photo is not Tom Daley in his underwear, or even his Speedo, it’s welcome for its sunny and shirtless aspect – a much-needed blast of happiness and good weather from anywhere other than the Northeast right now.

And finally, bringing up the rear, literally and figuratively, is Harry Judd. Decidedly OUT of his underwear, as Mr. Judd often is. I’m still not hearing any complaints.

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Hunk of the Day: Steve Jones

steve jones shirtless 101

Another stud from across the pond, Steve Jones is the Hunk of the Day. A presenter and host (or are they one and the same?) Mr. Jones has done some work on these shores as well, in ‘The X Factor’ I believe, and for that he made a shirtless stop-over at ‘Ellen.’ I’m not sure he realizes this, but I’ve always had a thing for Welsh boys. Someone let him know.

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Those Promiscuous Gays

14 gay date 1

Sometimes it seems we need a Visio Organizational Chart to keep track of the gay-listers and their dating histories. Politically-incorrect title of this post aside, and stereotypical characterizations of gay men as sex-obsessed bed-hoppers suspended, it’s interesting to note how we navigate the tumultuous waters of dating – particularly when the spotlight of this online-age sees almost all.

Let’s take, for instance, the tangled web of the men featured in this post. We begin with Reichen Lehmkuhl, who started off, if I remember correctly, as a model gracing the cover of Instinct. From there, his star rose in ‘The Amazing Race’ and then the gay-themed soap ‘Dante’s Cove’. He capped off the last decade with a stint on the gay reality series ‘The A-List.’ (And let’s not forget his Hunk of the Day honor.) He first dated Chip Arndt, then moved on to Lance Bass. And Rodiney Santiago (seen above.) And Ryan Barry (seen below.)

As for Lance Bass, he moved on to Pedro Andrade. And Ben Thigpen. And Michal Turchin, to whom he is now engaged. Let’s end on that happy note, because pretty soon the exes may start dating each other, and that’s going to make heads explode.

(Actually, maybe it’s just two guys who dated a lot of other guys…)

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Hunk of the Day: Pedro Andrade

Pedro Andrade1001

Here’s a new hyphenate that has not been used for a Hunk of the Day before: journalist-actor-model ~ and in this case it refers to Pedro Andrade. Hailing from Brazil, Señor Andrade is a former boyfriend of former Hunk of the Day Lance Bass. Personally, I think… well, never mind what I think on who traded up or down. And for all the former going on, the current is sizzling hot.

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Hunk of the Day: Matt Cardle

matt cardle 101

Our Hunk of the Day hails from an ocean away, and first came to the public’s notice on ‘The X Factor.’ (Sort of the UK’s version of ‘American Idol’.) Matt Cardle has since released a couple of albums while honing his singing and song-writing skills, and he’s not too hard on the eyes either.

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Those Shirtless Zac Efron GIFs

zac efron shirtless 1001

When Zac Efron accepted his MTV Movie Award for ‘Best Shirtless Performance’ or something, he made good on a promise to do so shirtless. Personally, I think he should have done it pants-less, but beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, that’s what this naked Zac Efron post is for. This stunt is a blatant pandering to have his own sub-category, like Tom Daley, Ben Cohen, or David Beckham, but Mr. Efron is going to have to do a lot more in his underwear before that honor gets bestowed.

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The Butt Report

male butt 101

Since we just featured The Bulge Report, it seems only fair to give a shake to the other end of the action. Here’s a collection of the backsides that have brought such joy to some of you over the years. While there’s a bit of a full-frontal male nudity embargo on this site, the butt has always been all access, all the time. Rear entry has never been denied in these parts…

The posterior of aptly-named Stuart Reardon may be one of the hottest to burn up this site’s stats, so get clicking.

Male model David Gandy provided ample eye candy when he turned around to bump and grind it.

It’s a tossed-salad-toss-up as to which side of Benjamin Godfre is better – the back or the front – so you can decide for yourself by feasting your eyes upon both here.

Todd Sanfield may have a stunning underwear line, but he’s better when baring his backside sans underwear altogether.

Dan Savage’s better half, Terry Miller, may try keeping his booty in a Speedo, but it just barely fits.

The amazing ass of Scott Herman is quite a sight to behold (and lest anyone think Mr. Herman is nothing more than a banging butt, check out his Straight Ally profile.)

Dan Osborne’s been featured here for his bulge, but he’s got an equally-admirable booty, as seen here.

And last but most certainly not least, Harry Judd proved his butt has remained in perfect shape since he first bared it a few years ago.

PS – Who’s going to start a campaign to get David Beckham to show his tush?

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The Bulge Report

bulge rep 101

The battle of the bulge means something different on this site, when a bulge is something that is celebrated. Far more than a blatant full-frontal dick pic, a subtly-covered bulge offers the erotic power of the imagination – the sexiest part of the human experience. Therefore, the male bulge has received more than its fair share of exposure here, from revealing VPL (Visible Penis Line) shots to even more revealing wet-underwear pics that leave almost nothing to said imagination.

One of the first bulges to ever be featured here quite fittingly belongs to David Beckham. He has a penchant for almost bursting out of his briefs, as in this quick-change scene on the field. Even when his bulge gets a bit boring, like pizza, it’s still pretty good.

Some bulges are best when they go head-to-head, as was the case in this post pitting Cristiano Ronaldo’s junk against what Rafael Nadal had in his pants. Similar fireworks exploded when David Beckham thrust his stuff against Ben Cohen or when Mr. Beckham had a go at Mario Lopez.

Male models can always be counted on to display their wares, putting bulges front and center in such prominent promenades  by Tyler Lough, Lance Parker, Choi Ho JinChris Fawcett, and Justin Deeley, who parlayed his bulge into an acting career.

The Speedo – or Budgie Smuggler for those Down Under – has long been the seminal item for showing off the bulge. Tom Daley was first featured in nothing but his Speedo in this post, surpassing Michael Phelps in his Speedo,  and who knew what he would become to this site. Both his bulge and his butt – and you could debate the merits of each for hours. Matthew Mitcham would likely agree, though he has his own magic to work.

Even more revealing than the Speedo, however, is a pair of tight briefs or, better yet, a jockstrap, as exemplified by such studs as Colby Melvin in his Andrew Christian finest, the bursting Calvin Klein briefs of Ngo Okafor, or these almost-obscene wet underwear shots of Sandor Earl. And it’s hard to beat what Jack Mackenroth has packing in his sexy underwear.

Finally, the very first bulge post of Dan Osborne now seems almost nostalgic since he’s been in so many posts since then. I’ll let you seek them out – I’m spent.

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Hunk of the Day: James Maslow

james maslow 101

It’s been a while since I recognized anyone from a boy band, and today’s post is no exception. Apparently, this is James Maslow, our Hunk of the Day. Mr. Maslow was a member of Big Time Rush, a boy band that had its own show on Nickelodeon (which goes a long way in explaining why I never heard of him.) Once a boy bander goes shirtless, however, he pops up on all sorts of radar. Like the Hunk of the Day.

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Hunk of the Day: James Clement

james clement 101

In its two-decades-plus television run, I have not seen a single episode of ‘Survivor.’ As one of the original reality programs, it was everything that never appealed to me. I like my television to be fantastical or funny or decadent or depraved – watching regular people get dirty and treat each other poorly was not the escapism I want from the boob tube. However, given that the Hunk of the Day, James Clement, came to prominence on ‘Survivor,’ it seems some things worth watching may have escaped my notice. Even so, I’d rather just scour the internet for shirtless hunks like Mr. Clement and save all that reality programming for someone else.

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The Great Naked Male Celebrity Post

nude male celebs 1001

One of the more popular categories of this site is the ‘Naked Male Celebrities’ section. It’s pretty self-explanatory: photos of nude male celebrities. Not so heavy on the full-frontal scenes (despite what Amtrak may think of the NSFW nature of this site) we do feature ample ass for those who like the butt. Nude male celebrities will always garner a bit more attention than, say, non-nude male celebs. So feast your eyes upon those who have deigned to drop trou for this site.

We begin with a blast from the archived past: Ryan Reynolds. He showed off a perky rear-end in his younger years, before he got all Green Lantern on us. He should definitely put some new work out there.

Self-proclaimed gay A-lister Reichen Lehmkuhl put his shelf on display in several shower shots, while his former boyfriend Rodiney Santiago gave him a run for his booty-shaking money. Their co-star, Austin Armacost, had a bit more meat to show, so he did.

Football season is but a dim memory, but Rob Gronkowski’s naked ass lives on.

When it comes to a battle of the butts, nobody’s back-ends duked it out like Channing Tatum‘s and Joe Manganiello‘s. Bringing up how own rear in ‘Magic Mike’ was the Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey. (Not to mention Matt Bomer’s banging ass.)

One of the more bodacious backsides to ever be featured here belonged to Milo Ventimiglia, of ‘Heroes’ fame.

Two words that have always signified something hot and usually naked: Nick Youngquest.

Harry Judd has been naked a lot of late, but I think this was the first time he was featured here showing off his clenched coin slot.

Before he had his underwear line, Chris Salvatore appeared here sans any underwear at all.

Sadly, Justin Bieber’s naked butt was also here.

Finally, a few of the racier gentleman who have bared a bit more over the years, and we owe them a round of applause for that. The sultry shots of Benjamin Godfre, the awesome ass and assets of Will Wikle, the magnificence of Jack Mackenroth’s pee-a-boo booty, and one of the finest specimen’s of butt beauty that has graced this site, the sexy stuff of Stuart Reardon (who couldn’t be contained in one single post.)

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Justin Timberlake’s Probing Crotch Grab

justin crotch 0

Michael Jackson set the stage for the crotch-grab, Madonna kicked it up a notch, but Justin Timberlake may have perfected it. At least if we’re talking in-depth digital manipulation, as illustrated in these crotch-grabbing GIFs. Mr. Timberlake has teased with his cock before, and of course he’s been a Hunk of the Day, but I don’t think I’ve posted him in such, well, action. (He has, however, been seen quite naked here.) As have other nude male celebs

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