Three Hunks for the Post of One

While Monday is our traditional day for recapping things, let’s do a tantalizing triumvirate of Hunks to spice up the day of Thanks of this short week. Every one of the gentlemen featured here has already been named Hunk of the Day, but I sincerely doubt anyone will have an issue with revisiting them, particularly when additional photos only serve to solidify that original honor.

We begin with Charlie King, who has become gay royalty in the time since his first crowning. Mr. King came out earlier this year, and since then has been heating up photo shoots like this one. Keep up the good work, sire.

Second up is Derek Allen Watson, who’s gone on to the sunnier clime of California after cutting his teeth on New York for a number of years. Mr. Watson is heating up both shores with his modeling work, and a portfolio that’s practically on fire.

Finally, the gay-friendly/straight-ally hotness of Nick Jonas, who has thus far proven himself durably genuine in his support for our community. He has come quite a long way since his first days here, and his very first Hunk of the Day feature. Something tells me he has quite a way to go given the start of sex scenes like this.

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