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Hunk of the Day: Gregg Sulkin

gregg sulkin 100

Sometimes you need an extra ‘g’ and in the case of Hunk of the Day Gregg Sulkin maybe that’s the extra appeal to his already-appealing good looks. He’s been off my radar, mostly because I don’t watch the kind of television shows in which he has appeared, but he’s creeping into my field of view thanks to underwear shots like those you see here. It’s my responsibility to spread the good word, and the good pics, so there you have it. Congrats to Mr. Sulkin on being named Hunk of the Day.

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Cold Speedo Sunday

chris mears 21500

The weather outside may be growing frightful, but this blog will hopefully keep things delightful as we serve up a Speedo Sunday post to warm the cockles of your budgie smuggler. Here is Chris Mears, who seems to be stealing some Tom Daley thunder of late, with photos shoots and calendar compilations that rival much of what Mr. Daley has done. It’s the sort of competition that can get fierce. Winner shows it all.

Previous Speedo shots have included this one of Luke Evans in bright blue, Tom Daley in burgundy, and Greg Louganis in black and white.

Also filling out their banana hammocks were James Magnussen, Jack Laugher, Ian Thorpe, and Ryan Lochte.

And for good measure, here is Michael Phelps completely without a Speedo, i.e. totally naked.

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A Very Special Hunk to Come…

hunk heart 100

Cue the dramatic after-school-special/Lifetime movie music: tomorrow I will be posting a very special Hunk of the Day post, one that goes a whole lot deeper than most Hunk of the Day posts. It’s actually a two-parter: the first-ever such format for this regular feature, because there’s a story in it that goes beyond your average Hunk stuff. (Of course, it’s still a Hunk of the Day post, so you’ll be treated to the sweaty man-candy you’ve come to expect.)

In anticipation of tomorrow’s two-parter, here are a few Hunks who have transcended the physical aspect of things, and whose attributes include more than a hot body and handsome visage. First and foremost among those is our only three-time Hunk of the Day, Ronnie Kroell. The King of Heart (and I’d say Mind, Soul and Body too) has proven his prowess not just as a gorgeous male model, but as a proponent of anti-bullying efforts and a champion of equality.

Hudson Taylor, who has made a career of championing equality in the sports arena, makes for an extra-special Hunk of the Day, who was also featured in one of our Straight Ally profiles. (He is seen here with another straight ally, the amazing Ben Cohen.)

Another Straight Ally, Scott Herman, made a splash in his Hunk of the Day feature, thanks to all that you’ll find at the link, and then some.

More than a few gay players have doffed their trousers and taken on the mantle of Hunk of the Day, such as the divinely decadent Adam Lambert, the raw yet vulnerable Gareth Thomas, the fit-as-fuck Olympian Matthew Mitcham, and another five-circle participant Simon Dunn.

To be a Hunk of the Day sometimes takes more than the good looks and perfect body that any number of men can display – it takes a little something extra, either in acts or courage or circumstance. Renaissance men have a better chance at getting the honor, as they exhibit the chameleonic nature of a shape-shifter and trickster that I so desire. Gentlemen such as Matthew Camp and  Tom Ford have both the body and the body of work to impress in a multitude of fields.

Last but not least, every once in a while a Hunk gets chosen based on his kindness and positivity, and the noble and happy way in which he chooses to live his life. Such Hunks have a contagious positivity that lifts those around them, and that’s what brought tomorrow’s guy back to the blog… stay tuned.

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Hunk of the Day: Taylor Frey

taylor frey 101

This high-school-footballer-turned-actor set hearts ablaze with his turn as a closeted gay Mormon in the not-totally-cringe-worthy ‘G.B.F.’ (Gay Best Friend) which is a sort of modern-day pro-gay take on ‘Mean Girls’, which was pretty modern and pro-gay in itself. (I actually wish I had seen ‘G.B.F.’ in my high school years, which is the greatest plug I can give a movie.) Taylor Frey is our Hunk of the Day, not only for the body seen here, but for the impressive roster of work he’s done on Broadway (and ‘Days of Our Lives‘ – cue my teenage girl squeal).

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Three Sexy Pats


Apparently it’s already football season, even if we haven’t even finished baseball season. (It’s like no planning went into these things whatsoever.) But whatever, I’m a tree, I can bend, and today I am bending to the triumvirate of Patriots who hope to make it to the Superbowl. (I’ve gone off that thing ever since Madonna stopped doing her concert in the middle of it.) For those who still believe, here are several fun and sexy shots of Tom Brady (the quarterback!), Rob Gronkowski (the giant!), and Julian Edelman (the something else!)

Those Pats love a butt-pat, but who doesn’t? (For the record: me. If you try it, you’ll get a dirty look, if not worse.)

The budding on-field bromance between Brady and The Gronk is a beautiful sight to behold.

Of course, most anything The Gronk does is a sight to behold. He likes to boogie-woogie.

But even better than The Gronk exhibiting his dance moves, is Julian Edelman exhibiting his shirtless workouts. These last three GIFs speak for themselves, and they speak volumes.

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Hunk of the Day: Colton Haynes

colton haynes 101

While I’m long past the days of Tiger Beat and going boy-band crazy (or even my go-to-gay-boy’s-bible, xy magazine), I still appreciate a handsome young bloke as much as the next guy who has a yen for the men. To prove that point, here’s a Hunk of the Day for the teen-beat scene: Colton Haynes. I could not for the life of you tell you what Mr. Haynes is best noted for, or what MTV series made him a shirtless sensation, I only know the trifling of photos you see here. To be honest, that’s all anyone needs to know. The greatest male stars have a charisma that shines through the bleakest of websites, and here’s the proof.

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Hunk of the Day: Teddy Sears

Teddy Sears 101

After last year’s trying season, I gave ‘American Horror Story’ another shot this year, as much for Lady Gaga as for Matt Bomer’s naked ass, but I simply cannot follow it anymore. Mostly, I watch it for the images and music-video-like fabulousness that Ryan Murphy is adept at creating. Storylines, character-development, and anything of real substance disappeared long ago from this franchise. Today, based on a request, we bring you one of the Hunks from the first season of AHS, back in its glorious beginning, when real fear lurked beneath the cellar stairs, and Jessica Lang munched delicately on scenery rather than devouring it whole. This is Teddy Sears. He played Zachary Quinto’s boyfriend, who, like most of Murphy’s well-liked-but-bland guys, met his demise in typically gory fashion. At any rate, he is the Hunk of the Day, so it appears there is life after ‘American Horror Story’ – no matter how much blood you spill when you exit.


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Hunk of the Day: Austin Armacost, Again

austin armacost100

Though he was ridiculed for being “gay fat” and pudgy while on ‘The A List’, Austin Armacost has turned his supposed chubbiness into a rock-hard mass of muscle. Maybe it was the critiques that made him transform himself so spectacularly, or maybe it was just something he wanted to do – for vanity, for fitness, for ass – who knows what inspires others to better themselves, and who cares. The end result is another crowning as Hunk of the Day.

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Hunk of the Day: Tyler Posey

tyler posey 101

The last few Hunks of the Day have not been entirely of my choosing, and today’s follows that trend. This is Tyler Posey, far too young for my taste, but perfectly fine for some. Known best for his role on the MTV series ‘Teen Wolf’ (which I’m assuming takes its inspiration from the original Michael J. Fox film that I saw, in the theater, back in the 80′s). Now that I’ve dated myself out of the current generation, go to town on this seasonally-appropriate wolf-like hunk.

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Hunk of the Day: Randy Orton

randy orton 1000

While it would be utterly foolish to attribute my being gay to the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), there is certainly something to be said for the stirrings that those tiny wrestling outfits inspired in my childhood years. Today we honor a friend’s request and name Randy Orton as the Hunk of the Day. Though he came on the wrestling scene much later than my viewing gay-day (I’m of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant 80′s vintage) he’s made quite the splash. Long live Wrestlemania!

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Hunk of the Day: Simon Dunn (And Done Again)

simon dunn 001

It’s rare for someone who was just named a Hunk of the Day a couple of months ago to be so honored at this early stage, but Simon Dunn has all the stuff of the next Great Gay Icon, along the lines of a Ben Cohen (only playing for our team). With this perfectly-proportioned sprinkling of chest hair and puppy dog eyes, Mr. Dunn also has the thick meaty thighs of the bobsled champion he is. Combine that with his proud and courageous stance as an openly-gay athlete, and he’s setting himself up for a long series of featured posts here. Watch out, Tom Daley.

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Male Fantasy Collection – Part II

male fan 011

Our look back at those skin-baring male celebrities who have graced these pages previously continues with this flesh-filled post, which picks up with fan-favorite Phil Fusco. He’s been named a Hunk of the Day just once so far, but I can see him quite soon becoming a well-deserved two-time hunk – and then to be a top contender for the ultra-rare Triple Threat Hunk Status (thus far only achieved by Ronnie Kroell).

British cad Mark Wright filled out his briefs quite nicely in his Hunk of the day feature.

Bound to a bed, released of his clothing, or baring his butt, Charlie King is a welcome addition to any post.

No stranger to Hunk retrospectives, Adam Levine has strutted his naked stuff a couple of times here, in this butt-baring post and this nude-but-for-pair-of-hands photo shoot.

Once and future Hunk of the Day Derek Allen Watson is about to make his return to this blog, so here’s a little something to pave the shirtless way.

Nick Jonas has made many a splash here, from his first Hunk of the Day feature to this booty-baring internet-breaking photo. There were also those sex scenes

Last but not least in this day of sexy look-backs, this is David Beckham – because some guys don’t even need to take their clothes off to heat things up.

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Male Fantasy Collection – Part I

male fan 001

It’s been a while since we’ve had a collection of male celebrities showing off their skin, so let’s rectify that immediately. October is the month that the chill returns, but the hunks on display here will do their best to keep things warm. We begin with the striking form of actor/cologne model Scott Eastwood. Though he’s pimping for the rather gross Cool Water fragrance, he’s doing so in fine form.

Next up is rock-god Lenny Kravitz, a nod to my friend JoAnn who has loved him without reservation for years. She is not alone.

A pair of hunks rendered in shades of gray: here are Alex Minsky and Simon Dunn.

Charm and intelligence go a long way toward gaining a Hunk of the Day honor, but so does natural cuteness. Noam Ash offers all of the above.

A double dose of David Gandy in GIF form is below, in honor of all the times that Mr. Gandy has graced this blog, such as here, here, and here.

Two hunks for the space of one, this is the fun beach day when Zac Efron hung out with Max Joseph and no one thought to invite me.

Bringing up the rear of this first installment is Tom Daley and his Speedo-framed butt. More to come…

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Hunk of the Day: Mike Manning

mike manning 101

At this late stage of the Hunk of the Day feature, it’s hard to believe we’ve never featured a bisexual gentleman up until now, but to my knowledge this is the first. Congratulations to Mike Manning on breaking our bisexual cherry, and officially being named one of our Hunks. Mr. Manning is an actor, producer and activist, who first came to public attention with his stint on ‘The Real World’ and has since kept himself busy on both sides of the camera.

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Shirtless Nick Jonas: Fit For A (Scream) Queen

n jonas 102

Ryan Murphy can always be counted on for piquing interest in a tired television idea, such as he did with his latest ‘Scream Queens.’ Enlisting some of the hottest young stars of the moment (and horror-movie matriarch Jamie Lee Curtis) he manages to do it again (hey Arianna Grande!), but like many of Murphy’s endeavors, (‘Glee’, ‘Nip/Tuck’, the second and fourth season of ‘American Horror Story’) this one looks inconsistent at best.

It has, however, already made its mark in the superficial hunk-obsessed landscape of this blog, with the following GIFs of Nick Jonas flexing and posing and showing off his shirtless body because that’s what you do when there’s a murderer on the loose and you’re a hot guy. No stranger to on-screen shirtlessness, or magazine almost-nudity, or sweaty sex scenes, Mr. Jonas pumps his biceps gamely for this one. Of course, in the second episode he is nowhere to be found, and that sort of strip-bait-and-tease is why I don’t watch much television anymore.

(It’s so much easier to wait for the shirtless screen grabs, and it saves an inordinate amount of time to booty.)

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