A Very Mad Start to the Season

And so it begins, whether we like it or not: the Christmas Season. Today marks Black Friday, the one day a year you won’t find me anywhere near a store. This year I’ll be working, and it’s usually my most favorite day of the year to be in the office. Quiet, productive, and generally enjoyable for an introverted extrovert like myself.

As for getting into the holiday spirit, I find it best to revisit old ‘Mad Men’ Christmas episodes, such as the one featured below. It’s one of the best scenes of the series, featuring two powerful people sitting at a bar around the holidays, commiserating and coming to a new place in their working friendship. If you don’t know the show, it won’t mean much, but anyone who’s been watching it should thrill at this clip. Joan and Don. The dialogue crackles, the sparks subtly fly, and the fireworks explode on every atmospheric level. The song to this is perfect too. I’ll feature it more prominently in a later post. For now, enjoy the platonic pulchritude of a world that’s all wrong, and all right.

They are two people who seemingly have it all ~ admired and respected, feared and adored ~ yet I don’t think two lonelier people exist on the show. When they meet in the middle, just for this moment, it melts my heart.

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