A Salacious Sunday of Sexy Men – Round Two

Not content to limit the Sunday sexiness to one post, here is the second part of our salacious day. It begins in fine and fit fashion, with a couple of shots of an instant-favorite, Griffin Barrows. He’s appeared in far less before, such as within this post.

Another favorite in these parts: Chris Evans, whose Twitter take-downs of our #ClownInChief have been both riotous and inspirational. He’s been here a number of times, mostly as a hunky anchor of posts just like this.

Also helming several best-of collections is David Gandy, one of the world’s most prominent male models of the moment. He’s managed to hold on to that throne much like Tyson Beckford – physically-blessed boys who maintain their looks and careers despite the ruthless cunning of time.

Charlie King earned his Hunk Royalty with his feature post (and these sexy GIFS).

Giving the ‘Z’ in this ass to ‘Z’ collection is perennial feature guy Zac Efron, seen here in tight wetsuit madness.

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