Hunk of the Day: Michael Breyette

michael breyette 101

It almost seems unfair, that someone so talented and gifted should also be so good-looking, but Michael Breyette carries his fortune with humility and grace, and an ‘Aww shucks’ attitude that makes it all the more endearing. Mr. Breyette is not only the Hunk of the Day, but a friend of mine as well, so this post means a little more than the usual beefcake we peddle here. I’ve had the honor of watching Michael’s career progress, his artwork evolve and develop, and his success soar for over a decade. Through it all, he’s maintained his artistic integrity, battling censorship and staying true to his vision of beauty.

His website gives a better idea of the amazing body of work he has created over the years, and he is quickly becoming one of the most prominent and well-known gay artists, following in the footsteps of the great Steve Walker, while forging new paths at the same time. As erotic and charged as so much of his work can be, it never verges into offensive or even pornographic territory (though my take on what’s porn likely differs from yours). The very nature of his medium softens the rough edges, blurring the most graphic content into something gorgeous. It’s all too easy to slip from the truly erotic into the sleazy, but Breyette never veers into the tasteless. There are no rules or definitive parameters that determine whether something is art or porn, but I know it when I see it, and Mr. Breyette has only ever created art.

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