An Eclectic Collection ~ 1

Every now and then I like to veer away from Madonna and Ben Cohen and even David Beckham to post something strange and, in my opinion, wonderful to share with you. (I’ll never have enough Tom Ford.) I consider these one-off posts the spices that go into making this blog a little more flavorful and unexpected. There’s nothing better than a third act surprise. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes funny, and sometimes touching, these entries are just different enough to keep people guessing. Here are a few of my favorites:

The first girl I almost married.

Correspondence with my niece and nephew.

A trip to the ballet.

6th Grade S&M. (I started early.)

It separates us from the animals.

The horse whinnies.

Every once in a while you need a little smudge.

Confessions of a Former Twink.

The moon in spring (and I don’t mean my naked ass).

Rainy day activities.


Going commando, semi-inadvertently.

More to come… so come back.

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