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Hunk of the Day: Simon Dunn (And Done Again)

simon dunn 001

It’s rare for someone who was just named a Hunk of the Day a couple of months ago to be so honored at this early stage, but Simon Dunn has all the stuff of the next Great Gay Icon, along the lines of a Ben Cohen (only playing for our team). With this perfectly-proportioned sprinkling of chest hair and puppy dog eyes, Mr. Dunn also has the thick meaty thighs of the bobsled champion he is. Combine that with his proud and courageous stance as an openly-gay athlete, and he’s setting himself up for a long series of featured posts here. Watch out, Tom Daley.

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Male Fantasy Collection – Part II

male fan 011

Our look back at those skin-baring male celebrities who have graced these pages previously continues with this flesh-filled post, which picks up with fan-favorite Phil Fusco. He’s been named a Hunk of the Day just once so far, but I can see him quite soon becoming a well-deserved two-time hunk – and then to be a top contender for the ultra-rare Triple Threat Hunk Status (thus far only achieved by Ronnie Kroell).

British cad Mark Wright filled out his briefs quite nicely in his Hunk of the day feature.

Bound to a bed, released of his clothing, or baring his butt, Charlie King is a welcome addition to any post.

No stranger to Hunk retrospectives, Adam Levine has strutted his naked stuff a couple of times here, in this butt-baring post and this nude-but-for-pair-of-hands photo shoot.

Once and future Hunk of the Day Derek Allen Watson is about to make his return to this blog, so here’s a little something to pave the shirtless way.

Nick Jonas has made many a splash here, from his first Hunk of the Day feature to this booty-baring internet-breaking photo. There were also those sex scenes

Last but not least in this day of sexy look-backs, this is David Beckham – because some guys don’t even need to take their clothes off to heat things up.

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Male Fantasy Collection – Part I

male fan 001

It’s been a while since we’ve had a collection of male celebrities showing off their skin, so let’s rectify that immediately. October is the month that the chill returns, but the hunks on display here will do their best to keep things warm. We begin with the striking form of actor/cologne model Scott Eastwood. Though he’s pimping for the rather gross Cool Water fragrance, he’s doing so in fine form.

Next up is rock-god Lenny Kravitz, a nod to my friend JoAnn who has loved him without reservation for years. She is not alone.

A pair of hunks rendered in shades of gray: here are Alex Minsky and Simon Dunn.

Charm and intelligence go a long way toward gaining a Hunk of the Day honor, but so does natural cuteness. Noam Ash offers all of the above.

A double dose of David Gandy in GIF form is below, in honor of all the times that Mr. Gandy has graced this blog, such as here, here, and here.

Two hunks for the space of one, this is the fun beach day when Zac Efron hung out with Max Joseph and no one thought to invite me.

Bringing up the rear of this first installment is Tom Daley and his Speedo-framed butt. More to come…

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Hunk of the Day: Mike Manning

mike manning 101

At this late stage of the Hunk of the Day feature, it’s hard to believe we’ve never featured a bisexual gentleman up until now, but to my knowledge this is the first. Congratulations to Mike Manning on breaking our bisexual cherry, and officially being named one of our Hunks. Mr. Manning is an actor, producer and activist, who first came to public attention with his stint on ‘The Real World’ and has since kept himself busy on both sides of the camera.

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Shirtless Nick Jonas: Fit For A (Scream) Queen

n jonas 102

Ryan Murphy can always be counted on for piquing interest in a tired television idea, such as he did with his latest ‘Scream Queens.’ Enlisting some of the hottest young stars of the moment (and horror-movie matriarch Jamie Lee Curtis) he manages to do it again (hey Arianna Grande!), but like many of Murphy’s endeavors, (‘Glee’, ‘Nip/Tuck’, the second and fourth season of ‘American Horror Story’) this one looks inconsistent at best.

It has, however, already made its mark in the superficial hunk-obsessed landscape of this blog, with the following GIFs of Nick Jonas flexing and posing and showing off his shirtless body because that’s what you do when there’s a murderer on the loose and you’re a hot guy. No stranger to on-screen shirtlessness, or magazine almost-nudity, or sweaty sex scenes, Mr. Jonas pumps his biceps gamely for this one. Of course, in the second episode he is nowhere to be found, and that sort of strip-bait-and-tease is why I don’t watch much television anymore.

(It’s so much easier to wait for the shirtless screen grabs, and it saves an inordinate amount of time to booty.)

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Hunk of the Day: Nico Tortorella

nico tortella

The Hunk of the Day feature has been absent for a few days, while my Seattle sojourn has taken center stage. It returns today, in a thrilling way, as Nico Tortorella brings back the male skin. Best known for his role in ‘Scream 4′ he has also done some television work. (Don’t ask me what, you can IMDb him as well as I can.) At any rate, the Hunks have come back for the fall season, and that should make some of you very happy.

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Hunk of the Day: Jessie Godderz – Mr. PEC-tacular

Jessie Godderz101

How can someone who christens himself ‘Mr. PEC-tacularNOT be named a Hunk of the Day? This is Jessie Godderz, and if anyone was made for the title of Hunk, it was him. A multi-talented super-hyphenate, Mr. P is a Bodybuilder-Wrestler-Big-Brother-star-Actor-Social-media-ambassador, and only looks to add to that long list. Congratulations to Jessie Godderz on this latest honor. Spectacular indeed.

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A Big, Belated B-day Wish for Ben

ben cohen 0001

We missed a very big birthday here a few days ago, and I feel terribly about it because the recipient was gracious enough to offer me a birthday feet when I begged for it. This is my homage to Ben Cohen to make up for it, and to wish him a very Happy, if belated, Birthday! He turned 37 years young on Monday, just a few weeks (ok, and several years) after me.

Mr. Cohen, as a devastatingly handsome straight ally and rugby star, has garnered quite a few posts over the years, and here’s another notch on that bedpost in honor of his birthday. To my disappointed knowledge, Ben Cohen has never done any serious nudity, but he’s been kind enough to offer glimpses of what he’s got in several calendar and underwear shoots, so I’m not complaining. Just cajoling. Nudging. Hinting. Ben Cohen’s full monty would be a lovely Christmas gift idea. Ben Cohen’s naked butt might be even better. Whichever he may deign to do in the near or far future, we’ll love it all.

In the meantime, for other sorts of revelations, I’ll be checking out his recently-released autobiography, ‘Carry Me Home’. He’s got several moving stories, and lots of inspiration, not to mention the fact that he’s simply a good guy. Sounds simple, but they’re getting to be a rare breed. Thank you, Ben, for being an ally, a hero, and a force of hope for a better world.

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A Male Celebrity with the Balls to Wear A Speedo

luke evans speedo 01

Behold, the blue Speedo of Luke Evans, a guy who has yet to be named a Hunk of the Day (it will happen sooner or later I’m sure, sop stay tuned). In a bold departure from the disastrous board shorts most male celebrities hide behind at the beach, Mr. Evans makes the impressive and distinctly un-American move of donning a budgie-smuggler. Such is the confidence and natural ease of Europe in contrast to the hypocritically-puritanical wimpiness of the United States. American men are just supremely prudish when it comes to swimwear, and I’m not sure why. We are so bold (rude, really) when it comes to almost everything else, but present the notion of a Speedo and the men run whimpering. It’s such a shame, particularly when given such specimens as Zac Efron, Tom Brady, Nick Jonas and . I guess we’ll have to make-do with the foreign likes of David Beckham, Tom Daley, and Mr. Evans to lead the Speedo brigade.


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Revisiting Ryan Phillippe at 40

ryan phillippe 1001

Seeing as how I’ve just joined the 40-and-over club, I’ve been ruminating on how other men are handling the quad-decade mark, so when these photos of a 40-year-old Ryan Phillippe showed up online, I felt a little relief at being in such hot and sexy company. Though I’m woefully aware of being a far cry from the shape that Mr. Phillippe has crafted for himself at the four-decade mark, but he’s definitely an inspiration (and very deservedly a former Hunk of the Day). This is the sort of thing that people post on their refrigerator to deter them from sneaking a gallon of ice cream in the heat of the night. I’ve got a year to work such magic…

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Hunk of the Day: Miles Teller

miles teller 101

Though his latest film, the why-did-they-even-bother ‘Fantastic Four’ remake, may have bombed, Miles Teller seems to be walking away unscathed, thanks to an unconventional sexiness and swagger that has Esquire magazine comparing him to a number of former film-greats (like Robert Mitchum). As Hunk of the Day, his almost-nakedness (but for a sock) had to be unearthed, but he’s here as much for said skin-exposure as he is for acting talent. His mesmerizing turn in ‘Whiplash’ was incredibly impressive, grounding the disturbing movie with a vulnerable heart. (Definitely worth a viewing, like Mr. Teller himself.)

PS – Bonus points for the matching naked butt shot he performed with Zac Efron.

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Hunk of the Day: Steve Grand, One More Time

steve grand 1001

Sometimes a Speedo is just enough to make you a Hunk of the Day for a second time, especially when someone like Steve Grand is filling it. The featured photo here has drawn some questionable criticism from the ridiculously-critical gay crowd, who feel he might be playing up to gay stereotypes. Personally, I’ve never heard anything so ludicrous. The guy looks hot in skimpy swim wear! Show it off!

So many people are so quick to find fault with anything and everything, typing away behind their anonymous screen names, trolling and scrolling with ill-intent and self-serving sassiness. I piss on all that. Mr. Grand, you are fierce and fine and you rock that swimsuit better than anyone. Let he who can fill such a Speedo cast the first bone.

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Classic Beefcake Pin-Ups

beefcake 101

This won’t go as far back as when those first beefcake pin-ups of muscle-bound men began appearing in service of ‘working out’ – those go back further than most of us realize. Instead, a round-up of more-recent beefcake posers, some classics and some should-be classics. Now and then an immaculate collection of a shirtless sort is needed. No time like the present… and speaking of presents

First up is the fabulously fit Phil Fusco. He inspires a lot of ‘F’ words, as evidenced here and in his very first featured post a while ago. He also fared finely in his first Hunk of the Day spot. In fact, he’s probably due for another…

Second, the ever-brilliant Ben Cohen, who is currently working on his autobiography, and his line of grooming products, is a must-see in these recent shirtless shots, exemplifying his hirsute fitness. (Rumors abound that he has an underwear photo shoot coming up.)

Third, the heroic Chris Evans, who is a timeless pin-up guy for any generation. He’s been in practically-naked GIFs here before, and completely nude as well. He also gets to represents some hot and heavy collections like these.

Finally, a gratuitous slice of ginger beefcake in the spectacular Seth Fornea. He too has played a stunning visual part on posts featuring male nudity and the like, or simply standing alone in his own glory.

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Hunk of the Day: Scotty Dynamo

scotty dynamo 101

Once upon a time, a music video had the power to define an artist, firmly planting them on the pop culture map with one fell swoop of imagery and choreography. In a throwback to that time when videos had the eyes of the world, Scotty Dynamo has just released his latest, and it’s a doozy. The almost-criminally-catchy ‘Show Me Yours’ song and video, in which Mr. Dynamo gets hot and sweaty to his work-out groove, delivers a delicious not-so-surprise ending, and shows off Dynamo’s rockin’ bod to great effect. It’s more than enough to earn him his first Hunk of the Day honor. (By the way, this is probably the most entertaining coming-out I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something.) Check out his YouTube channel for even more hotness.


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A Grandly Gratuitous Pietro Boselli Post

pietro boselli 1001

When someone as physically fine as Pietro Boselli poses for an Attitude cover story, it deserves a post of its own. Mr. Boselli is the math teacher who took the gay internet by storm with his banging body and dreamy good looks, and he’s going even further in this photo shoot for the popular British rag. Of course he’s already been named a Hunk of the Day, but he’s likely due for a second run any day now. Enough of my yammering, you just want to see the goods.

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