Recapping a Day Late

Today feels more like a Monday to those of us who haven’t worked in four days, so let’s do that sad Monday ritual of the recap now, before another week gets away from us. I don’t mind so much in the winter, but in the summer, I won’t throw away a weekend for anything. On with the recap that represents all things patriotic, as based on the featured photo’s onesie.

The Olympians occupied most of the slots for Hunk of the Day, thanks to Steele Johnson, John Orozco, Jake Dalton, Sam Mikulak & Chris Brooks.

A summer porny read.

A naked popcorn challenge.

Speaking of nudity, this pool tease.

A pot salad.

This male model has his sight set on a Hunk of the Day post.

Who is ready for their close-up?

The beginning of brazen July.

The innocents, poolside.

Bank this.

A day’s eye.

Sniff this.

True Blue, baby, I love you.




And America.

A pair of patriotic hunks: John Cena and Conor Dwyer.

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