Hunk of the Day: Anderson Cooper

How in the heck Anderson Cooper has not been named a Hunk of the Day until this moment goes beyond all the power of my limited reasoning. We correct that unforgivable oversight with this post, and Mr. Cooper finally gets an honor worthy of the hot silver fox he is. Sure, he’s got the gym-honed body that most celebrities maintain, but he’s got a sharp intelligence that makes the whole thing even hotter. He may have come from fortunate stock, but he’s studied and worked and earned his illustrious career, and continues to do so to this day. (His location assignments are hard-hitting and often dangerous.) Over the years he’s also learned to laugh at himself, becoming more human (with the annual aid of Kathy Griffin and that New Year’s Ball). For all those reasons, and quite a few more, Anderson Cooper is officially the Hunk of the Day.

Bonus Affiliation: he’s good friends with Andy Cohen (himself a Hunk of the Day, and gunning for a second crowning).

Double Bonus Affiliation: he danced with Madonna (as her Unapologetic Bitch, no less).


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