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Hunk of the Day: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

For better or worse, Mark-Paul Gosselaar will always be known to many of us as Zack Morris – the hero of ‘Saved By The Bell’ – and that’s ok, but you’d be missing out on the best years of his life, as this turn as Hunk of the Day will easily prove. Mr. Gosselaar has come a long way from his days at Bayside High School and calming Jesse Spano down from her caffeine-pill-addiction. His graduation into Hunk of the Day has been a journey worth watching. (And the naked and nude pics & GIFs are super cum laude.)

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Hunk of the Day: Jay Ellis

A little eye candy is good for the soul. A lot of eye candy is even better. Feast your sweet-seekers on the Hunk of the Day: Jay Ellis. An actor known for his work on ‘The Game’ and ‘Insecure’, Mr. Ellis recently showed off his assets in the capped shower scene. Some guys know how to make the mundane magical.

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Hunk of the Day: Cody Christian

Back in my day, it was ‘Beverly Hills 90210‘ and ‘Dawson’s Creek‘ but these days the tween/teen dramas were ‘Teen Wolf‘ and ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ – both of which feature the fine form of Cody Christian, who takes his first bow as Hunk of the Day. As is apparent by the body and the GIFs presented here, the boy knows his way around the gym. Perhaps he can show me how all those tricky machines at Planet Fitness work. I haven’t been there in months…

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More Gratuitous Pietro Boselli

When you’re as physically perfect as Pietro Boselli, you can expect to be featured on this blog quite regularly, hence the latest post you’re devouring right now. It’s nothing more than a holding place for some scintillating work-out GIFs of Mr. Boselli. It’s likely not the anatomy of the workout that appeals to anyone in these parts, but the anatomy of Pietro. Check him out in motion and out of a shirt.

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Gratuitous Scott Eastwood Post

Scott Eastwood has already been named a Hunk of the Day here, and though this isn’t quite his second honor (try an underwear ad, Eastwood) here is something to hold you over until such a glorious day arrives. A couple of shirtless stills and a few teasing GIFs makes the afternoon a pleasant one. Enjoy.

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Whoa Joe (Jonas)

While his brother Nick Jonas gets all the glory for his near-naked teasing (and totally-nude sex scenes), Joe Jonas has clearly been working on his body as well. Here he gives Nick a run for his shirtless money. There was a recent Reddit chat where Joe expounded upon the size of his… ahem, appendage, wherein he confirmed what Nick already told to Andy Cohen. I have a feeling that certain readers will want evidence, but I have none to proffer.

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Usher Takes His Shirt Off (And Then Some)

Nude male celebrities are nothing new in these parts, so this may just be another hum-drum event for you, dear viewer. However, it’s Usher, so pay some respect. While some may never forgive him for unleashing the likes of Justin Bieber on an unsuspecting world, I don’t blame him for previous wrongdoing, particularly if he’s going to treat his fans to peep-shows like the one seen here.

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Hunk of the Day: Glen Powell

When you do a naked shower scene with John Stamos, sometimes that’s just enough to propel you to Hunk of the Day status. To be fair, Glen Powell should have been named such last year when he made his virgin splash on ‘Scream Queens’ and to e-rectify that here he is in his own HOD feature. (You’ll find the John Stamos nude HOD post here.) Mr. Powell (and Mr. Stamos for that matter) seem suspiciously, and woefully, devoid of much body hair. Sad to see this in an overly-manscaped world.

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Matt Bomer’s Sexy Stripper Moves

Matt Bomer has bared his beautiful butt a couple of times on this blog. He was a Hunk of the Day, and a member of the ‘Magic Mike’ butt brigade. Here are a few fun GIFs and photos of said posterior, for your afternoon/evening viewing pleasure.

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Hunk of the Day: Christopher Gorham

During a binge-watching night of ‘Ugly Betty’ episodes, I was pleasantly reminded of the dorky hunkdom that is Christopher Gorham, who played Henry, one of Betty’s love interests (probably my favorite of them all). Cloaked in a Clark Kent disguise of accountant dullness, he had a spark (and hidden hot body) that captured Betty’s interest instantly. Now, he’s capturing it all over again in his first Hunk of the Day feature.

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A Gratuitous Nyle DiMarco Post

Bouncing from one reality show contest (America’s Next Top Model) to another (Dancing With the Stars) Nyle DiMarco has been a busy guy since he first appeared as Hunk of the Day in these pages. Here is further pictorial proof that he’s got what it takes and he knows how to use it.

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Hunk of the Day: Danny Mac

Another sexy bloke from across the pond, this Hunk of the Day has the marquee-ready moniker of Danny Mac. Currently dancing his way into the hearts of Europe on ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ – a much-cooler named version of America’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – Mr. Mac is perhaps best-known for his work on the seminal UK soap opera ‘Hollyoaks.’ And for going shirtless. Bravo to both.

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Whose Crotch Did She Just Grab?

At my advanced age, the best way to watch the MTV Video Music Awards is on FaceBook the next day. Miraculously, because there must be a gay God, I caught the snippet of Britney Spears performing live last night as it happened. Good for her,  I thought, as she had another VMA moment: crouching beneath and behind some white rapper, she grabbed his crotch in front of whatever teeny-boppers still watch such things. Turns out the guy is G-Eazy, and this would be a proper christening as Hunk of the Day if his photos weren’t so limited. Until he turns up the heat he’ll have to make-do with this pictorial of his pecs. And that crotch-grab.

(I can’t tag this under my usual ‘Music’ category because, well, Britney.)

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Some Sexy Chris Pratt GIFs

For your noon-time pleasure, here are several GIFs of Chris Pratt, who is just as sexy in motion as he is without a shirt. He’s been a Hunk of the Day here before, and his turn in the ‘Jurassic World’ movie somehow draws me in whenever it’s on HBO. (Ok, the Indominus Rex helps too.) As for Mr. Pratt, he seems cool enough for a movie star, and, as these moving pics will attest, he’s got that star power charisma.


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The Great Gratuitous Greg Rutherford Post

Greg Rutherford has been one of the most popular figures featured here, and thanks to this sizzling collection of photos the reasons are quite apparent. It doesn’t get hotter than a super-fit ginger who has been an ally to the LGBT community for his entire career. Cheeky photo-shoots that emphasize his ass don’t hurt either, and he has just the right amount of body ink to be both elegant and a little edgy. Here, we present some of his finer shots in honor of his long-jump endeavors at the Rio Summer Olympics.

Mr. Rutherford’s history here goes back a while, with his initial Hunk of the Day feature, wherein he posed and pulled his pants down just enough to whet the appetite for more.

He got a little more naked here for a butt-baring GIF that I’ll repost below for good measure.

On Twitter I posed the question of whether Christoph Harting was the hottest ginger at these summer Olympics. A resounding ‘NO’ was also accompanied by the simple proclamation that it was Greg Rutherford. Who am I to argue with Twitter?

In addition to his features, Rutherford also helms a number of miscellaneous posts, such as this one, where he adds his powerful back-end to the naked likes of Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber, and Epke Wonderland.

His most nude post maybe this sexy recap where he joins force with a naked Dan Osborne for some British Booty Exhibitionism.

Even when he’s a minor, albeit-crotch-grabbing, part of a post, he still burns bright, even in black-and-white.

Congrats to Mr. Rutherford for making it to another Olympic Games. Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of many more fabulous photo shoots. Go Gingers!

{And if you want to see his biggest ass-baring photo, it’s right here in this post.}

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