An Eclectic Collection ~ 2

Continuing with our exploration of the whimsical and strange posts that have appeared on this site, here are a few more out-of-the-ordinary posts. That means entries without Gratuitous Nudity, Naked Male Celebrities, Male Models, Male Nudity or Tom Daley. But there’s still worth looking at, I swear! In fact, I find them much more entertaining than my ass, or anyone else’s ass, and that’s saying something.

Color me nostalgic.

A favorite bathroom floor experience.

Adventures in Babysitting.

Do I make you porny?

The thrill of recognition.

Heart of gold.

Kitchen mayhem (not of my doing!)

A WalMart Midnight.

Speaking of the midnight hour

McFly, my pretties.

Hot pause.

The Seagull.

Baseball, baby.

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